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  1. I personally save my bullets to put meat on the table or persuade people from going where the should not be. However this is a sight I have seen way to often I suppose some people just should not be allowed to have weapons
  2. They’re light coming through bullet holes in a metal tank
  3. If you are shooting these from a compound bow be extremely careful wooden arrows are known to come apart when being shot from a compound bow. I know this from over 40 years of experience hunting with bows and I would hate to have you shoot your eye out.
  4. Skunks do stink in more ways than one but You have to just keep going and sometimes move some dirt to get the ones that crawled down deep. But if you enjoy something it’s not really work. Besides I like the exercise.
  5. Thanks always nice to bust a skunk
  6. I was out the other day and after 4 hours of hunting I ran acrossed this when I moved some dirt. I moved four inches off the top and got a very faint signal. After 18 inches of digging I got this. Found with a GPX 5000 with 16 inch nuggetfinder advantage.
  7. Got the time off work so I will be their. It will be nice to see old friends and make some new ones. And Bill's brisket YUM YUM
  8. Found these in quartzite in 2014 big one weighed in at 20.5 penny weight. It was a good day to dance in the desert.
  9. Headed their on the 14th wish I could make it sooner but can't get away until then. You guys have fun and leave some nugs. For me
  10. Dave I was using my GPX 5000 with a 16 inch nugget finder spoke coil. The big one was about 8 inches deep
  11. Ok I can't figure out how to attach photo. I will Get Frank's help and post in the AM
  12. Great times great friends and great gold this year. Wish I could have stayed for the feed but had to get back to that work thing, but I do enjoy where I work.IMG_1241.JPG
  13. BD I had a great time maybe the next time we go out I will get a little more sleep the night before and make more of a competition out of it. You are also welcome to use the extreme anytime we go out
  14. Nice crusty looking nug man, persistence can pay off. Went for almost two years before I found my first piece then they just came out for a while.
  15. Bill I will be there Friday AM, Thinking a pineapple upside down cake in my Dutch oven would complement your brisket well.
  16. Frank last nugget I found in the basin was about two minutes after I crossed paths with one of the biggest horned toads I have ever seen In my life. And I have seen a lot of them in my time. By the way it's only going to be 106 degrees this weekend where we want to go.
  17. That would be in gold basin mn
  18. Found this nugget about 8 inches down in the bank of a wash. It was about 3 o'clock and pushing 100 degrees. Lots of water to drink and pour over my head. It weighs in at 4.9 pennyweight.
  19. Recover that signal and list it in the classified adds. Easy money!!!!
  20. Great job guys looks like you have found a good spot
  21. Thanks for the comments everyone and Norm ,Terry would not tell me where it was so I took Frank C. with me.ha ha
  22. Found these three today the Big one weighs 20.4 pennyweights. Posting from my phone so don't know what the pictures will look like.
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