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  1. Holly Crap Dave ! I am IMPRESSED Sir ! Mikuni's eaa? Can't think of a more dependable carb. That's one fine Clean engine you have Sir. Nothing on the Planet as Simple nor Dependable that I can think of. KISS ( KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ) Taken to a new Level. WOW !
  2. I'd say that sure looks like a Air Craft Engine ya have there Sir !
  3. WoW those look way smaller then I remember. Even knowing it's half.
  4. Homefire, If you read this... those temp probes are a 6mm x 1mm pitch. Got it. You going with the Individual Temp Gauges ?
  5. Found one of these at a school years ago. That one had a white substance inside. I've made these and used them before. And yes they make EXCELLENT Speed Loaders.
  6. Current 40.4 MPH Whoooooo Hooooooooooooo! I knew Denver Sucks but dang , check this out ! http://hint.fm/wind/ Click on the Map.
  7. The Contours and shape hint of Venusian Origin ? More Research Required. A good ol bath in White Vinegar would spruce that thing right up.
  8. Dave's AMAZING at innovation. Seems to find ways around the Impossible every time.
  9. We had them most of the year round in Tucson but not the whole year. For sure but here they all head down into Deep Mexico or further.
  10. Sounds like a Plan. Not troubles seeing those contrasting the sky.
  11. Been expecting the Girls to show up this week. NONE . Guess they had to do they're feathers before the trip. You know them Girls.
  12. Super Stuff Dave. What you thinking color scheme wise ? Camo ? Red Baron ? Snoopy ? Doing Flames Coming out of the Engine Cowling ? Errrrr Nawwwww Better not go there.
  13. Bob, you absolutely correct that I'm in the dark as to how they come to the conclusions of these Meteorites origins. They have classified items as Lunar, Martian and other way long before any of the Lander found way to mars or the moon. All based on conjecture and Assumptions ? I just find it stupefyingly that people of the Science Community would have the arrogance to do so. JUNK SCIENCE . We do in fact have some hands on ( Robot Hands ) information these days. Based on that information I can see items being believed to have originated from a KNOWN Planet or Body in space. B
  14. I have to agree on this one. A hole pile of Speculation going on with that stuff. All based on BECAUSE ? We know as fact that Chunks of Earth, Moon and yep Mars has been jetisons via major impacts at one time or another. We also know that All these bodies Well Not sure about the Moon, were created by the same flotsam materials from junk out there. That says all the rocks have a common ancestry if you go back long enough. Just coming out a saying Eaaaaa That's Lunar or Martian simply dosn't meet the criteria of Good Science .
  15. Yep, you can just about set the calendar using the things. Actually I'm thinking these guys are a few days early this year . Usually the first two or three days of this month.
  16. Well it's official. Summer's just days away. Cazy chit. Just earlier today I told WWWW ( Wicket Wanda the Wonder Wife) we need some new humming bird feeders this year... The first one of the year just shown up just now. Guess they had they're ears on. I managed to find one feeder still functional and got it up. They must travel in groups. I've counted like 7 different birds this morning. Guess they see this house as a Dependable Source of Suckers ? Time to dig out the Sluice and head up the hill I guess.
  17. I would think it's a bear trying to keep every symmetrically EXACTLY the same. Even a half a thousandths can do strange things in a Combustion chamber. Dang Dave ! Yea was spitting out words way above my pay grade. I had to look em up ! """ Posted by T.O.O. on June 21, 1998 at 12:05:53: In Reply to: What is "quench"? What is a "quench area" Why is it good? n/m posted by body on June 21, 1998 at 10:09:42: Quench, or squish area is typically the flat area on the top of the piston that's almost level with the top of the block deck. It must have a corresponding flat area on the
  18. Your doing stuff here I never would have even imagined ever possible Dave. No Clues Aluminum could be worked like this. Yep, all the stuff like the oil passages and what not can be addressed here and now. All that little extra details Could be the difference between Staying in the air or forcing down some place in the rocks. By Dang your going to know every nook and cranny on this engine for sure. Cool Beans Sir!
  19. Yea, that map is my go too when I'm trying to figure out why I'm freezing my butt off here. Every time is seems to be Arctic Swirls coming down via Colorado and swinging back down through Texas from the East. LOL Yea Mesmerizing it is. Catch my self gooooing out on it for way longer then needed.
  20. Seriously IMPRESSED on your abilities there Dave. You seem to have a knack at coming up with a way to do the impossible with Nothing to Work With. You must have had some form of Military service behind ya ??? ?
  21. The world of Single board computers has gone Crazy . My first ""COMPUTER"" was a ZX80 followed by a ZX81. Thought I was TOP DOG when I upgraded to 16K of Ram. Now days a lowly Arduino seems to Eclipse all that. Even the ZX81 had more computer power then got us to the moon, these new single board computers are CRAZY ! There really doen't seem to be a end to this stuff today, eaaa? The EFS Flight toy I was working on for Dave proved to be well above my feeble programing skills. I currently have a friend in Serbia of all places working on the project. If ever complete Dave'
  22. Better chance of MINE LAB fixin the thing if it craps out. Ok, the Mother Ship must be back again. It's Snowing here in Southern N.M.
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