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  1. I'm clueless on that question. Modding a New Machine ? Emmmmm Bad Ju Ju
  2. Actually you can get them to quiet right up. If Bike Berry Sells it , you can get it for half the price on E-Bay ..
  3. There would be no life without a VLF in my life. PI's are super duper but not a Do ALL. Selling both VLF off would be a mistake Sir !
  4. ""Oh and P.S. - I may have some ideas for Homefire around the Arduino stuff if he is interested?? "" Homefire Is always open and available when it comes to Brain Food. ** The Idea of the two apposed cylinders versus the Inline is both Esthetics and Machismo. The Firing order and Piston Positions come to play. Would be like trying to ride a Three Hump Camel. The third Hump under your butt.
  5. Wind: Well Any one out braving this junk ? Stupid wind ripped a sheet of siding off my mobile home the other day. That's cool, I had $35.00 burning a hole in my pocket. Just needed to drive 50 miles each way to pick up a couple of sheets. Funny enough it was nice and calm winds on the drive . LOL As long as you was driving WITH the WINDS ! Dang stuff went up again. $28.00 a sheet now. Eaaa Dave, Good time to test your wings. No Engine Required. Just Tether the plane to your Go Cart and Up Up and Away, eaaaa? Weather Liars say the wind was hitting 28MPH. My
  6. RATS ! I've lost a number of items to the beast thinking I had stuff in a secure location. Little Vermin love the high dollars crap and never touch the junk.
  7. Never used that machine but it's a fact that if you crank up the Gain your cranking up the noise too. Just saying.
  8. WoW it was hooting here to Bob but not like that. Was thinking the roads would be closing but it stopped as fast as it started.
  9. Not Sure I understand What your saying here ? Coil ? Coil for ? BT ? GB 2 ? Gold Bug 2 ?
  10. Still working on E-Bike Battery Packs and Wind Generator and Two Metal Detector Projects and Solar Power Wall Project and BangGood through me for a Loop. They messed up my order of Silicon Wire needed for the Battery Packs and sent these crazy small Quad Drone Motors in error. They have no interest in me sending them back to China and Already Reshipped the Wire I needed. Now I need to figure out how to do a Remote Control Plane or something using these four motors ? LOL I have a Air Hog helicopter that Could stick on of these on. Stay Tuned ! I looked these up on BangGood and are replacemen
  11. Satellite internet and Rocket Racks . That's all your missing. Eaaaa a Real mounted Mini Gun would be most cool.
  12. Always want a buggy like that. One of those things that just never happened. Close a few times but always a day late or a dollar short.
  13. You going with any fashions of Oil Cooling Dave ?
  14. You need one of those LASER Plasma Cutting toy. Hell you seem to have access to most the other cool chit. LOL
  15. Reminds me of those ol Cox air plane engines. I like it . I you just omitted that side bit around ex-host. Do you think it would cause head to warp ?
  16. There are like three versions of piston they use in those things. This one is the most common. https://www.ebay.com/itm/47mm-66-80CC-Gas-Motorized-Bicycle-Bike-Engine-parts-1-1-16-type-B-Piston-KIT/191722418481?hash=item2ca38bf131:g:SLkAAOSwe-FU94~q:sc:USPSFirstClass!88030!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0
  17. Well Dang. Cool Beans. Should clean up nice belt or disc sander. Didn't have much room to play with for sure on that Ex Port.
  18. How in Heck do you wack that head in half ?
  19. Most of those Chines Engine are unmarked 66cc. Listed as 80cc the chines include the Combustion chamber in they're calculations. Pop that head off, Replace the Head Gasket and torque down . Is the ex-host port like 40mm or 32 ?? "" A good rule of thumb is to shoot for 8mm head bolts @ 120 to 140 inch pounds. For all other engine fasteners, 6mm, set your torque wrench to 60 to 80 inch pounds. Those values will keep you out of trouble. "" Replacement Parts can be had DIRT Cheap for the things.
  20. You can only use half of that head, right ? Depending on what side of engine ? My brain is broken this morning.
  21. I know right ? Dave seems to find a means to get just about anything needed done . Some How, Some Fashion, Some Way ! With Professional Results I must add.
  22. And hence to old timers saying "" Gold Rides a Iron Horse "" Gold has more then some affinity with Iron.
  23. What's the deal with any and all photo's you try to post ? They always show up with some off the wall never seen before Icon of sorts ? Do you guys use some Propitiatory Systems down there ?
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