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  1. :yuk-yuk: What is Dangerous? You put a wire in both ends of mercury. Your just using Electrolysis to pull other elements out of the mercury.
  2. The Syringe thing is just a mechanical clean. The Battery is electrolysis cleaning out some of the Gick the Mercury picked up. It pulls out the Lead, Copper, and Yes Gold it picked up in the Previous life. EDDit: You could alway Retort it! Try it! After you hit it with the battery, it will be hungry for anything it can find.
  3. A horse Syringe with cotton in the end works for me. To make it hot on goodies, put it in a vial two wires on both end and hit it with 9 or 12V DC for 5 minutes! Use Copper wire as your contacts and let it be done. That cleans it up most well. Once done that stuff will grab any and all.
  4. I primarily Dry wash or use a Recirc Sluice. With the Temps at about 20 and winds and rain/snow around 20-40 MPH, you can come out here and look around. I would rather watch you all fight here on the forums!
  5. People forget that the little dotted line on the map means something, eaaaa?
  6. Yep! It is sorta funny the way some people are thinking you can just go out there and pick it off the ground. It seems they didn't hear about the part of Digging, Digging Digging and sampling finding the Flake or two and Digging some more. After a few days of fruitless Digging and Maybe a run in with the sheriff for being on someone else's claims they will figure out that it is work. Free Lunches Don't last long! They just Make problems for the folks that are in it for the long haul and Pizz off the Law and Tree Huggies.
  7. If you think your in a hot spot, I would at least use a Dust mask. I would get a meter and do some spot test before I dig. http://www.periodictable.com/Elements/092/index.html http://www.gammascout.com/
  8. Your Machine needs a Doctor! Sounds like a open coil wire to me. Try another coil?
  9. You May want to try these on your phone. None of it works on my Old LG Verizon phone but seems to work on other newer phones. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/cellphones.asp
  10. I aways ware boots and Jeans. I have had a Snake Lock on the toe of my boot and did the War Dance trying to get it off. For a while, I think I was swimming in air! :yuk-yuk: Yep! Shorts and Sneakers may look cool in town, but your not in town!
  11. Awe Ye Vultures! All you Key Board Commando's need a boat trip. After a few of you have the Tire Necklace thing and all your crap robbed from you, you will Figure out this is a scam. There's no more gold there then there is here. I find this post Political and Wish it removed. Political Correctness is a two way street! At best it's just another form of the E-mails I get from Africa and Spam! Did I Ever tell you about my Lost Uncle Gustav? He died in a train wreck just after filing the largest gold claim in south Africa. Was going to send me Millions she was! All I had to do was provide my ban
  12. Snake Bite is ugly! I seen a freinds hand taken from it. We just had a bone head die keeping one for a pet here not long ago. It just bit his Thumb. I've seen dogs die from hits in the head. Yep! Ugly stuf fur sure. I've stepped on snakes when it was cold and thought I stepped on a cow pie. Looked down and about Pooped my pants trying to get away. Snakes are bad if the wrong thing happens. Did I mention, They Taste Good Too? NO Not Like Chicken!
  13. When a Rattler strikes, they Clamp down on contact with what ever it is. If they hit your pant leg and Nash down on it they may not even penetrate you. Venom is a Prized commodity to snakes and they really would not rather wast it on you. Some bites could be dry bites. A old Cow Boy showed me this one day. When your going to shoot a snake, Discharge one round in the ground by your side. Don't bother trying to hit the snake. Now your barrel is warm. Hold it out toward the snake and it will track the barrel. from 4ft away you will not miss. They look right down the barrel. I've done in 4 times
  14. No Direct TV here. No Dish Net here. Hell, I'm lucky if I get any TV since they did the Digital Signal thing. If the wind blows, Rain, Snow, I loose all signals. What a hoot. Looking for a outlet on the net that will cast it. :*&$*(:
  15. The only place I've came across Mercury was up in Pinos Altos . I actually got a rolling bead of it in the pan one time. Most came as coated gold. That section of Bear Creak is only seasonal water. I myself am not afraid of Mercury sense I have a mouth full of the stuff sense age 11. I've used it for gold before and Retort it in a safe manner but I have seen people get stupid with it. It just cracks me up how Some folks think it's the scourge of the earth and at the same time they want you to use CFL bulbs in you home and how many Million are going to end up in the land fills. How many have
  16. Good Point! I bet most of it after all this time is clinging to something some place.
  17. Good God! If you folks in Californicated spent as much time writing to your representatives as you do on this Forum, You may not have this problem. Key Board Commando's Crack Me Up! :baaasmiley: :baaasmiley:
  18. You will be lucky if they don't double the tax to make up for the lower tax base.
  19. Hoping you all Stay Safe and Warm. I woke up to this yesterday.
  20. I live just on the Mimbres River. I Drink it. I bath in it. I have 20-30 ft of sand my house sits on and came from the Black Rang or other parts that have to hold gold in it. I'm going to set up a sluice and see what it has to say. Someone Some Place if they find out will have something to say about it.I
  21. Google Earth gets me the Lat/Long. LR2000 tells me if it's open. My Decrepit Magellan will get me there. Driving or on foot.
  22. There is other options. People PC was good at $10.00 a month. They had a built in excellerator. First few months was half the price. Might try looking there. http://www.peoplepc.com/newsignup/pages/Landing.aspx?offercode=CONNECT4LESS
  23. Dont give up so fast! Try loading this. http://www.internetspeedkit.com/download.php
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