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  1. An old raising gang foreman when I was a young steel erector once told me, " If 'if's' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, then we'd all have a Christmas party!"....This is a proposal at this stage...N. Idaho is the location of my claims, and I am concerned. That said, I've fired off heads up notices to several who sell equipment and claims in the area, hoping to see a show of public disdain for this measure. Time WILL tell, though...nuthin' but a bummer, methinks..the remoteness of my piec of ground makes me a little less worried, but only a little.. I don't think they'll spend the money to helicopter in a Ranger team to stop me or anything, but this will complicate things..... Does anyone know the outcome from yesterdy's hearing for the Nez Perce?
  2. Bunk...I'm dredging all around the desert right now with all the rain....Using a 2" and a 3"...I'm still only finding spec sized gold with an occaisional flake or two, but it sure is a kick!...(might be the desert, but the water's pretty cold,still)....Looking for a better spot all the time...Holler if ya wanna take along, me 'n the dog are lone wolfin' it... I'm near Wickenburg at present...
  3. Anyone know the conditions at the GPAA claim near Rye???...I'm thinking of giving it a try with a two inch dredge, but at five miles to the gallon, a little inquiry will possibly save me some bucks...Thanks, Gary.........(I'm in Morristown )
  4. You might try the forum at Woodenboat.com, as the builders consume a lot of recycled tire weights,etc. for casting and pouring keels. My keel is cast iron, but many new builders still prefer lead. Just a thought, but there are even wooden boat builders in NM.
  5. Well, SD is our 'home', and although we are in NM this week, we are headed north this weekend. That said, I can't offer any new claim advice, but from hunting in the area most of my life, I can only offer access advice. Try to stay out of 'state' land, and the private ranchers can be rather thin-skinned. Forest land is hard to find with good access, but good luck, and let me know how you do...I'd like to squeeze in a week's sluicing...
  6. Kieth, Thanks for the speedy reply..We went to Ash Canyon and the GPAA claim yesterday, but.....There was someone there with an elaborate highbanker and a truckload 'o water working the area. And I mean 'the area'....And the citizens think metal detectorists leave 'holes'! We are traveling with our 4 yr. old grandson, and the holes were many, large, and no apparent plan on filling anytime soon..too risky for the young'un.. Our native state is South Dakota, and I'm a retired Ironworker who has erected a large mine or two in my day, but that mess up there just inspired us to leave pronto..Went to Greaterville last Sunday for a look, got a late start, and by the time we were halfway back there over the washboards, the whole family was a bit on edge. Maybe we'll try tomorrow after mailtime at the P.O. We won't be in the area long enuff to attend a meeting of the Huachuca folks(would've liked to, 'tho)...We may try Ash Canyon again, and try to get above the digging mess....(they are sure having fun screwing up the taffic putting those culverts in on 92 south of Sierra Vista!)..Back to the Whetsone idea, we also looked at the communicator, and were basing our prospects on the USGS survey mentioned by Delos Toole in 'Where to find Ariz's placer gold. Thanks again, Gary
  7. Ahoy! I'm new to this forum, so I haven't any knowledge on historical archives that may already answer my question. Has anyone tried any of the placers in the Whetstones?..The area has proven tough for me to access due to lack of trails that will support the passage of a one ton dually....We'll only be in this area a few more days, but I'd like to hear from anyone on the potential. Thanks, Gary
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