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  1. I do in fact have some Uranium Ore sitting here in a coffee can oh say the last 20 some years. Use it for a Door Stop. LOL The stuff doesn't produce much more activity then most any Granite can.
  2. Breathing in some Uranium Ore dust would be such a good Idea, eaaa?
  3. Most Uranium ore is not radio active enough to be a major health threat. Hell Salt Substitute can be just about as radio active as some. Did you know Bananas are radio active ? LOL Pick your self up one of these CHEAPO Geiger Counters. I play with one from time to time . https://www.banggood.com/Assembled-DIY-Geiger-Counter-Kit-Module-Miller-Tube-GM-Tube-Nuclear-Radiation-Detector-p-1136883.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN Potassium Chloride Radioactive Salt Substitute: Salt substitutes contain Potassium Chloride,
  4. Wishing a Happy Veterans Day to all. Especially the Families of those who served. Yes, they too sacrificed. To those who did serve, Thank You for Being You. Thank You for being AMERICAN.
  5. That's a good price Sir. I use one of these for my GMT. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ONE-1-GRAIN-999-Fine-24k-Solid-Gold-Bar-Ingot-Bullion-with-COA-Minted-ACB/371864705575?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  6. Locked BLM gates has been a issue. Hack saws prevail.
  7. I've been chased around the truck a few times by range cows. Dang things get uppity some times. One stomped my Gold Magic to death . Well actually Ran over it trying to get me.
  8. LOL, Yep, I look to the Blocking and Banning as a Badge of Honor. Someone Willing to tell the truths and get in the faces of those in the wrong. Guess I get up the right noses.
  9. All three of my FaceBook accounts are under lock and key at this time. It would seem I ruffled more then some feather . One account is permanently locked for posting e-bay links to items I use and were at a good price. SPAMMING they called it. Some day I'll understand the Code of Conduct ?
  10. The two Geologies are quite different. Completely different Rock Make up to the most parts I think. Arizona more Volcanic in nature. Nevada more Tectonic Plate displacement. Push Up from the Sea Floor. Even the Gold was formed in different manners.
  11. Mr Elon Musk need him on the team ! LOL A Problem Solver !
  12. The levels of Knowledge you display on all this crap flipping Astonishes me Dave.
  13. I do believe I see a aircraft in the making.
  14. Skippy Kya Kinda Day Yeaaaaaaa nKinda day. Errrrr Some pin like that. Thanks Guys and Gals ! I don't celibate 911 any more.
  15. I learned to carry a Comb because of that crap. You work the comb between you and them and FLICK them off. When your out and about and get the Erg to do the thing, Always check the heels of your boots. Failing to do so could be BAD Ju Ju when you go to squat. Yep, Been there.
  16. Never wore hats most of my younger days. Learned to HATE the darn things in the military. Forced to cart one around 24/7. Especially the Retarded Absolute epitome of STUPID hats the Dress Blue Service Cap. Yea, the Dumb azz Buss Driver hats. WORTHLESS. And they costed a bomb when ya messed one up. The fatigue hats were cool. You could just crunch one up and stuff it in your pocket. The Female Body Part Hat (C Cap) hat was ok to carry and actually kept your head warm when it was cold.. You just tucked it under your belt and forgot it was there. Today I don't go outside with one
  17. I'm more then sure it's been done. Rockets too.
  18. LOL, Call those tires and wheels Floats and they don't count on your 103 Weight limit. Eaaaaw?
  19. FB jail. LOL, I'm a Repeated Repeated Repeat OFFENDER. One of my ultra evil accounts ( The Other Me ) just got out from a 30 day stent.
  20. Why would a person want to live so long unable to eat MEAT ? My eyes or on the front of my head. Not the Sides like a Sheep. Just asking .
  21. They do that to lawn mowers here. 30 Seconds in and out. Don't even want the motors any more.
  22. What kind of PMI and Maintenance would this thing require. Or Be Prudent ? Pull the Heads for a Look see every 50 Hours ? Valves adjusted periodically ? Replace bearings every 500 hours ? Heck the Bearing would be just going Right at like 500 Hours. As Performance Indicates ? Not much I guess ?
  23. Dang Sir ! Your Da Man. What Next ? You going to give it some break in time on the stand ?
  24. Why so High of the Deck Dave ? Nice job on the wire harness.
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