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  1. Robert, I have the PN-20 and have just upgraded to the PN-40. The PN-20 is slow at redrawing screens. That is probably my only complaint. The PN-40 is well worth the extra cost. It has much faster redraw and it has an electronic compass. My only complaint with the PN-40 is that the battery life does not seem as good as with the PN-20. And every time you change batteries you have to recalibrate the compass (which isn't that big of a deal). As far as TOPO 7, it is alright. It is far from being the best mapping program I have ever used. But it does the job, I have not had any problems
  2. Rob you are correct. It was some of the DD nugget finders might not work, the mono coils would be ok. Thanks for correcting me.
  3. Hey Herb, I have a GP3000 and a TDI, you should not have any problems with a Coiltek or Minelab mono. I have heard some Nugget Finder coils will not work because of the way some of them were wound. Also, I would not use DD coils, not that they would not work but I don't think (really not sure) the TDI will take advantage of them and you would probably get poor performance.
  4. Sawmill, I guess it isn't really going to mater. If true, according to the American Motorcyclist Association the U.S. Senate leadership is expected to employ a little used parliamentary procedure that allows them to overcome the outcome of the House vote on S. 22. The Senate Leadership wants to try and un-do the defeat by bringing the bill back as a 1,300 page amendment to an unrelated bill for a vote as early as Monday. The bill is H.R. 146, the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Acquisition Grant Program. I think they are going to do what ever it takes to get the bill through
  5. Hey Sawmill, My math adds up just fine. In the House the bill needed 2/3 of vote to pass. 2/3 of 426 voting= 284. Final vote 248 Democrats voted for it along with 34 Republicans. 248+34=282, 2 votes short. There were 3 Democrats that voted against, 141 Republicans voted against. I think the main reason the bill failed was because some hunting groups woke up and realized that with the NPS taking control of some of this ground they would be affected. That is where alot of the last minute push against it came from.
  6. Sawmill I have to ask, how do you figure most of the support for this bill is from the Republicans when in the Senate 100% of voting Democrates voted for it but only 47% of the voting Republicans voted for it. And by the way it was voted on in the House yesterday and was defeated by 2 votes. In the House 99% of the voting Democrates voted for the bill and only 19% of the voting Republicans voted for it. So you should be thanking the Republicans for saving it this time.
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