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  1. We all know that gold does not decay or corrode. But Wet ground does help with the Halo effect in the ground. It may help with associated minerals carried with the gold., Iron, Copper what ever. With out a doubt it also helps the Iron, Salts and other none Target stuff show up. But over all I would rather hunt it.
  2. I think it will help you!
  3. Expert I Are Not, but that had to come from a pocket some place not do dang far away!! I'd head to what ever up hill there is and root around some. :innocent0009:
  4. As the Earth is spinning from West to East, Any object picked up in its path would then tend to fall on the west side of a geological up rise.
  5. This is from USAtoday! Supreme Court issues ruling on gun-control law Buzz up!Like this story? Share it with Yahoo! Buzz The Supreme Court just struck down one of the nation's strictest gun-control laws, according to reports from Capitol Hill. In a decision written by Justice Antonin Scalia, SCOTUSblog says the majority ruled that individuals have the right to own firearms, meaning that it was unconstitutional for local officials to prohibit the vast majority of Washington, D.C., residents from owning handguns. Stay tuned to On Deadline for more details from the decision. The folks at
  6. Well! That's It! I Gotta Move! :outtahere: homefire....that's my ex-wife from Papua New Guinea...almost didn't recognizer her with a bra on..... :Huh_anim]:
  7. Kinda like Porky Pine! They Go In A Whole Lot Easier then they come out!
  8. Yep the Comb is your Friend!!! I spent 13 years in the Tucson area as a kid. One time while out in the boonies, I got the Urge! Went out behind the hill and did my thing. Didn't take long to figure out I had a problem! I had a peace of Cholla stuck between my ankle and my hiney! Not Good! I had a freind driving a dirt bike that came out looking like that kid one time. It took us a hour getting out the most of it!. God was upset when he came up with that stuff.
  9. I've been out there a few times. Mostly just putzing around. Nasty stuff when the wind blows it up into your eyes! I always though it was Alkaline, not just salt. Not being a chemist, I don't know what Alkaline does to metals. I know it's the opposite of Acid and Jacks it up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playa If you use a house hold cleaner that contain a alkali on Aluminum you will watch it go away before your eyes! On Iron, Nickel it seems to be much less effect. I can not find any place on the net that if has a effect on Iron, Nickel compositions. Bottom Line! They May Be The
  10. Here you go: http://www.mine-engineer.com/mining/copperm.htm I believe the smelting process also produces sulfuric as a buy product. http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/phy...ml&edu=high
  11. Cool! Just don't put a Cross in a school or your in deep Doo Doo! Some Kids wanted to start a Bible Study Club during their Lunch Hours and it was Quashed!
  12. Cool Beans! Asper Geo Communicator, the whole shooting match is claimed by some outfit up in SantaFe! No one is going to get shot! Border Patrol are a pain out there though! Got chased by a P.O.ed Cow one time. Next I'm out there I'll root around some.
  13. Gold rides a Iron horse. Iron, Copper, Silver, Quartz all are deposited in the same fashions. If you find a combo of any two, your going to find some of another. http://geoinfo.nmt.edu/publications/openfi...75/459/LUNA.pdf
  14. I have been out to this area ton's of times. Mostly just rooting around and detecting around the old buildings. Littered with ton's of Prince Albert cans and junk. Have found some cool samples within the tailing of various goodies. Question Is,,, Has Any One found any gold out there? The whole are is claimed up as per Lode Claims but you can still surface hunt. There are few Patented claims that must be treated as Private Properties and all is well. Any and All Gold mentioned within the Reports came from Lode as composite or complex ore. Eddit: My attachment will not go. Anyone w
  15. One time in the Tucson area I got the urge! I got my left heal stuck to my buttock! I know how the little guy felt! You done Did Good Sir! When around that stuff be sure to carrie a hair comb with you at all times. Just get it between the stuff and you and pull like hell!
  16. Steam from the burning gas would add moister to the material. Still A dang good Idea.
  17. Cool! Warning Headed. Funny part is everything in the story was true. I've been in Deming since 1990. It's nice to see there are others around here. I really would like to go detecting, panning or what ever with someone from these parts. If you can't laugh at your self, then who can you laugh at?
  18. That's what happens when your unemployed too long!
  19. Hello Self! Hello me! Just what do you know about this stuff? Oh , You Know. Gold! Oh. How much gold have you found. Not much. Found a bunch of color , here and there. Up in P.A. New Mexico I got lucky and turned over the right Rock. Found 1/4 oz that day. How do you hunt gold? Just like the old timers I am, I go were gold has been found before. Any time I'm out in the hills, I take my pan and check the wash over yonder. Hell, One time I found this Red and White rock that I took a fancy too. Poked it in my pocket and took it home I did! Checked it out and it turned out to be Quartz
  20. What a Hoot! It's our Fault! Over the past few weeks, the number of stories in the press regarding the escalating violence in Mexico has dramatically increased. Now, hardly a day goes by when another story describing the atrocities committed by violent drug cartels cannot be found in an American newspaper or on a cable news channel. Gun owners need to pay attention to these stories, because the opponents of our Second Amendment rights are starting to use this situation as a pretext to push their gun ban agenda here in the United States. New Attorney General Eric Holder is the first Ad
  21. Only God can take away my Rights of Self Protection! :icon_mrgreen:
  22. One the claims , It will not tell you what they claimed as a mineral or Ore!
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