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  1. Welcome to the forum! I'm in the Bay Area and I read that some of the early, pre gold rush prospecting was done in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Do you know any of the areas there that were prospected? I haven't been able to find any details of these old Spanish claims.

  2. I live near wildcat canyon - so I knows one when I sees one. nuff said.

  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend, pondmn. Happy Holidays to you and to all of your loved ones!

  4. I can't help you with your new GMT, as I don't have one, I have a different white's machine, but if you would like someone to tag along and detect with you we can compare notes. I'm in the bay area and a newbie like yourself.
  5. That's a beautiful specimen, Jeff. If you don't mind, I'd like to learn more about the etching process you use to dissolve the non-metallic minerals. Is it enough to immerse the whole in a beaker of acid or is there more to it? Is there any tutorial on etching that you could link us up to?
  6. congrats on the nugget [may it be the first of many more} & the space rock.
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