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  1. Look at the Space Indian post I did. See how I am investigating it. This site has some good info! http://meteorite-identification.com/streak.html
  2. Here in New Mexico, It carries Gold! Lots of gold. I have a peace that is Shot full of gold.
  3. Any Quartz that is Iron stained, check it out twice or three times! There is a Old saying. Gold Rides a Iron Horse. This comes from Red Stained Quarts that was shot full of Wire, and spots of gold. Green is good too! Green is associated with copper and can carry Gold.
  4. Looks like a Brown colored BLACK Bear to me too! Notice the Seeds in the Poooooo? :coffeetime:
  5. Quartz Monzonite is a known Gold Carrier!! :coffeetime: http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=n...le&resnum=1
  6. All I have to say is darn!!!!! :tisc-tisc:
  7. What is the nature of the Goodies?
  8. It could come back! I lost stuff before in Isolated areas and it showed up! The people that frequent those areas tend to be good folks! :bowdown:
  9. GeoCommunicator is a start. Don't think it as Gospel. They enter wrong crap all the time. They may even show paper claims that are not Valid. You need to Determine if the area has other issues. It could be a protected area, Withdrawn Area, Have issues with Water Preservation and the story goes on. Bottom line would be to go to the County Recorders office Map marked out in hand and ask. http://www.geocommunicator.gov/blmMap/Map.jsp?MAP=MC
  10. Yep! You have to be sure the land is clear to hunt. If it is, I would hit the tailing's with a detector. They may have left some that was not visible. :coffeetime:
  11. Here is the History and the Future! :coffeetime:
  12. I had to restart my peace of junk to see the photos. Looks volcanic Basalt to me. :coffeetime:
  13. Looks like you deleted the photos on Photo bucket. Better use the Attatchment options on the bottom of the post.
  14. No Joke! I could go places between rocks, Skinny Edg road that the Heavy Armor could not. The only thing that could get past that one was a Old VW Baja set up , that could crawl up the trail and float on the sand. I can only guess you have never found sugar sand. 4 X 4 has nothing to do with it.
  15. A Unjust law to start with. No Bases of Reality and has been refuted twice I think. Prior studies found dredgers made the river better for the fish.
  16. All he was involved with was Photography. If you want his E-mail addy PM me. http://www.arizonahighways.com/static/inde...?contentID=1048
  17. Depends on what where and when! I had a old 1976 Datsun I put 15" tires on the back. As long as I could keep some weight on the back tires I could go places 4X4 could not go because they were to wide or heavy. They had the advantage in the mud or loose sand. Trouble now days is the Gearing they put in them. Nothing has the low gears any more.
  18. Well I guess Mine was a Exclusion! :coffeetime: Hey! My father is a Official Photographer out there at the Desert Museum. Cool place indeed.
  19. Dang! That's some good stuf there! :icon_mrgreen:
  20. It was a Coral snake. It was a Herpetologist from the U of A that told my mom who made me let it go. HA! I knew what I had and didn't care. Red to Yellow Round head. Coral Snake. Diet The favorite prey of the coral snake is primarily other reptiles and small lizards, amphibians like frogs and small mammals. It's cannibalistic and doesn't refrain from eating other coral snakes. Young birds and insects also belong to its daily diet.
  21. I had one of these guy for a while too! This little guy breaks the Red and Yellow Rule but is safe. Shovel Nosed Sand Snake..... http://phoenix.about.com/od/arizonapicture...a-Snakes-09.htm
  22. I had a Coral snake for a pet when I was a kid. Named it Charlie, I did. It would eat crickets from my fingers and never tried to bite.
  23. Boy! Glad it's not that hot here in Deming. Just 100 and 30% humidity You can't take a walk more the a few hundred yards and your toast.
  24. Are these Li Ion or some other type? You may be dealing with two different types . Important as to what type. Ni Cadium or Metal Hydride will be different. http://michaelbluejay.com/batteries/#oxyride
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