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  1. If you think you have one, have it verified and live the good life if it is! :coffeetime:
  2. I'm not afraid of roasting and Mercury! A good Retort is more safe then the Fluorescent bulbs people have in there houses. Some Black sands coming from this area have more values in Rare Earths then gold.
  3. When I get don with mine there may be .0001 PPM pr tone. Do you want them?
  4. Been with out of work for Six Months! I need some Stimuli's! Gold would Be Good! My Earned Socialist package called Unemployment runs out in three weeks. I need to Be Stimulated! I will have the Gas money the next few weeks to Partake in the Venture or Deplete the Neurons that I still have. Stopping at Chance City for a Look See would be cool. The Derry Queen Exit! West from Deming. What your all say? Bring a fishing Rod! Metal Stock tank is full of Pan fish last time I was there. I my self will have Burgers , Steak and Brats! Eggs and Bacon is Good! darn Neurons!
  5. Find a date we all can make asses of our selves! I plan on finding a least some points! Heck! I really need to get out weather you all come or not! I need to Stimulate some Neurons You Know!
  6. Bummer! I am a Registed Republican. If you have a Dry Washer, I'm game. All I have is the Detector ,sluice and Pans! Dont laugh! It's a 17khz Garret S3! 1970's Tech. The TR section SUCKs butt the VLF is Hot as a Rocket! Ground Ballances over the Worst of the Worst! I do have a 8 year old that will dig the hole to hell if I ask him! The Wife can do Some Bodacious Camp Food! :innocent0009:
  7. I was working for a Micro Wave out fit back in the 90's... Some place off exit 49 is a pile of arrow heads to be had. You can't make it there in a RV most of the year but when dry you may make it. PM me and I will tell you were. My sorry little mini van may make it if I take the time. Want to Go? All are made from White Jasper type mineral core Stones. calcidony???? With my education I not be sure. Core stones was there and if no one has hit it, there should be plenty of Points or Flakes. Hey, in the fall I am going to hunt around Playas. Got a hunch that there are some nice space
  8. Hill Billy Roots I have! Smarter then a Rock I are! Edumacation I have thanks to Hye Schoooo and the USAF! Graduated USAF as a Testicle Sargent. Just 11 Years! A Few Knocks and Bangs in life helped some tooooo! No I don't know those folks. Tillman rings a bell but can't place a face or any thing about them. Do they do Rattle Snake round ups and live on the other side of the Florida Mtn? As far as the sure keep those neurons busy in the idle times.!!!! Red Dog Ale is my Toxin of Choice!
  9. I've been getting them off the Reservation for $21.00 a carton. Maybe I should send a few off for a Assay?
  10. If you find more the that tailing's your doing something Really really Wong. :coffeetime: Some People chuck out bits of stuff that has gold in the tailings. They don't look at it.
  11. Some People think finding a Meteorite is a big deal! If you think about it, they are a dime a dozen. Ever Rock, Every bit of Iron, Nickel, and other materials known to man came from the Never Ending's! Some Recently fallen Meteorites are better recognized because of certain traits like CONDRILS, and other traits. In fact, we are all made of Star Dust. Space Woolly Boogers! Have you ever noticed that a Small Woolly Booger Attract other woolly Boogers by Static electricity? Every particle of Matter exhibits this weird unknown thing called Gravity. The More Mass a object has the More G
  12. You should have ample places to look. Any open fields, Desert areas. Determining the Real Deal from Terrestrial things is the Headache http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1...r_backyard.html
  13. Looks like this Bill is Bogus! http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showth...099#post3513993 http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/weekly/aa091900a.htm
  14. Look on a USGS Map and see what is on BLM lands. http://www.icmj2.com/02Feb/02FebFeature.htm
  15. Were are you? Up North, Down South, Eaaaaaa?
  16. Lead will show hotter then gold. commercial Gold like rings and stuff will show hotter due to copper and or silver alloyed.
  17. This one looks simple enough! http://gpex.ca/smf/index.php?topic=91.0
  18. Anyone 101 and still at it deserves a Hello! Keep at what ever your doing because it's working!
  19. I've never messed with one but here is a review I found on it. I would like to build a little PI probe to do the same things. http://metaldetectorreviews.net/detectors/...dprobemd20.html
  20. We have some of the High Tension type lines running not far from the house. I was working for a Fiber optic outfit one time . They ran fiber on those pylons by replacing the FOG (Forward Overhead Ground) Lines. 370,000 volts those puppies were working with. Every time you grabed the door handle on you truck you would get shocked just from the power being inducted to the vehicle. :tisc-tisc:
  21. Down here in southern New Mexico Volcanic crap, Hot Rocks and other junk. Ground Balance is the thing with the VLF! I have a Old PI and it punches through all of that hitting on the hot rocks and Iron junk. Good Ground Balance and I can do at least 3 or 4 inches better in damp soil or earth. You would get tired of digging with the PI.
  22. I can't get a image with your photo host! Must be some Secret! :coffeetime:
  23. Not that I would but I would like to see some one build something like this for nugget shooting streams! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0V9LpRfG8A
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