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  1. Hell yea! I'm sure the illegals and drug traffickers will abide by the closure too, how many of these fires were started by them? Thank you FED for protecting us from ourselves. You think they'll fine the illegals caught in the forest 5K? Ha! Hell no. They'll take them to the hospital and nurse them back to health before dropping them off in Mexico. There's comfort in consistency I suppose.
  2. You need a good back pack and figure out a system that lets you take all the equipment you need. A shovel and pick are pretty standard when running a lot of material (or at least hoping too). Sometimes I'll make two trips depending on what I have to bring but I usually plan that out before I ever even make it to the sight. You'd be amazed at what can be shoved into a back pack and tied on the outside. Great job getting out there and getting dirty. Keep at it and soon you'll be finding more then the small flakes. Have fun, be safe. Keith
  3. Doug, Hey its good to hear from you. No I haven't given up beeping. In fact I went up in the Prescott area a few weeks ago. I've brought it along to G-Ville the last few times out but there has been pools of water so I couldn't resist sniping. It's incredible to be able to just pan it out right there :whoopie: I plan on getting out this weekend and bringing the detector along on my sniping expedition. It should come in very handy, I've probably missed some good gold scouring the bedrock by leaving it in the car. Over on AZ Good Prospectors I posted about a technique that helped me
  4. Greetings, I posted this on another forum Saturday. Thought I'd put it out here too. Out at Gville today trying to head to "Diggers Delight" the Desert Gold Diggers claim. The road that heads North on the East of Granite mountain has two road that head East. One of them leads to Diggers Delight the other one I'm not sure. Well both roads made fences across them. I was stunned. Iknow there's private property out there but I don't think its there. That's the only entrance to the claim that I know of. The fences were sturdy but won't keep any determined prospectors (or anyone else) out. The f
  5. Hey there Frank. The mini-drywasher is great! I've caught a little bit with it and used it to rule out LOTS of spots. Thanks Keith
  6. Greetings Gentlemen, I'd like to take a trip to central Arizona to do some prospecting. I have a GMT, drywasher and recir..... My wife and infant son will also be coming so I'm looking to go somewhere that's near a lake, I can legally prospect there (I'm a GPAA member...) and hopefully has some elevation. So I thought I'd ask the forum for suggestions? Hey and if anyone is looking for a tag along for a day the 4th of July weekend let me know. As always I am grateful for your advice Keith Edit: We'll be coming from southern AZ, Sierra Vista. I have not been to central AZ since I was a
  7. I'm Active Duty Army, have been for 10 years. We recently had a briefing on firearms and what's allowed in AZ (carrying in public etc...) Our Battalion Commander doesn't know the laws and he doesn't care. He just wants his Soldiers to stop carrying thier guns into bars and other places where its forbidden. He then said something like "just don't carry a gun in public at all". Um wrong... I bring this up as an example. Commanders in the military (especially Generals) have very broad authority power AND responsibility. Fort Campbell has had some violence (tons of deployments). Whether you'
  8. The Toole writings are all I have seen on the subject and that's what I was also basing my two cents on. The GPAA claim looks like a war zone, I know, but that's only at that main area. Further "upstream" is where I go and it looks nothing like that mess. The place has been dug a lot but there's some pickers in there still. If you take the turn to the "main" part of the claim but then take a right just before the main claim. That little dirt path goes a little ways back and then crosses the stream. That area has been dug too (partly by me) BUT it's not as bad. Greaterville is somewhe
  9. Pyrate, I've read that they found a little gold up there doing testing but I haven't been myself. I live in Sierra Vista, 20 miles south of the Whetstones. If I were you I'd either head to Greaterville or Ash Canyon. Ash Canyon is only about 20 minutes from the center of Sierra Vista. There's a GPAA claim there and you can find some gold. "Go where Gold has been found before".... From what I remember the Whetstones don't have ANY placer claims in them, at least not that I can recall from looking at the GeoCommunicator. There's a reason there's no placer claims there. Greaterville i
  10. My buddy and I had an opportunity to hit some tailings today with Silver Dog. I didn't find gold in the tailings but I had a great time and learned a great deal. So I just wanted to say thank you to Silver Dog one more time. I really appreciate you taking the time to show us some stuff. Truly it meant a lot. And Silver Dog you're a maniac on that dang Ranger Awesome day! Remember if you're heading to Greaterville or anywhere south and don't mind a young fella tagging along, let me know... Keith
  11. Great stuff Al! Myself and another guy were out there today with our GMTs and got skunked. We both used some of the advice we got from the forum and I think it went better. Much more thrash... We were mostly in the Boston and Kentucky Gluch area on some DGD claims... If you want company or should I say don't mind a youngster tagging along to learn the ropes a little. Let me know :innocent0009: Keith
  12. Thanks Unc, by the way got the Greaterville map I ordered from you. It's awesome, I appreciate it.
  13. Doug, Yeah I think I "covered" too much ground. That might have been part of the problem. I went too fast and was too impatient.... Me and another MD will be heading out Saturday. He's very new at this too. It'd be great if you could make it. Or if that doesn't work. I'm going to try for next Tuesday also. Keith
  14. Greaterville, day one with the GMT, first time to Greaterville. I got skunked. We had a great time hiking around. We started at the base of Granite Mountain and hiked all up the Southeast face (I detected, rough going and not sure that's on the claim...). Then we went down into Sucker Gulch right at its "head waters". I must say the amount of ground is staggering. I worked the sides a little and looked for bedrock. Tried to get into some of the small feeders. Staggering. Everytime I turned on my machine and put it down I was getting a signal. I dug a lot of nothing. I'm still learning,
  15. Thank you Gentlemen for the tips and encouragement. I'm off to dig bullets and shoe nails at Greaterville. :postdigger: I'll let you know how it goes and if any of those bullets turn out to be the yella stuff :icon_mrgreen: Keith
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