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  1. My brother had some problems come up at home so he won't be coming. It will be just me and wife, still plan to show up on Thursday. Will be bringing stuff for a green salad. When we get a final count on the number coming, it would be nice to know. :coffeetime: Thanks again, Dave
  2. Hello, Me my wife and brother Robert Brown will be there. We will probably be there Thursday so we can check out the road, he has a small trailer but it doesn't have much clearance. If there is something you need us to bring let me know, or I will try to figure out what will be needed. Dave
  3. Watch your speed coming in, there has been a county sheriff passing out tickets left and right. :Huh_anim]: If anybody needs help getting to the sight I am camped right where you turn off the pavement onto the dirt road. I am in a 5th wheel. Dave
  4. We will get in contact with you at gold basin. Thanks Dave
  5. Me and my brother will be in Arizona at that time so we are planing on being their. The place you are camping can you get a small trailer in there. We will be at the Gold Basin outing in October also. Dave
  6. No problem here. Dave :innocent0002:
  7. :innocent0002: Count me in, I will help anyway I can. Dave
  8. goldbrick I will be in Nevada the month of April I will be staying at the rv park in mill city, if you would like to get together and check out some claims give me a call. 801-824-2982 Dave
  9. First thing I want to do is welcome all the new members, I am sure I will get to meet some of you this coming year. My wife will be retireing the 31st of March, so as soon as I can get everything together we will be heading out. First stop will be the Rye patch area in Northern Nevada. So if anyone is going to be in the area and would like to get together to do some hunting give me a call, My cell phone number will be at the end of this message. I will either be at Mill City R.V Park if they have room, or over at Rye Patch Res. I am going to try to be there by the 10th of April, and will be s
  10. Sounds good to me Rodger. :innocent0009: Dave
  11. Me and my wife will be there , we will bring a green salad and desert. Dave
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