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  1. Not too fare off Subject but does it get up your nose when the Fish and Game guy ask you to produce your fishing license Four times on a single week end ? Man that one Steams me. The third time he ask I ask him if he wanted a 5 x 7 glossy photo of me stapled with a Photo Copy of it !!!!!
  2. I figured out what it was all about when they ordered the Killing of Barred Owls to make room for a hand full of Spotted Owls. I think One of the two Owls are a sub species of the other : https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/07/140717-spotted-owls-barred-shooting-logging-endangered-species-science/
  3. There's a number of ways that could be accomplished. The hard bit is the stenciling.
  4. Sounds like somewhat of a Sanctuary of the Right kind. Your the only one that knows your own situation, Eaa? Fight the Fight and Fight it Right , Sir.
  5. If it was anything like your dealing with Yes I would leave. Some times there is no dishonor leaving a location over run by the enemy. The battle can be fought from a safer location.
  6. I really don't understand why or how people live in such a Restrictive Communistic State. I would have vacated 30 years ago and back then it was no place near as bad as it is now. The Crappy thing about some people that do vacate is the first thing they do in their new State of Residence is try to Morph it into the same crap the departed. Tucson is a Good example of that. I could never live in the Infested confines it's become. People living there today have no idea what a fine place it was back in the 70's.
  7. Time for that Vodka I stashed in the Co2 Scrubbers, I think !
  8. The Golden Rule. ""FOLLOW THE MONEY"" ..
  9. Yep, Just need to get it to the Cherry Red Hot stage. Hell you could do that with Char Coal.
  10. The Better News is it does have historic use for Arthritis and It works for me. LOL
  11. Sorry as it is, there is simply no way to be 100% safe when involved in E Commerce. No matter how many protections outfits like E Bay set in place the Thieves find a niche in the armor.
  12. Well this grows on our property. https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2015/07/12/devils-claw-provides-food-fiber-and-medicine/
  13. Dave, Easy Stuff. You simply wire one wire to the neg. Next wire to the first cells Pos, Next wire to the Next cells Pos Next wire to the Next cells Pos. Until all cells are wired. Two wires from the BMS (Battery Management System ) are used for the Load. Two for the Charging.
  14. Use one of these. Keeps the cells Balanced and you would be able to use a regular automotive battery charger. Sorry this one is limited to 100Amps continuous. LOL I found a source in China quoted me a price of $12.80 a cell. Nexxed that Idea when figured out the shipping would be $96.00 LOL https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-14-8V-4S-100A-BMS-PCB-PCM-for-LiFePO4-18650-26650-LIPO-Battery-with-BALANCE/322462151426?hash=item4b143df302%3Ag%3AwsMAAOSwzXxaE~jA&_sacat=0&_nkw=4s+LIFEPO4++BATTERy+charger&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  15. Don't know what to say there Bob ! It works for me. Placebo Effect ? LOL
  16. Bob, I have more then a Endless Supply of the stuff. Come winter when the plants are all dried up and gone I know exactly where to dig if my stocks are down. Don't know about the store bought stuff. Just what's at hand. I started with maybe a gram. Some suggestions state 1 to 9 grams. Based on what I read. Worked a bit. Upped it to two or three grams and It works for me. I wouldn't know what works for someone else. Guess they would have to try it like I did. .
  17. Even with those limitations it sure would be interesting to run it over some mine walls.
  18. It sure can happen. That's why the Creator Invented FUSES, eaa? LOL This bike is 1000W @ 48v. 1000W / 48V = 20.83 Amps. 5 * 5 amps could do 25 Amps at best. Under Dirres the motor should only ask for 20.8 Amps.That would only be the case if you stuck it on Full Power . Most power requirements would be well under the rated 3750mAh of each individual cell. The batteries are capable of over 20 Amps each . All individual cells are getting fused at 5 Amps each. If one should go Short (Never Heard of it Happening! ) it can not take the whole pack with it. Going with 5, 18650 in pa
  19. All I can think of was they lowered both tail gates and just shoved the dang thing onto another truck. Worst thing is I purposely parked where I could see it and miss it happening.
  20. LOL, No One going to just walk away with that one. But that's what I thought about my Stack On Role Around Tool crib too. It walked off the bed of my truck some place when I was at Denny's one morning. Lost like $3000 in power tools and crap.
  21. Working on some batteries for a E-Bike Project. Well I got sorta tired of testing batteries one at a time. Purchased a LiitoKala Lii-500 4 hole. This puppy set in the Nor Test does it all. Charges battery to max at 250, 500 ,750 or 1000 mAh. Follows with a Discharge to the 3.00V Limit recording Amp Hours. I can set for 250 or 500mAh. Recharges the battery to the 4.20V top them off and Reports the Numbers. Amp Hours , Voltage and even the Internal Battery Resistance. Trying to order another box of 100 but the guy is out for a while. Dang ! I REALLY Want some of these p
  22. We have Butt Loads of Devils Claw growing on our property. After trying it I don't buy Ibuprofen any more. Seems to work on about any and all aches and pains for me. I had surgery on my Clavicle back in the 80's and something seems to have come unglued. LOL My knee's and Hips give me stick all the time. I just make a tea with a few grams or even just chew it up and swallow. Taste Good to me. I use the large root just under the plant. Eaaaa Free Meds.
  23. Any Synthetic clothing is not such a good Idea. LOL I was with a guy shooting some BP pistols way back when. He walked by me and the Back of his cotton shirt was Spooging Smoke and had burned about a 4 inch hole in it. He had no Idea he was on fire.
  24. LOL, don't think they would be so practical. Pretty much only scans the surface. Sure would be interesting playing around looking at some tailing or even the walls of a old mine.
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