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  1. There's a good article in the Dec 2007 issue of ICMJ on Small- Scale Mining With a Dozer and Metal Detectors by Chris Ralph. Seem three or four guy pooled their funds and set up a operation. They were on patented property so it made things easier as far as PoO and such. It can't be imposable to get something going ,may not be a walk in the park but hay.
  2. Steve the Blue forest is a fascinating dig I highly recommend it. You can expect to dig deep 3-4 feet for the prized wood but there are plenty of holes others have left, they have already done a lot of the digging for you. And to see the heard of wild horses is way cool. The soil is not hard to dig in. TG
  3. Thanks guys for the feed back on my web site!! Slate creek was a great place to cut my teeth on prospecting, I still have a claim in the La Porte district but its up off slate creek in a old hydraulic pit. I just can't get the La Porte district out of my blood.
  4. Hi guys and gals . I have a small dozer #7000 with 7 foot blade just the right size for a small scrap and detect operation. I have a full time job on our claim next summer here in CA but nothing doing this winter, so I thought I see if anyone in the southwest might want to team up. You got a claim with POO or may be a patented claim. Just thought I'd throw it out there and see what happens. You can check me out if you like at http://mineralexpeditions.com
  5. New Series Now Playing At Prospecting Channel.com Mineral Expeditions ENTIRE NEW SERIES HAS ARRIVED TO PROSPECTING CHANNEL!!!! MINERAL EXPEDITIONS with Tim Glidewell has launched with 3 Episodes. This show is for all you Rock Hounders out there as Tim takes a unique approach on exploring how and where to find a variety of Mineral Specimens. Theses show come to you free. prospectingchannel.com
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