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  1. This cracks me up! Like the Minimum Wage, As it goes up you loose buying power from all ends. Say you was making $12.00 a hour and they jump the minimum to $9.00, you don't get a raise to Commiserate the difference, You just was dumped on and took a loss of funds. If the wage goes up, you need to charge more for the goods you produce to meet that cost. It's all a Scam. I remember Gas at 15 Cents and I had a job paying $1.40 a hour. I was better off back then. A loaf of bread was something like 10 cents. Now you have to pay $2.00 for anything edible? The Dollar is Diving and No one seems
  2. Being Electronics you may not want to put it directly on the shaker. You can obtain them other places, Hell local automotive shop may have them for sale. It's just a Hour clock for Engines and stuff.
  3. Here is what your looking for! http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/wwg/search.shtml?searchQuery=eingin+hour+chronomiter&op=search&Ntt=eingin+hour+chronomiter&N=0&sst=subset This one would work! http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/ENM-Hour-Meter-2PAR7?Pid=search
  4. I did not know the man but My Condolences to the family and I hope he finds the Right Hill Up Stairs! Homefire.
  5. Dang! Did you Wet pan that test run? I would be tickled Pink to find that in a hour. At curret prices that is a PAY HOLE!
  6. You Boil the Tar out of it and Never dump them out. Just keep adding coffee! Filter them with your mustache.
  7. I use one somewhat like this but only paid $10.00 or so at the Flea market. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?type=product&id=0080926943910a&cmCat=netcon&cm_ven=netcon&cm_cat=Google&cm_pla=Game%20vest&cm_ite=netcon&rid=2146251080
  8. Every Kid should have a memory like that. To bad there getting harder and harder to achieve. Not too long from now, the kids are only going to see what was and dream about it. Get it while you can Kids!
  9. This week you don't want to be detecting along the Rio Grand around El-Pa so. Bullets are hitting the Uni Buildings flying across the river. Seems the Bad and the Badder boys are at war. Bullets are coming down any place around 1 to 2 miles from the River Cars have been hit, houses, buildings. No reports of People yet. No More old Parks for me! Seems there was a few Heads found down in Polomos, 30 miles from here in a local park by a Priest. There are more people killed within 100 mile from here then the Afghan, Quate war.. People are spilling into the US trying to get away from the War. These
  10. You may see a little MT 80 miles from were you are. At one time it may have been 50,000 ft! Developed gold, and over the millions of years they got washed out to what you see as plains. Like Benches, and Stuff, It was a long time ago. The best of the Australian gold fields are flat lands. It the gold did not grow like Mushrooms!
  11. Yep! Color says it all. Red rocks, Green rocks, Quartz, Schist, Black sands all tell the tale. Walk the washes and see what is to be seen.
  12. It's not your imagination! Once Good serviceable Forest roads here in New Mexico have been eroding away. Hell some still carry the Forest Road Signs and you can barely tell there was a road there at one time. They just let the country reclaim the roads and is the end of them.
  13. There talking about putting a Solar array here just north of Deming. I for one would love to have a job out there. Hell I'll cut the grass or keep the cows from scratching there back on the poles. We Need Jobs around here. Not much work for 53 year old White, None Spanish speaking bone heads around here. Especially the ones that have 20 years experience in Telecommunications.
  14. I would align with the Birdie folks. If they are shut out too, they have money and more power then you would think.
  15. Go back and look at old topo maps. If it shows up you my be able to call it a cherry stem road. OLD USE. He would have to honor the use.
  16. This Post is Political, Delete it!!!!
  17. This Post is Political, Delete it!!!!!
  18. Only 30 people killed in Juarez this week end! Things are looking up , Eaaaa?
  19. What a bunch of crap! This just shows how this bunch will force there hand on any agenda they want. This was pushed in a bill having NOTHING to do with Taxes. All it's going to do is put undue burden on small businesses and Force people selling small quantities of gold to treat there End of Year Taxes as they are a Business. Just because you sell $600.00 in gold does not mean you made $600.00... I predict a widespread underground economy being born.
  20. Cool Beans! Bummer on the 1906 thing!
  21. Bob's not joking about the law enforcement here in New Mexico. They Will HURT YOU!
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