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  1. Yes, Sir ! Strange chit can happen. The impossible is far from Impossible from time to time. Hell a Cockroach could survive a trip like that. LOL
  2. Hydrazine being way more then a simple volital , I'm quite sure any and all present on anything that came in was Vaporized in decent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrazine
  3. LOL, Yea Old Men tend to walk like that. I walk like my knee's are made of Egg shell some times. Things getting all CRunchy Like.
  4. Dang , they messed up your hair line, eeeea ? LOL Sure hope this get over soon.
  5. Yep, I think we bypassed Fall this year. Cooler running one day and in three days time trying to remember what we did with the little Box Heaters here. WTH ?
  6. Eaaaa !   I tested these batteries and quite pleased with they're performance.  The operating voltages run from 12.6 down to 8v or 2.0v per cell.   You can't let them go below that or they get pissed and start loosing Capacity levels .  Voltage stay good but they just would not last as long.   

    Question I'm asking is would your Coil and point produce a viable and safe operation of spark down to that level ? 8 Volts?   I'm thinking Yes sense your using good ol Points and coil system ? 

    Unlike all other Lithium Chemistry batteries these are all but a Direct replacement to Lead Acid batteries.  Can be recharged via regular battery charger.  You just can't leave them cooking as long. 

    Rated 8Ah capable of delivering some 100A until drained. 

    Your flight times would be under a Hour ? 

    C#    MFD         InV      ICur            mHh                   %
    1 /    160510      3.57v   / 925mA  /  7482  / 7440 / 93%
    2 /    160615      3.58v   / 951mA  /  7868  /   98%
    3 /    161031      3.58v  /  847mA  /  8112  /  101 %
    4 /    160730      3.53v  /  937mA  /  8239  /  102  %
    5 /    161031      3.55v  /  935mA  /  
    6  /   151119       3.55   / 931mA  /  7593   /   94%
    7 /    160806       3.55   / 915mA  /  8291  /    96%
    8 /    160806       3.59v / 900mA  /  8618  /  107 %
    9 /    161125       3.55v / 936mA  /  8422 /   105%
    7440+7868+8112+8239+8618 + 7593+8291+8422      averages 8072




    1. homefire


      8 Ah / 2 would be 4 hours of run.  Going with that you would never get below the 10V mark I think.  Let me do some testing .  I can run them down with a 3Amp load and see where da voltage is after like the 3rd hour.  Cool.   I need to do a Load test anyways.   


    2. Sonoran Dave

      Sonoran Dave

      Right on! Let me know how they they hold up :)

    3. homefire


      I have eight of them here to play with.  As soon as the guy comes up with another batch I'm ordering some more. 

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  7. You all are about three days late. IT"S COLD !
  8. Yep ! The 2/10ths mile road leading to my own home has seen that action. You drive home and a hour later attempt to drive out and find your self in a 3 or 4 ft rut of running water. BAD Ju Ju situation. In my younger (More Stupid) days, I attempted to drive thru some running water. Seemed to be only a foot or so deep. Hit it a bit too fast and engine crapped out. Cranking and cranking she would fire up. After a few minutes of this the back end of my DATSUN PU started swinging to the side of the road. Slapped that puppy in 1st gear let out the clutch and used the starter to pull me
  9. Most people never believe the flash flood stories until they see it happen in front of em.. Bone Dry one minute and under 3ft of water a minute or two later.
  10. Must admit Bob, I love home made Goat Cheese. About the only thing I miss about the wife's goats she use to keep. Dang things use to get up on top of the truck and leave little divot dimples all over the hood and Top.
  11. For you Non Military Back Ground folks ""SITREP" means Situation Report ! Report Follows: Rain. RAIN RAIN. Rain. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. It's Raining. Well sorta raining . Raining . Raining raining Rain. Rain. Rain Rain. darn RAIN.... End Report.
  12. Sounds like it would leave clean spots on a man. Not so sure I like that Idea.
  13. Yes, Arizona gets quite Ugly when you dare to play in they're domain.
  14. As a teen age kid I seen one one time and could have sworn it landed just on the north side of the Santa Catalina Mt of Tucson. Silhouetted the whole Mt Range. As it turned out people in Iowa seen the same thing to the North east of them. Visual Perspective does not work.
  15. LOL, We had more then a few Deputies like that here in Luna Country for a spell. In the end they were all being caught up with. Got too brazen and messed with the wrong people.
  16. Actually they make good pets. Just as good as a cat for keeping the mice at bay.
  17. I'm quite sure I experienced that HISS sound one event. Did not relate it to what I was seeing. And yes it was a Local type event not hundreds of miles distant.
  18. Morlock , it's my understanding the sounds they make are perceived as a Sonic Boom.
  19. Don't go there MAN ! It's a Addictive side line to say the least ! I started with a E-Bike battery Project and now have Three Projects in the works. Any and all cells capable of at least 1Ah are destine for a Power Wall. Modified Sign Wave inverters are dirt cheap and will run about anything I would ever want. Don't do so well on Inductive Loads (Cause Noise, Undue Ware ) but work. Actually Scrap Lap Top batteries are hard to find in these parts. I just buy the Over Stock Modem batteries with like new cells (Never Cycled) at a little more then a dollar a cell. Tes
  20. Well I ordered eight of these bad boys to play with. Going into a Emergency Battery Box capable of producing a multitude of voltages for various jobs. Anyways, going to incorporate Solar Charging provisions within my E-Battery Pack Build. All going into a plastic tool box . Plan is to end up with a Emergency Battery System capable of producing a multitude of voltages at hand. Small enough to stow in the truck for Camping or other needs. All voltages derived from Direct Battery or BUCK / BOOST converters and a small 120Vac Inverter. 5V Phone Charging and other do dads
  21. Hence I hold no bank account. Prepaid cards works for what I do. SURPRISE ! Yes you can do just fine without a Bank Account. Cashing second party check is a pain in the Rump but in the end they get cashed.
  22. Good Stuff Bob. What detector you running out yonder ? http://www.quanonline.com/military/military_reference/american/wwii_uniforms/usbuttons.html
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