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  1. Yea but ask him About N.Y. Winters!
  2. Dang! At least you found something. 102 here in Deming today and I can't take that stuff any more. I'd have to set up some shade some how some way.
  3. LCD displays do in fact use magnetics to work. I don't think you will permanently damage one with a magnet. Do you think an LCD screen can be affected by a strong magnetic force? It seems Not! http://forums.dealnews.com/read.php?8,2676694,2676796 Will magnetism effect flash memory? Flash Drives are impervious to magnets. A Micro drive can be wiped out. I keep a magnet stuck on my key chain that has a flash dive on the key ring. I works every time I use it. I did not sandwich it between two Pull a Rabbet out of the Hat type magnets. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi..
  4. A Magnet will not effect your detector. Unless! If it has a analog meter it will tweak it. The Meter. There is nothing in your detector electronics that would be effected by a magnet. If you waved the magnet around it could induce currents in places that could produce a response but just placing one on the case or having one around would not hurt anything. Even a Stupendous Supper Duper Pull God out of the Sky Magnet will not have a effect unless it was in motion.
  5. Yep! Black Widow causes blood to coagulate and Hurts like hell. Recluse, your tissue just starts to rot away. If the tissue starts to turn Grey or Black get your hiney to a real doctor.
  6. Dang! You Done Did Good!!!! Most people wouldn't think about hitting the old Rocks like that. People just don't understand the river was up yonder at one time or the the other. :coffeetime: I've walked past more then a few old bed rock outcrops like that from time to time.
  7. LOL! Come Get It! :coffeetime: I remember as a kid I could scroung old dead car batteries and make 4 or 5 $ each out of them. Hell You have to pay people to take them away here.
  8. I have a white bucket full of tire weights and no one will take it. I have a block 30lbs of 60 Lead, 40 Tin soldier and no one will take it. They think it's the Toxin From Hell. While in Florida, I found 3 or 5 Lb of fishing weights some days. I sold them on the beach to fishermen 10 cents a once. At the stores it was 60. Sorta hard to sell it here in the Desert.
  9. Some people have a hard time understanding that little dotted line ...__...__ On the Map means something!
  10. Just what We Need! Some one else playing Brain Games?
  11. I too want to hear this one. I went to my local AC sheet metal fabricator. Had him bang me one up years ago from 18 gage. 8" by 48" clean trak first 6"... 3/4" riffles turned 45% toward the flow every 8" ..... 6 Riffles from start to end. Lined with Rubber Mat, and Indoor out door carpet.... 3/4 inch diamond lat on top of carpet...... Later I had a bevel throat put on the front of 10" 12" down to 8" I have never seen any thing better working. Total Cost..........$$35.00
  12. The photo is a bit Blurry on this end. Is that Quartz I see? If you powder one, hit it with a magnet. Any thing? Iron Oxides will not be attracted. Some quartz monzonite have gold so fine you will not see it.
  13. I'm Confused: I thought the game was to find the little ones? :coffeetime:
  14. Here is a few reviews on it for yea! http://metaldetectorreviews.net/detectors/...infiniumls.html
  15. Here are a few. I think most are VLF! http://metaldetectingworld.com/reviews_gol..._detector.shtml
  16. Why not do both? If you dump your gear your going to wish you hadn't. Why Minelab? With all the post about customer service, Over Pricing, My detector money would go some other place. Without a dought, Nuggets command higher then spot gold prices , but if you have some good small gold spots?????? Just me babbling!
  17. Back in the 70's I was in Tucson. In the back yard one night, my whole back yard lit up like some one was using a Arc Welder next door. I looked up to see the Catalina Mt's back lit by a fire ball . It looked to me that it went down behind the Mtn. I was sure it went down behind the Mtn. The next morning I read in the paper that people in Montana Seen the same thing. A huge fire ball going over the horizon! Sucker must have been Huge! :Huh_anim]:
  18. I posted that all venomous snakes in northern America have a blunt Tail. The Moccasin and Copper head have a pointed tail. :outtahere:
  19. I put a Vibrator made from a 12v motor with a pulley cut in half on my home made sluice hung from springs one time! Dose that Count? :Huh_anim]: It was loud as hell, Had to feed it like your grand son, but it got some color! :coffeetime: The Sands and Grit was a dancing. Had to set the angle of the dangle a bit more. :innocent0009:
  20. Better ware kackie pants over it! Some one is going to think you Escaped from Home Arrest! :innocent0009:
  21. Arizona in July? :tisc-tisc: Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot! Did I Say Hot? :tisc-tisc: Bring lots of shade making stuff and twice the water you think you would need. Wish I could go! :whoopie:
  22. I posted in the wrong place! Must be the USAF left over in me! :tisc-tisc: I'm here! Telecoms Weenie! Micro wave, HF radio , Modems, Multiplex and good ol Wire lines. 1979-1990 USAF RAF UXBRIDGE UK! PATRICK AFB FL! Hellenikon AB , Greece! SCOTT AFB IL! That one SUCKED!
  23. I had a Mojave latch on to the toe of my boot one time. Changed my shorts that day! I stepped on a rattler to cold to move one time. I thought I stepped on a cow flop and looked down to see it. Most Rattle snakes will lift their head and tail and back away from you! The Mojaves will come to see who is messing with it.!!!!! Mojaves have a mean streak!
  24. That was a Rattle Snake! The last thing you want is to experience Snake Bit. Check This Out! :innocent0009: http://www.rattlesnakebite.org/rattlesnakepics.htm A man here in Deming died a while back after being bitten on the thumb. Gopher Snake. NO HEAT PITS NOT A VIPER! Elongated Head!
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