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  1. Sounds good to me! Exercise them and check them out.
  2. You have places to hunt! http://detectingmaryland.net/State%20Park%...Park%20Regs.htm :coffeetime:
  3. Just goes to show you don't do crap without a Paper Trail! No more He says it ok stuff for me! :coffeetime: :Huh_anim]:
  4. Well! It seems I just got Educated! Thanks Bob. :innocent0009:
  5. OOOOOPs! PM Sent! Skeleton was kinda freaky!
  6. I don't know too many people that would offer to lone you a Demo dry washer, Put you on the dirt and say go at it! Bring it back when your done! To me, that's Good People! Dang, I have a spot open to me now that a had not before. We didn't have the time to try the dry washer all we did was grab some Dirt and scadadle home. Next time I'm there I'll dig a bit higher! Theres a good looking black steak just above were I was.
  7. Any one getting out to Hillsboro New Mexico has to stop in and talk to Jeff. He has a little out of the house shop just west of the the River. Sign on fence. He put me on gold dirt this weekend and is a most square man. Sells detectors, Dry Washers and some keen stuff. Yep! Seems like the real deal! I went to one of his locations and we found color in every bucket. Just color but Color. My digging was the only problems! Got hot by 10:00 and had to UndElay. Yep! Check Him Out if your in the Area! :coffeetime:
  8. Ammonia works good. Next bester is Hydrogen Peroxide.
  9. Dang! you sound like my path. I jumped out of the USAF, Got tangled with a Micro wave out fit that Tangled with a Fiber Optic out fit that was caught cheating on the books that got closed down. World Com.... Don't Put yer money on Level 3!!!! There next! Every since then I've be doing Mondane jobs and what ever it took. I'm not moving any more.
  10. Here is something for you to check out! http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/recreation...old-panning.php
  11. I'm not sure what its original use was or is. Carpet Padding? Cleans up good, Holds Gold Good. http://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/minersmoss.html
  12. Have you ever read this? Lots of cool info in here. Check and see what is around your area and pursue open ground. http://www.azcu.org/publicationsHistory1.php
  13. Ha! If you can get there, Someone has been there!
  14. Yea! Your Lucky to be able to drive across N.M. State lands! :coffeetime:
  15. What's the Permit Permit you to do? You don't need any permit to be on the land. Metal Detecting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metal detecting is a recreational activity that people do to find coins, jewelry, and precious metals. Metal detecting is allowed on BLM lands as long as no artifacts are removed. Artifacts should be left alone and reported to the appropriate Field Office. Avoid all cultural and archeological sites. The Metal Detecting enthusiast may remove some rocks (handful) from areas such as picnic areas, campground areas
  16. Just use a Battery charger rated for at least twice the amperage the pump pulls! :coffeetime:
  17. Chubacabre with the Gold Tooth! Ask him!
  18. I think Billy the Kid has three graves here in New Mexico!
  19. You just witnessed a COO DE Gras! Now you Don't and they Do! :Huh_anim]: :coffeetime:
  20. Does that effect the whole State?
  21. Cool! I can't think of why it wouldn't help.
  22. That was just the sheet metal work. I had to add the expanded steel and matting. Mine was smaller then this one but pretty much the same Idea. http://nevada-outback-gems.com/design_plan...hand_sluice.htm Here is some info for yea! http://www.goldgold.com/sluicing.html
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