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  1. Just role out your carpet , Bow five times a day to the East and all will be well. There is NO Constitution! There is No Concern for the people that use to make money in this country! Just Bankers, and the Tax man! You Own NOTHING! You Make NOTHING! You Can't even erect a OUT HOUSE with out there permission. So they Stopped you from Dredging! Don't Dreg! Just Hire a bunch of chines to do it for you! One Pan at a time. That would fly. They could form a UNION and file restraints on the Government claiming Prejudice.
  2. No Comment! My Wife saves my Bacon more the not. I'd pit her with any of you all for endurance!
  3. And if some one says it ok to dig some dirt on a claim , make darn sure it belongs to them!!! :yuk-yuk:
  4. Try a Henry Henry Poop Tube.
  5. I have heard that swallowing nuggets and panning poop is how the aboriginal folks in Australia did it. I gives new meaning to the term "poke" if you know what I mean. No chance of loosing it without knowing about it, and no chance of having it stolen. You dont always have to keep opening the "poke" to show off to your friend either. In case you havent already noticed I have harnessed the power of crap to my advantage in many areas. Here is one more helpful hint from the "Martha Stewart of Prospecting"... I was having trouble with folks disturbing my campsite while I was gone. Whenever I made a
  6. :baaasmiley: On a mining claim your on your propery. You can work it as log a weather permits.
  7. I didn't converse with the man one to one. I did gain tones of insight and info from his post. What to Hell is going on here? We've lost two Most Active members in a month . See Ya on the Hill when it's my turn , Pale Face . God Bless you and let the Good times Role, Sir. :shrug:
  8. We have that all over the place down here in New Mexico. You see Dozer scraps on a lot of hill sides. Someone had the money to look for suspected fault zones or minerals under the over burden. I've seen them circumvent the Whole hill at various levels.
  9. What a Hoot! Something like this would be cool. http://englishrussia.com/?p=1163
  10. Red Neck Ball Mill. A cheapo Cement Mixer.
  11. Next outing of more then a few folks, Set a trap! One camp off by it lonely and put a bird dog on it.
  12. I too have lost things from camp. Boat Motor. Chain Saw. Chairs. Theres no such place as out in the boonies any more. I don't get to far from camp any more. Sad, Sad, Sad times. :*&$*(:
  13. The Saudi and others are talking about dumping the $ in the Oil Trade. You Ain't seen nothing yet.
  14. The Saudi and others are talking about basing oil on other currencies. The dollar is going to take a crap. You ain't seen nothing yet. I wish I had some to hold about now.
  15. I keep finding my self looking for his latest post! :tisc-tisc:
  16. Sorta funny really. The Constitution was written in a 6th grade level of the English language. That was the Median to Upper level of the Populous at the time and they just can't under stand it. :coffeetime: :tisc-tisc:
  17. Don't worry about it! We will all be dead by the time they figure out what the Constitutions says. :coffeetime:
  18. Dang! He sent me a msg on friday or saturday. I'm going to miss him and his flames of sort. No more ON THE BORDER? Sorry to hear this Beth. Again, Nothing Words Said can help this one. God Bless. :tisc-tisc:
  19. Is it heavy? From what I see it looks like Blurked Aluminum? :coffeetime:
  20. Welcome to the Forum. Here is some stuff for you to check. http://meteorite-identification.com/streak.html
  21. I don't think it's hot enough. http://store.clarksonlab.com/fb1315m.aspx I just melt with a propane blower (Weed Burner) blowing into a box I built out of Gypsum sheet rock. http://heating-and-cooling.hardwarestore.c...aign=googlebase A Bone Crucible works most well. :coffeetime:
  22. Older Topos show Windmill, Homes, Prospect not offered on the GPS. You Do Know that Computers Lie, Right? :coffeetime:
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