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  1. In all my years of detecting, NEVER FOUND ONE. Ever. Emmmmm
  2. Bob if you used the Lupe like I said ya would have seen it. Eaaaa?
  3. Bob, I know about a lot of Chit ! I know More chit about some chit then the other chit. Ell I know more chit about chit then most people in the country but even I know I don't know all the Chit about chit. I never heard of this chit and claim Ignorance on the chit. But all that being said Now I can add this chit to the list of chit that I know a bit of chit about ! Thank You People !
  4. Wonder what other Useful Properties it has and CAN WE MAKE IT ?
  5. I need MORE BATTERIES ! LOL 99 LG 2600 Tested, working on the 100 SamSung. This is the makings of a 12,000mAh and two 10,000 mAh E-Bike Batteries. I really want a 20Ah battery for everyday use.
  6. I knew this guy back when who had all fashions of Body Piercing and crap. One of his favorite sayings was "" Pain is just a Excess of Pleasure!"" Last I heard about him was he got Dead from Unknown causes. Still wonder what happened.
  7. ??? No Idea. How to ell did I know it was going on in my Dream ? How did I know what it was ? At some point in my sleep I must have seen it. The crazy things can kill Birds and Mice. There are some video's on Youtube of them doing it and Eating the dang things.
  8. Well he sure as Ell wouldn't have done it if he talked to me first. LOL I don't know . The guy is sorta Bonker, eaa?
  9. Dave No real healing to be done other then the bite site scabbing a bit. Only thing that worked for the Pain was a 5gl bucket of Ice Water and salt. My hand stayed in the bucket most of the day. Ibuprofen helped with the puffy bit. LOL, Our Med Station was like 4 blocks away. They gave me a shot of Benadryl for the Swelling. Hand was still hurting most well when I was able to get to sleep like 10 hours later. Them little Beast pack a punch. Hanging on the stupid thing I had Puncture marks all around my thumb and finger. My bet is it ran low on venom after the first few bits !
  10. My buddy Buddy Bristol in Tucson Died of Rabie's after being chewed on in his sleep by a Rabid Skunk. That ended my days of sleeping on the Ground. That was way back in the early 70's !
  11. Dang I Hate those things. While Stationed in Greece I was having a Dream I was being Bit by one. I woke up with my hand on FIRE ! Looked down and sure as crap I had 7 inch one grasped in my hand. My hand looked all swollen up and Fire Engine Red. No flipping Ideas how long I was holding it or even how it got in the water bed with me. Even the Legs on them things can hurt ya . Every place they walk on you leaves a Welt.
  12. This guy Beck does crazy stuff with the Valveless versions.
  13. LOL, They just Spooge with a ball of flames and go out. Seen it happen. Usually they start to bulge to the point they go out of tune and sputter out. Only the Combustion Chamber gets that hot. When flying they seldom ever get to RED hot. . I have two Chines Valveless type here I use to play with. a 3 lb and a 12lb thrust. There a Hoot. Sound sorta like a Shot Gun going off 180 times a second. You can even get them to run on used motor oil once there up to temp. The the 12lb is just like this one . http://jetzilla.com/jetZilla.html The little one is a Thermo Jet like t
  14. Yep, the guy doesn't seem to have any money issues, eaaa? You could just go Old School Dave !
  15. Eaaa Bill ! Do you get ZOMBEE"S ! Just seen they may be here in New Mexico now. https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/zombees-may-be-in-new-mexico/5012687/
  16. Hammocks are NON CONDUCIVE with my Dead Bug Sleeping Style.
  17. Good Stuff. Here it's the stupid wind. Most of the Rain is a Northern Miss.
  18. Well this should finish up my battery buys for a spell. Ordered 100 SamSung 2600mAh this time. These have already been removed from the Modem Battery packs and tested. Suppose to all be above 90% capacity. Still testing the pile I had but there not giving me as many 2500mAh cells that I want to use. All others are falling in the 2400mAh range . That can work just need to make the packs 6P making the battery pack a bit larger. . Going to build 10,000 mAh battery packs using 5P x 3S x 4 cell pack 60 cells in all . 48V 10Amp ... Will try to do the same with the SamSung. What
  19. Ant Grenades : Mix two oz of Chlordane Powder ( No Longer obtainable, Known in the State of California to do the normal evil stuff ) with one oz of smokeless Powder works. Dump it down the Ant Mound. Fuse cover with a brick. Ignite and Vacate. The burning powder Gasifies the Chlordane and forces it down into the mound. You will see smoke coming up out of the dirt for 10 or more feet from your source. Never had them come back.
  20. LOL, Some guy was blurking Aluminum in his yard. Some Az. Bull ants got up his pant leg. Revenge is Mine said errr Someone. Ant Ant Casting was born ? I seen one video of them using something to cast Fire Ant mounds and the dang things went down Yards never mind ft.
  21. Is that the Mother Ship just to the Left ?
  22. That route ran just a few miles north of me here in N.M. Most of the lands out yonder were sketchy at best. Made for some worrisome travel to any passengers is my bet.
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