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    At sea aboard ROYALISTE, or beached on dryland...either will do, just so long as it's not 'hangin' from the gibbet
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    Sailing, prospecting, reenacting, and the usual gammut of stuff that interests old farts..........

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  1. Well, I've had nothing but excellent results with both Ebay and Paypal..I'm not a powerseller, or any of the other hype, but have bought and sold just about everything imaginable in the last 12 years or so..Cars, boats,gold&silver, antique weapons, rare guitars,etc....Sorry for anyone with bad experiences, but it's never affected me negatively..I have had people scamming off items I was selling; they copy and paste your photos, but with different seller info..That said, Ebay has been on top of it and nothing has ever backlashed...My daughter purchased a large screen tv from a scammer, and they only retrieved about half of the money back,but..even she admits that she could have spotted the scam had she not had 'buck fever' over the deal...And the fine print does explain the amount of liability they will cover...
  2. As a 'homie' from South Dakota, you should all know that the mail services that some are used to using for registration are going to have a tough time of it for actual non residents starting this year....Drivers licensing, registrations,etc. are going to need two pieces of ID, two letters mailed to your physical address, and a few more little goodies to happen..New changes mandated in Pierre....Seems there are some inaccuracies in many areas due to non residents and the impact on public utilities, surveys, schools, etc....Best check with your phoney mail drops soon ( I haven't a clue how they are going to enforce these changes, but..).....Gary
  3. Well, in the immortal words of Jim Morrison, 'I'm a backdoor man, the men don't know but the girls, they understand!!"...(a joke, son, a joke!!)
  4. Ahoy, mateys............

  5. Jeesh!..Can you spell 'paranoid'??.....If you are a well armed citizen, what's the fuss??....If one is afraid of all the misfits of society, they don't care about your name to rob, mug, or murder you..reverse search engines will work with almost any kind of input data..address, phone, etc...
  6. I have that box checked, always do, but it doesn't seem to work....It's checked at present, and I still had to sign in..pretty crazy.....
  7. Call me blind or something, but I've looked twice and cannot find such a setting in my control stuff.....
  8. The way things are going, if ya fart and someone might smell it, that's too much disturbance......Honestly, it's been my observation from state to state that these facts are variable from one 'forest' to the next.....I can't even make the same walk twice to my claim in Idaho, as the fs fears that someone may follow me, thereby starting an 'unwanted' trail...In South Dakota, the fs in the Black Hills puts fs roads in to our club claims..you figure it out, I defies my simple mind as to the differences in treatment...
  9. Starting earlier this week, when I hit this forum, I now get a page that states that the board wants you to sign in first.. that's new news to me, and then...I see on the cover page that there are ' 2 members, five guests, and one anonymous member watching..How are the 'guests' able to watch, when I now have to sign in just to read a few things before taking off to the dredge??..Just curious, but sometimes my speed is slow enough to make it a 'big deal', so I move on..Whassup?..inquiring minds want to know,eh?...Gary
  10. Great stuff matey!!..I'm awestruck, besides jealous (I've been dredging this desert for months and have yet to retrieve a pennyweight!)..keep it up, glad someone's getting it from 'ole mother earth....Gary
  11. Herb, Thanks for the repy, but it's another fella looking; I was just making a joke on a typo between 'public', and 'pubic'....But I'm sure he'll see it.....Gary
  12. Well, Chicago just cancelled my ship's summer tour, so it ain't just about guns where they have their heads up their arses!...The strange part to me is that a strawbroker in Illinois is who sold me my Browning DBA 380!.....Gary (slowly becoming rather pissed off Gary)
  13. Well, Let ME know on any areas open to the 'pubic', (sorry,man, I just couldn't resist some humor on the typo!)....Castle Dome Mountains are interesting, but the Kofa Wilderness area is there, so it's sorta hit and miss.. Delos Tooele's book, 'Where to find gold in Arizona' has a few other suggestions..Biggest problem I see in that area is all of the land controlled by the military. Perhaps a true resident there will chime in for some suggestions....Good luck and happy hunting, regardless.....Gary
  14. That's extremely interesting. I'm a retired metallergical type of fellow, but the snow is on the mountains where I have claims, so I can't provide any samples at present. Perhaps some of the other guys here that aren't snowbound will respond..Either way, keep posting, as this sounds as you said"almost too good to be true'...Gary
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