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  1. LOL! I don't buy any fish from the stores. What you Catch here in New Mexico is bad enough! http://www.nmenv.state.nm.us/swqb/advisories/
  2. In Arizona, they take the vehicle to a mechanic have them lean out the carb or mix to the point it will just run. Go get the test then back to the mechanic to have it put back the way it was.
  3. What will the Carbon tax be on say a can of Coke or a Beer?
  4. Here in New Mexico, a dog is just listed as property. Dog owners know better. They become and are Family members. It cracks me up, people who have never had one or should tell every one Crap like that. It hurts loosing a dog. It hurts Real Bad loosing one that you have had for say 10 or 15 years.
  5. God, I hate long post, hard to read. Must be my 3rd grade education, Eaaaa!
  6. Google Earth seems to run about 2 years behind in most spots around here.
  7. Ok! If I sell 1000.00 in gold, I have not made 1000.00 in capital gains. How do I Adjust the amount? This is BS!!!!!!!
  8. What a Hoot! Gotta pass that one on a few places if you don't mind.
  9. Here Terry! This is more your speed!
  10. In all Reality, I could give a crap about snakes. They are the least of my worries. It's the Two legged ones that I need defense of. I have never but once got close to a Viper with out knowing or being told. One time I found this Cool Snake by a power pole and picked it up. It was Black with Yellow bands over the back. Just as I was standing up, I noticed it had two buttons on the butt end. I just dropped it. Looked it up later at home and found it was a Banded Rock Rattler that only lives in two mtn ranges here in New Mexico and Mexico. It was a bit cool out and maybe why it was docile. It ma
  11. LOL! You all have this so wrong. Here is what you Need. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUe4NWiOq5A
  12. LOL! Gold is a Noble Metal. You can not get it hot enough to change states as in to another element. It may Ionize and Find a new home but Gold It stays! Gold it is. Gold Does Not Oxidize. Convert to any other elements. This is why Gold is Gold. It's said that all gold found on earth originated in the Big Bang. I don't know for sure but I do Know that no one has figured out how to synthesize the stuff or make it from scratch.
  13. I'm Confused! As you Read the Law, all it does is reiterate Current Federal Laws. How is that Unconstitutional? Basically they enacted a Law to Enact the Law?
  14. Was that OZ Gold or GOLD and Mercury? You lost it because you cooked that tater to long. It's in the bottom of the camp fire ash some place. Please tell me you was well up wind of the project! There are a lot of safer ways to do that! Retort is the best, Recovers the Merc and cleans the gold. Nitric Acid works too but is getting hard to obtain.
  15. Ahhhhh! But you have tones of Corn Fields and Cows! LOL!
  16. Any thing south of HY - 9 has been that way in New Mexico for years. You would be stopped three and four time a hour by the BP! http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/recreation/hunting/unitmaps/2006/gmu25.pdf
  17. There Shysters! Every place they go they leave a trail of Bouncing Checks and more. They did the same thing here in Deming New Mexico. Unpaid Bills, Bounced Checks, Low payments on Gold and More. The Plague I say, Stay Away!
  18. .22 Snake shot is about worthless unless you put it right on there head. A Old Cowboy showed me this and it works! When you come across a Rattler, Shoot one round to your side. Point the Now Warm barrel at the snakes Head and it will align it's self for a sure Head Shot Every Time. Being Pit Vipers, they see this Heat Sorce as the Threat! Done this 6 or 8 times and have never needed a second shot at the Snake. This is not a Wives Tail, It Works!!!!
  19. Clean up any time you see black sand over running your riffles! I let it get over the first three! Or fore! Your going to find the fine gold in the first two.
  20. Some more cool info for you! http://www.prospectorsparadise.com/html/black_sand.html
  21. Yep! If there is gold in the area, that's the place you will find it. I've spent many of hours on my hands and knees, Hell laying down with a paint brush, wire picks and other kitchen items cleaning out the cracks. One guy called me BONKERS until I panned out the takes. I did better then he did in the same time with a sluice, busting his butt.
  22. What a Hoot! At least half of the Saturday Cartoons here are in Spanish. Living along the Boarder Most jobs require Spanish! I have a rudimentary vocabulary of Spanish and Just know enough to be dangerous. I would truly love to be bilingual. I am trying to thus day to meet that! At 52 My Gray matter is Rejecting the Challenge. At one time I had a working knowledge of Arabic, Greek ! I'm having problems with the Notes being brought home by my Nine year old son in Spanish from school. It seems they don't remember who speaks Spanish and those who don't! Last time I remember, the Constitution was
  23. Some folks just don't realize it's WAR!
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