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  1. Yea the LED are good these days but not as good as the old bulbs. Didn't think about filters. I'll have a look see what's out there. The Near UV around 400nM is not as hot on some minerals but still useful and CHEAP ! People think LED are power savers but in fact what they don't need in Voltage the SUCK YOU DRY in current to produce any real amount of light.
  2. Yep, if you want Pets that pay you for your kindness with Eggs, Barred Rocks are cool birds. I've had them lay eggs in you hand when you was handling them. I had a Chines Banty that would meet me at the truck everyday I came home . Fly up on my shoulder and tell me all about his day. I had no flipping Idea what he was on about but he sure was determined to tell me all about it. LOL Moe Moe was his name. Guess the Coyotes got em. How Sad.
  3. Spruce ? I didn't realize your wings would be Wood. Some how in my head I had them as Aluminum Strut with Ribs.
  4. Yep! They Especially like the Little ones. LOL
  5. Cool. Toys like that are hard to find any more. How much current does it need ? A few 18650 Li Ion would be a pile lighter then a gell cell.
  6. The UV C are available . http://luxreview.com/article/2017/09/how-effective-are-uvc-leds- https://www.ebay.com/itm/265nm-UVC-led-Chips-Deep-UV-LED-275nm-Ultraviolet-Emitting-Diode-UVB-310nm-20mA/201832362928?hash=item2efe2573b0:m:mBnbDOOfOPuG6LdjnjOJCVg
  7. Not seen any short wave UV but Long Wave are available. https://www.amazon.com/world-365nm-Ultraviolet-Light-Power/dp/B00MTHTWN8
  8. Shipping on that thing is more then the thing is worth. Dang ! Yep, there are issues trying to ship Li Ion Batteries.
  9. LOL, We just got our power back a half hour ago. I did the usual , Checked all breakers in and out of house. Meter not Turning. NO CURRENT DRAW. We have two breakers on the pole box with the meter. One for the House and Other the Well. Both Dead. Lost power and I called to report a outage. The kind lady on the other end of the phone informed me "" We Have No Outages In that Area at this time!"" I informed her YOU DO NOW ! LOL Went to town for auto parts and received a call from some guy with PNM. He again stated there were no outages in the area and It must be in house my end. I informed him of my above actions and again said "" You Have a Outage Now !"" Then he says, "" Are you sure ? I have to call someone out from home being a Sunday!?? Again I inform him of the above actions and said , "" Ah Ell just put it off until Monday. We can do without the Cooler and Water to the house that long !"" The line went quiet . He said you will have power back by 11:00AM. and hung up. 30 minutes later we had power and no one ever came to the house. I guess they found the outage they didn't have down the road some place? LOL
  10. Nope. Bone heads didn't even leave a Note. Only reason I knew they did it was the little gray security tab they seal the meter with was changed out with a red one. LOL
  11. Yep, getting sorta hot here too. And were like 15 degree cooler then you all.
  12. Eaaa. PNM turned off our Power today ! WTH ? We paid them two months ago ! LOL Butt Nuggets charged us another $130.00 on top of what we owed to turn it back on. Sheeeeeeeeese ! Guess I need to be paying a bit more attention to their bills from time to time. Yea, I need a job like that. Driving around all day cutting power to folks. Just have your partner diving a hour behind you turning em back on after the Extortion is paid. LOL I really need to get my dogs to not like that guy !
  13. manganese Nodule https://wgnhs.uwex.edu/minerals/todorokite/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0169136814003679
  14. Well I'm in SHoCK ! Shock I Tell Ya ! SHoCK! Years ago our Walmart removed all the Guns from our store. Yea they still sold ammo and trinkets but NO GUNS ! Yesterday I noticed they were Remodeling the store. Ripping up flooring and Big Time Fixing Up Chit. Needed some car stuff so I made a pit stop in the sporting goods section. WELL I'll Be A Cross Eyed Bull Frog ! As part of the Remodel THEY BROUGHT BACK THE GUNS ! No Hand Guns , but a fair selection of long guns and shot guns. Is Our Country Waking UP ?
  15. Found this video interesting. This guy Cody does all sorts of interesting stuff. Yes You can Cold Weld Gold.
  16. LOL, I bet after a days work on the thing you could sleep anyplace they could hang you on the wall by your shirt collar !
  17. Yep, Mr No Shoulders is Faster then the hand for sure. Use to make fair money catching them for the U of A. $20.00 each back in the 70's was good money.
  18. That sounds like about as much fun as snake bite. Hope all clears up here soon.
  19. I don't class 35 Cents , 9 hair pins and two pull tabs as finds to post. It would cost me that much to take a photo and send it to the computer via phone to post. Yea, Non Event.
  20. What is wrong with this photo ? THIS IS NOT MY GMT ! That is what's wrong ? I'm in a Tot Lot and NOT on Gold !
  21. Sounds like you could use a blind or Hide. Build a one sided PVC frame and hang a tarp over it. Paint the Tarp in CAMO Scheme to somewhat match the area. All you need to do is do away with the silhouette of the vehicle.
  22. Yep, an NIJA outfits. Ya never see em until it's toooooooo late.
  23. Never been a issue for me here. Stupid Rabbits and Squirrels are the Enemies here.
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