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  1. I would think it's a bear trying to keep every symmetrically EXACTLY the same. Even a half a thousandths can do strange things in a Combustion chamber. Dang Dave ! Yea was spitting out words way above my pay grade. I had to look em up ! """ Posted by T.O.O. on June 21, 1998 at 12:05:53: In Reply to: What is "quench"? What is a "quench area" Why is it good? n/m posted by body on June 21, 1998 at 10:09:42: Quench, or squish area is typically the flat area on the top of the piston that's almost level with the top of the block deck. It must have a corresponding flat area on the deck surface of the head to qualify as quench. If you look at a combustion chamber, you will usually see these flat areas, and they will have the volume of the actual combustion chamber between them. When the piston is compressing the mixture, as the piston nears the head, the flat areas on the head and piston come together and force the mixture from those areas to "squish" into the chamber, where the spark plug and burning mixture reside, so you achieve a more complete burn. The quench area also runs cooler than the rest of the chamber / piston. These lower temperatures are where the "quench" comes from. When properly designed, the quench areas can have a tremendous effect on the quality of combustion, and allow higher compression ratios, and due to this they are considered "artificial octane" by scientific types. Bottom line is "properly designed, quench is good". .......................................T.O.O. ....................................... ps. As it is like (more octane), and promotes a better burn, why do the turbo people do away with it?? Go figure. """
  2. Your doing stuff here I never would have even imagined ever possible Dave. No Clues Aluminum could be worked like this. Yep, all the stuff like the oil passages and what not can be addressed here and now. All that little extra details Could be the difference between Staying in the air or forcing down some place in the rocks. By Dang your going to know every nook and cranny on this engine for sure. Cool Beans Sir!
  3. Yea, that map is my go too when I'm trying to figure out why I'm freezing my butt off here. Every time is seems to be Arctic Swirls coming down via Colorado and swinging back down through Texas from the East. LOL Yea Mesmerizing it is. Catch my self gooooing out on it for way longer then needed.
  4. Seriously IMPRESSED on your abilities there Dave. You seem to have a knack at coming up with a way to do the impossible with Nothing to Work With. You must have had some form of Military service behind ya ??? ?
  5. The world of Single board computers has gone Crazy . My first ""COMPUTER"" was a ZX80 followed by a ZX81. Thought I was TOP DOG when I upgraded to 16K of Ram. Now days a lowly Arduino seems to Eclipse all that. Even the ZX81 had more computer power then got us to the moon, these new single board computers are CRAZY ! There really doen't seem to be a end to this stuff today, eaaa? The EFS Flight toy I was working on for Dave proved to be well above my feeble programing skills. I currently have a friend in Serbia of all places working on the project. If ever complete Dave's creation is going to have the dribbles and Contents of a International Consortium of efforts , parts and doings. LOL WELL more computer then ever got man to the moon the fist time. That system is quite interesting and I will follow up checking it out for sure. My next toy is going to be a Raspberry Pi Zero W I think. $10.00 and does way more then I need right now. Check this chit out ? INSANE I tell ya ! I copied and saved all those links you provided to investigate in a while. Thank you Sir !
  6. Better chance of MINE LAB fixin the thing if it craps out. Ok, the Mother Ship must be back again. It's Snowing here in Southern N.M.
  7. I'm clueless on that question. Modding a New Machine ? Emmmmm Bad Ju Ju
  8. Actually you can get them to quiet right up. If Bike Berry Sells it , you can get it for half the price on E-Bay ..
  9. There would be no life without a VLF in my life. PI's are super duper but not a Do ALL. Selling both VLF off would be a mistake Sir !
  10. ""Oh and P.S. - I may have some ideas for Homefire around the Arduino stuff if he is interested?? "" Homefire Is always open and available when it comes to Brain Food. ** The Idea of the two apposed cylinders versus the Inline is both Esthetics and Machismo. The Firing order and Piston Positions come to play. Would be like trying to ride a Three Hump Camel. The third Hump under your butt.
  11. Wind: Well Any one out braving this junk ? Stupid wind ripped a sheet of siding off my mobile home the other day. That's cool, I had $35.00 burning a hole in my pocket. Just needed to drive 50 miles each way to pick up a couple of sheets. Funny enough it was nice and calm winds on the drive . LOL As long as you was driving WITH the WINDS ! Dang stuff went up again. $28.00 a sheet now. Eaaa Dave, Good time to test your wings. No Engine Required. Just Tether the plane to your Go Cart and Up Up and Away, eaaaa? Weather Liars say the wind was hitting 28MPH. My little hand held Anemometer said 58MPH ... Since I was taking the reading Leaning about 45 Degrees into the wind I have faith in those reading. Dang Weather Peoples. LIE LIE LIE. Well here I am Cold as Ell again. Yesterday I could have the front door open for a bit. Watching the Quail Eat. Every time the darn wind comes from the East it's flipping cold here. Hope the Caravan folks are as cold as I am. My Wind Turbine Generator would have been Tested to the MAX if had if finished and up in the air. Click on the Link for a Cool Active Wind Map. Click your location to zoom in. Kinda Mesmerizing it is. http://hint.fm/wind/
  12. RATS ! I've lost a number of items to the beast thinking I had stuff in a secure location. Little Vermin love the high dollars crap and never touch the junk.
  13. Never used that machine but it's a fact that if you crank up the Gain your cranking up the noise too. Just saying.
  14. WoW it was hooting here to Bob but not like that. Was thinking the roads would be closing but it stopped as fast as it started.
  15. Not Sure I understand What your saying here ? Coil ? Coil for ? BT ? GB 2 ? Gold Bug 2 ?
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