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  1. Well, I've had nothing but excellent results with both Ebay and Paypal..I'm not a powerseller, or any of the other hype, but have bought and sold just about everything imaginable in the last 12 years or so..Cars, boats,gold&silver, antique weapons, rare guitars,etc....Sorry for anyone with bad experiences, but it's never affected me negatively..I have had people scamming off items I was selling; they copy and paste your photos, but with different seller info..That said, Ebay has been on top of it and nothing has ever backlashed...My daughter purchased a large screen tv from a scammer, and they only retrieved about half of the money back,but..even she admits that she could have spotted the scam had she not had 'buck fever' over the deal...And the fine print does explain the amount of liability they will cover...

  2. As a 'homie' from South Dakota, you should all know that the mail services that some are used to using for registration are going to have a tough time of it for actual non residents starting this year....Drivers licensing, registrations,etc. are going to need two pieces of ID, two letters mailed to your physical address, and a few more little goodies to happen..New changes mandated in Pierre....Seems there are some inaccuracies in many areas due to non residents and the impact on public utilities, surveys, schools, etc....Best check with your phoney mail drops soon ( I haven't a clue how they are going to enforce these changes, but..).....Gary

  3. John Hoser Oats,

    They probley don't want to be inentified and fingerd, since the Goverment is broke & is looking for anything to tax or ceaze for revinue :rasberry: leagal or not. :yuk-yuk:

    Realy, JB's got a big heart & doesn't like to brag. :cigar: But enjoys promoting the hobby to others.........


    Jeesh!..Can you spell 'paranoid'??.....If you are a well armed citizen, what's the fuss??....If one is afraid of all the misfits of society, they don't care about your name to rob, mug, or murder you..reverse search engines will work with almost any kind of input data..address, phone, etc...

  4. The way things are going, if ya fart and someone might smell it, that's too much disturbance......Honestly, it's been my observation from state to state that these facts are variable from one 'forest' to the next.....I can't even make the same walk twice to my claim in Idaho, as the fs fears that someone may follow me, thereby starting an 'unwanted' trail...In South Dakota, the fs in the Black Hills puts fs roads in to our club claims..you figure it out, I defies my simple mind as to the differences in treatment...

  5. Starting earlier this week, when I hit this forum, I now get a page that states that the board wants you to sign in first.. that's new news to me, and then...I see on the cover page that there are ' 2 members, five guests, and one anonymous member watching..How are the 'guests' able to watch, when I now have to sign in just to read a few things before taking off to the dredge??..Just curious, but sometimes my speed is slow enough to make it a 'big deal', so I move on..Whassup?..inquiring minds want to know,eh?...Gary

  6. Well, Chicago just cancelled my ship's summer tour, so it ain't just about guns where they have their heads up their arses!...The strange part to me is that a strawbroker in Illinois is who sold me my Browning DBA 380!.....Gary (slowly becoming rather pissed off Gary)

  7. Well, Let ME know on any areas open to the 'pubic', (sorry,man, I just couldn't resist some humor on the typo!)....Castle Dome Mountains are interesting, but the Kofa Wilderness area is there, so it's sorta hit and miss.. Delos Tooele's book, 'Where to find gold in Arizona' has a few other suggestions..Biggest problem I see in that area is all of the land controlled by the military. Perhaps a true resident there will chime in for some suggestions....Good luck and happy hunting, regardless.....Gary

  8. That's extremely interesting. I'm a retired metallergical type of fellow, but the snow is on the mountains where I have claims, so I can't provide any samples at present. Perhaps some of the other guys here that aren't snowbound will respond..Either way, keep posting, as this sounds as you said"almost too good to be true'...Gary

  9. Yep, you are right about that,but...without ranting too hard, nor wasting space on this forum with a history lesson, it smacks of tyranny,mate...And tyranny is why ships like Royaliste went to sea in the 1700's to fight against the largest navy in the world, England. Giving people a head's up on why we fight is the mission Royaliste has been sailing on since I refit her with a gundeck and an American flag. We generally hoist either the Sons of Liberty flag or the Grand Union. It's quite amazing to see how many of my own countrymen know so little about our own history; they just blindly nod their heads like dashboard dogs, and accept whatever is told them (much like the participants of that forum!)......end of rant for now,mate..good luck on your prospecting, and I'll keep posting there until they boot me off again.

    Yar-Beee-Gar, mateys..enuff with the rain! too much free time on my hands...

  10. Thank you, mate....Just trying to get some actual facts, not a bunch of hooey.....I'll try that site, as it's a ways off until end of summer, but we've the need for a plan in place before then as for wintering the ship over...I'd come your way, but Brazil's coast has claimed the fate of two of my fellow Tallships in recent past ( a week or so ago, actually). Concordia and Lord Jim.

  11. Jaracobagold; I tried the forum you recommended; darn unfriendly bunch of folks,mate...First, the moderator bumped my post and cancelled my acct., saying they thought it was spam and I was selling something...got that straight, and only received flak from there. Doesn't seem to be any real legal advice on it, just the spoutings of disgruntled forum members....For now I think we'll not spend any yankee frogskins on a trip to the DR, Cuba is more friendly, for hecks sake!.....Well, that's ok, not thinskinned, and you ARE welcome here....Gary

    My first 'legal inquiry' as posted...

    Laws regarding cannon and mining gear


    Hello! We live on and sail a 1700's replica privateer complete with black powder cannon. We also like to prospect with small scale mining gear for minerals. Small gas powered suction devices and sluices are the preferred methods. What, if any are the legalities of possessing and using said equipment by Americans in the DR, and of possession of said replica black powder cannon. As a person or persons arriving by boat, we are subject to slightly different customs treatment in many countries, so I'd like some information BEFORE sailing south to avoid any confiscation or trouble. This is a re-post, as our first try was deleted and acct. cancelled as 'spam'. We aren't selling anything, or offering any services. Thanks, Gary

    From the DR1 legal forum, gold poster 'hillbilly' with 12,000 plus posts(talk about too much time on your hands)

    Unless you "salute the flag" as you sail into harbor, you will probably not be bothered.

    However, mining is strictly controlled here and you need permission to even prospect. So, with that in mind and knowing how proud you are to be Americans, I would suggest that you either find a lawyer to get you the permissions ahead of time, or forget all about it this trip.

    Since black powder is also a "controlled substance" it had best be stored away real well....

    You get no points for being American.


  12. I'd need pack Llama's or a good truck....We're talking 2,3,4, and 6 inch suction dredges,highbankers, hand sluices...general run of the mill gas powered gold prospecting stuff...If it turns out to be legal, I'm sure there'll be a lot of US of A prospectors wantin' to crew!....As for the ship, well http://www.PrivateerInc.org or http://www.TheRoyaliste.com Otherwise, just Google 'pirate ship Royaliste' We were invited down that way by the Discovery Channel for some work regarding sunken pirate ships, but our price was too steep for them. Also, we only move at 5 knots or so, and they couldn't handle the month or so each way travel time..We've done several films here, but they get us really cheep that way....Keep me posted, and I'll do some looking into the regs...I'm needin' a trip south, as we've been in drydock for a year. On the treasure end, we've had a lot of fun with underwater detectors..Can't say much more as every state and country wants part of the action, or otherwise wants to jail you....No noose marks on my neck yet..

  13. Aye, matey..She's the most fun ship sailing on several oceans. But for travelling, rules of protocol are strict, and the customs guys are particular, and if we were outside the rules, they'd confiscate everything just upon arrival; possibly even the ship, so...even tho' we fly the black flag, we have to be one step ahead. I just haven't been able to get true legal answers to this without incriminating ourselves before we even sail...I'd really like to do it; what a kick the adventure would be.....Thanks again, and let me know if you hear anything else regarding the yellow stuff..Gary

  14. I gave them my opinion without an accompanying rant. I stated my rights under various mining acts, but focused on the unfair burden imposed on actual small miners by the distance limitation. Many claims in the area where mine reside have very limited amounts of creek access; several hundered feet at best...SInce the bulk of said proposal has a 'first come first served' tone, thosee with the most monies and free time can access first, prohhibiting others from using their claim. In a specific instance applying to myself, some tourist can use a GPAA claim near me, and by the 800 foot rule, I'd be unable to dredge my own claim...Not fair to he who pays the required assessments....And on my remote claim, someone up or downstream would have the same affect..I also pointed out that there are no fish spawning on my claims, (just mosquito's,eh?)

  15. Hello and welcome...So my first question; I had corresponded with someone on ebay selling gold and gold hunting trips in the DR what the gov'ts rules were regarding Americans doing what you are doing ( specifically, dredging and highbanking) He had no idea, and said they would check in to it with their 'lawyers'.Never got back to us...What's your take on the topic..?....I operate a 70' Tallship currently on the Eastern seaboard, and wintering in the DR would be o.k. My net is 35 tons, my gross is 46 tons..11 tons of room for mining equipment....Inquiring minds really want to know,mate. Thanks, Gary

  16. Well, we're back from Rye. Gorgeous place, but greasy isn't the word for it. Plenty of folks camped around there, so even tho' the road was snot, it was really tore up...The one ton dually was kind of a champ, as at least the dual spanned some of the rut,s keepin' the differential from high centering..That said, overcast, chilly, but more importantly, four hours of hard shovelling, and only three flyspec's....Don't think I'll be doing that one again!....(more gold in the drive here in LSD)...

  17. Thanks Ben! The one ton's the only rig I have along right now..(pulling trailer)..but I treat it lke my old Landcruiser.....Cabfare..I can see it now "excuse me mr. cabby, where can I stow this here dredge??"..I'm headed that way tomorrow, hopefully it isn't too snotty on the trail in right now!..If I can make it this way next winter, I'll be havin' a second vehicle along..Wife couldn't make it this winter....It does carry a lotta gear though..several dredges, sluices, a highbanker..etc.....lookin' for a Sammy for next year.

  18. An old raising gang foreman when I was a young steel erector once told me, " If 'if's' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, then we'd all have a Christmas party!"....This is a proposal at this stage...N. Idaho is the location of my claims, and I am concerned. That said, I've fired off heads up notices to several who sell equipment and claims in the area, hoping to see a show of public disdain for this measure. Time WILL tell, though...nuthin' but a bummer, methinks..the remoteness of my piec of ground makes me a little less worried, but only a little.. I don't think they'll spend the money to helicopter in a Ranger team to stop me or anything, but this will complicate things.....

    Does anyone know the outcome from yesterdy's hearing for the Nez Perce?

  19. Bunk...I'm dredging all around the desert right now with all the rain....Using a 2" and a 3"...I'm still only finding spec sized gold with an occaisional flake or two, but it sure is a kick!...(might be the desert, but the water's pretty cold,still)....Looking for a better spot all the time...Holler if ya wanna take along, me 'n the dog are lone wolfin' it... I'm near Wickenburg at present...

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