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  1. Holly Crap Dave ! I am IMPRESSED Sir !


    Mikuni's eaa? Can't think of a more dependable carb.


    That's one fine Clean engine you have Sir. Nothing on the Planet as Simple nor Dependable that I can think of.


    KISS ( KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ) Taken to a new Level. WOW !

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  2. 6 hours ago, ArcticDave said:

    God... that is a beautiful car!

    Orange and black will be the colors Homey. Orange wings and tail with black fuselage tubing and hardware. Should look sharp...if you like orange. :)

    Sounds like a Plan.    Not troubles seeing those contrasting the sky.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    I don't know if I would trust anyone at a University. Aren't they part of the bunch that is just speculating about the Martian meteorites? How do we know they are going to do "good science" and give an honest answer about a mineral?

    The "experts" are mostly idiots anyway. They can't recognize "stony iron fall rocks", they pretend to be able to identify meteorites from planets we haven't even been to just to get headlines, and they are allowed to present their conclusions even if their science is not good.

    I bet every person that has the expertise to professionally evaluate that rock recognizes climate change as fact and will agree that the human component in that calculation is substantial. We can PROVE that is junk science because it was snowing just a few weeks ago!

    Let's face it. They are all a bunch of clowns.

    I think we should soak it in vinegar and then rub it on the toilet tank lid some more. :25r30wi:


    Bob, you absolutely correct that I'm in the dark as to how they come to the conclusions of these Meteorites origins.  
    They have classified items as Lunar, Martian and other way long before any of the Lander found way to mars or the moon.
    All based on conjecture and Assumptions ?
    I just find it stupefyingly that people of the Science Community would have the arrogance to do so.   JUNK SCIENCE .   
    We do in fact have some hands on ( Robot Hands ) information these days.  Based on that information I can see items being believed to have originated from a KNOWN Planet or Body in space.   Believed being the Operative word.   Not as a Absolute determination some would lead people to assume. 

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  4. I have to agree on this one.   A hole pile of Speculation going on with that stuff.  All based on BECAUSE ?  

    We know as fact that Chunks of Earth, Moon and yep Mars has been jetisons via major impacts at one time or another.  We also know that All these bodies Well Not sure about the Moon, were created by the same flotsam materials from junk out there.  That says all the rocks have a common ancestry if you go back long enough.   Just coming out a saying Eaaaaa That's Lunar or Martian simply dosn't meet the criteria of Good Science  .


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  5. Well it's official.   Summer's just days away.

    Cazy chit. Just earlier today I told WWWW ( Wicket Wanda the Wonder Wife) we need some new humming bird feeders this year... The first one of the year just shown up just now. Guess they had they're ears on. I managed to find one feeder still functional and got it up. They must travel in groups. I've counted like 7 different birds this morning. Guess they see this house as a Dependable Source of Suckers ?
    Time to dig out the Sluice and head up the hill I guess. 
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  6. I would think it's a bear trying to keep every symmetrically EXACTLY the same. Even a half a thousandths can do strange things in a Combustion chamber. Dang Dave ! Yea was spitting out words way above my pay grade. I had to look em up !



    """ Posted by T.O.O. on June 21, 1998 at 12:05:53: In Reply to: What is "quench"? What is a "quench area" Why is it good? n/m posted by body on June 21, 1998 at 10:09:42: Quench, or squish area is typically the flat area on the top of the piston that's almost level with the top of the block deck. It must have a corresponding flat area on the deck surface of the head to qualify as quench. If you look at a combustion chamber, you will usually see these flat areas, and they will have the volume of the actual combustion chamber between them. When the piston is compressing the mixture, as the piston nears the head, the flat areas on the head and piston come together and force the mixture from those areas to "squish" into the chamber, where the spark plug and burning mixture reside, so you achieve a more complete burn. The quench area also runs cooler than the rest of the chamber / piston. These lower temperatures are where the "quench" comes from. When properly designed, the quench areas can have a tremendous effect on the quality of combustion, and allow higher compression ratios, and due to this they are considered "artificial octane" by scientific types. Bottom line is "properly designed, quench is good". .......................................T.O.O. ....................................... ps. As it is like (more octane), and promotes a better burn, why do the turbo people do away with it?? Go figure. """

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  7. Your doing stuff here I never would have even imagined ever possible Dave.  No Clues Aluminum could be worked like this.

    Yep, all the stuff like the oil passages and what not can be addressed here and now.  All that little extra details

    Could be the difference between Staying in the air or forcing down some place in the rocks.   By Dang your going to know every nook and cranny on this engine for sure. 


    Cool Beans Sir!

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  8. On 3/17/2019 at 9:37 AM, ArcticDave said:

    Yeah it was bad here too. Thankfully not 58 mph:yikes:

    It was still enough to discourage anything outdoors. It was cold too:th_panic:

    That map is trippy.  It looks like your second hand wind is headed right for us.

    Yea, that map is my go too when I'm trying to figure out why I'm freezing my butt off here.   Every time is seems to be Arctic Swirls coming down via Colorado and swinging back down through Texas from the East.     LOL   


    Yea Mesmerizing it is.  Catch my self gooooing out on it for way longer then needed.

  9. On 3/16/2019 at 12:50 AM, rossfi said:

    LOL - Not too fussed about the "Aesthetics and Machismo" to start with but not real keen on the bumpy ride idea either. As it happens I just had the same conversation with a mate in Melbourne who tells me it would be cheap enough (??) to get a new crank made up from scratch. Advantage is that if I want to restore to 4 cyl (by way of a power upgrade) I can by replacing original crank and opposite head assembly. VW engines are available here but not as much as in your neck of the woods, so tend to be expensive.

    OK Homefire - I'm not sure of how much you already know :idunno:so I hope the following info doesn't come out sounding like a 'lecture from on high' - if it does please excuse me in advance, I'm doing/writing lots of assignments, presentations and lesson plans atm  . . . :00000067:  

    I noticed that at the moment you are using the Mega 2650 as the 'brains' for the basic EFIS/EMS functions and I wondered if it will have sufficient capability for what you want to do? Or at least for for the additions you are likely to want make over time. While the 2650 has lots of IO and is 'cheap as', there has been a lot of development since that board came out and there are a lot of alternatives (likely with cheap Chinese clones) that may have more available processing power to handle the workloads (hate those 1201 errors :yikes:). 

    As you'd know the Arduino platform (& the IDE) was originally designed around the 8 bit AVR processor platforms (including Uno & Mega2650). Since then the IDE has now been expanded considerably (& sometimes copied outright) to include a much wider range of processor/platforms, many of them 32 bit with gobs of memory & I/O as well as massive speed increases. One example of these is the 32 bit PIC processor made by Microchip, a US company with a very long pedigree (and which has just bought out AVR). An example of two boards made by Digilent https://store.digilentinc.com/processors/processor-boards/ is shown below (both based on the PIC32).


    I have the bigger of the two which as you can see is very similar to the full-size Mega (with even more I/O) and which is why I really sat up and paid attention when you posted the mini EFIS info. Sadly I've not seen a clone of it similar to the 'Mini-Mega'. 

    There are other boards and of course there is the Arduino Due itself, but it is a bit of a moving target and its hard to know which will last the distance (see the Maple project  https://www.leaflabs.com/maple - have just found out they are now 'discontinued' but heaps of Chinese clones out there based on the same STM32 chip, now likely to be orphaned). The "Teensy" boards https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/ can also be programmed by the Arduino IDE and they have been around for a long time with pjrc contributing to the Arduino knowledge base.

    The beauty of the new Arduino IDE is that you should now be able to change the underlying platform with relative ease, though there will always be glitches :cry2:and some work to fix it :miner: 

    There is also another platform altogether called the 'Micromite' http://geoffg.net/micromite.html which started some years ago as a series of publications in a local electronics magazine by a guy call Geoff Graham (from West Oz) which is also based on the PIC 32 platform but which uses a clone of GW Basic for programming (it also allows inline 'C' programming). There has been steady development over a number of years much of it previewed on a forum called "The Back Shed" https://www.thebackshed.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=16.

    One of the people who has made some significant contributions is a guy called Peter Mather from the UK who seems to be a genius at 'C' programming and PCB design (I think he is planning on building a plane too). Peter wrote some inline C code for an EFIS on the Micromite and you can see the working device here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ_h7oSppGk. Brightness is still an issue but with OLEDs around the corner  . . . . so one to watch . . . (some of the latest conversations are around PIC chips with clocks running in the 200MHz range).

    There is a mob over your way that sells a couple of Peters PCB designs that have built in LCD controller interfaces as well as Arduino hardware footprints for very reasonable prices http://www.circuitgizmos.com/Micromite-Devices-c14171441. I bought a couple to 'play' with but sadly am just too busy atm :cry2::miner::miner:

    There is a fair amount of crossover between these two platforms now and it's relatively easy to change the boot code on a Microchip PIC32 for either platform.

    I don't know if any of the above will help you and Dave but it should keep you browsing for a while and may yet help at some point in the future or give you some ideas. At any rate I hope you find some food for thought . . . :pop::oregonian_winesmiley: 

    Well this has been a nice diversion But it's back to the grindstone for mee . .  sigh




    The world of Single board computers has gone Crazy .  My first ""COMPUTER"" was a ZX80 followed by a ZX81.   Thought I was TOP DOG when I upgraded to 16K of Ram.  Now days a lowly  Arduino seems to  Eclipse all that.    Even the ZX81 had more computer power then got us to the moon, these new single board computers are CRAZY !  There really doen't seem to be a end to this stuff today, eaaa?   

      The EFS Flight toy I was working on for Dave proved to be well above my feeble programing skills.   I currently have a friend in Serbia of all places working on the project.  If ever complete Dave's creation is going to have the dribbles and Contents of a International Consortium  of efforts , parts and doings.  LOL   WELL more computer then ever got man to the moon the fist time.  

     That system is quite interesting and I will follow up checking it out for sure.    My next toy is going to be a Raspberry Pi Zero W I think.  $10.00 and does way more then I need right now.  Check this chit out ?   INSANE I tell ya !    I copied and saved all those links you provided to investigate in a while.  Thank you Sir !



  10. 7 hours ago, Au Seeker said:


    I tend to agree with Homefire, use the 4500 first until you learn it...then and only then consider on modding it, if for some reason you decide to later sell the 4500 you will probaly have a better chance selling it in orginal condition especially if it still has some of the warranty left on it..

    Better chance of MINE LAB fixin the thing if it craps out. 


    Ok, the Mother Ship must be back again. It's Snowing here in Southern  N.M. 

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