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  1. Actually the Working Voltages of these cells is as Close and as Safe as you get to Lead Acid Cells.   No Flaming Horror Stories involved with this type of Li Cell Chemistry.  Well each cell can produce something in the range of OVER 100Amps burst so any shorting situation brings Bad Ju Ju and Major Consequences.

    Rated 8Ah they should perform  the task at hand and then some.   Crazy amount of energy in those dang things. 

    Max Charge voltage on this type is 3.65v per cell.    Running 4 cells in series = 14.6 V...      Any Automotive battery charger putting out the same or a bit less would work just fine. 

    The provided BMS ( Battery Management System )  will ensure the cells remain in a Balanced State of Charge within said limits.    Added Bonus, you now have a light weight portable Jump Starting Battery at hand. 



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  2. Hello Fellow Vets. Don't be expecting to be remembered today. We have something better! We Remember what we did for our country. We have that satisfaction to reflect on. We know the truths. We know the Burdens and Cost of Freedoms. We know what it took to maintain those Freedoms. We maintained the Freedoms afforded these Communisticrats and Libtardians able to crap on this country. LOL
    The True Hero's in this mess are the Families of the Vets. They too paid the Prices. They too took the losses. They too sacrificed parts of they're lives. ... The Families of Veterans are the Real Hero's .  The True Prize !
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  3. 20 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    You wont pay much of anything just for access to shoot a hog on most ranches. You pay for boarding and guide services.

    Hogs don't attract many sportsmen outside of central and west Texas. The ranches that charge for hunts are giving you a lot more than an open gate. So that is where the "boo coo bucks" come in.

    Yeah, if you want to hunt elk on the Vermejo Peak ranch and have it all waiting for you then it is going to cost $1200 per day. If you want to hunt antelope on your own and camp in a tent it will cost you $500 for simple access. If you want to hunt feral pig on your own I could not imagine it would cost you any more than $100 for the keys to the gate on any New Mexico ranch.

    Most hogs in New Mexico are (were)on public land and it costs a big fat zero to hunt them. If you want to stay in the ranchers quarters and eat at his table it will cost a bit more. 

    On most ranches in Texas they are happy to have you shoot them. Sure there are hunting ranches that sell hog hunts but that is a different type of ranch and a hunt is a package that comes with almost everything including a rifle if that is what you need. It is not a joke among those ranchers. It is their business.

    Not on the Hertz ranch.  They get like 4 and 500.00 a pop.  

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