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  1. I personally save my bullets to put meat on the table or persuade people from going where the should not be. However this is a sight I have seen way to often I suppose some people just should not be allowed to have weapons
  2. They’re light coming through bullet holes in a metal tank
  3. If you are shooting these from a compound bow be extremely careful wooden arrows are known to come apart when being shot from a compound bow. I know this from over 40 years of experience hunting with bows and I would hate to have you shoot your eye out.
  4. Skunks do stink in more ways than one but You have to just keep going and sometimes move some dirt to get the ones that crawled down deep. But if you enjoy something it’s not really work. Besides I like the exercise.
  5. Thanks always nice to bust a skunk
  6. I was out the other day and after 4 hours of hunting I ran acrossed this when I moved some dirt. I moved four inches off the top and got a very faint signal. After 18 inches of digging I got this. Found with a GPX 5000 with 16 inch nuggetfinder advantage.
  7. Got the time off work so I will be their. It will be nice to see old friends and make some new ones. And Bill's brisket YUM YUM
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