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  1. update on this fall: http://www.dnaindia.com/scitech/report_scientists-to-probe-nagpur-meteorite-shower_1694548
  2. Head for the land of the Cobra: NAGPUR: It's official now. The fire balls seen by some people in Akola district and city on Tuesday were meteorite showers spread over an area of over 200km. They travelled in eastern direction and some fell in Katol tehsil of Nagpur district. It is the first time that meteorite shower has been recorded in Vidarbha. A GSI team will be surveying the entire area where people had witnessed fire balls and explosion like sound in a day or two for more evidence. However, the scientific reason of the sound remains unexplained. Speculations are that the sound could be
  3. We hunted on Sunday around Lotus and Coloma and didn't find anything but had a good time anyway. If anyone's coming from out of state, please make sure you know what poison oak looks like before you go into the woods because there's plenty of it.
  4. Thanks Jack and congrats on the 8.5, I'll leave the machine and magnet and rely on the old eyeballs. I hope to meet you guys while there this weekend. Happy Hunting!
  5. Thanks, Dale, I'm planning to go hunt Lotus/Coloma this weekend - it's the first chance I've had to look for meteorites. One question, in your experience will a carbonaceous chrondite beep on a metal detector (TDI)? best of luck!
  6. http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=245015 Giant meteorite discovered in China A massive space rock – one that could rank as one of the largest meteorites ever recovered – has been found in a remote and mountainous region in northwest China, according to news reports. The huge and oddly-shaped rock was found in the Altai mountains in China's Xinjiang Uygur Province, according to Sky and Telescope magazine. Earlier this month, Baolin Zhang, a meteorite specialist at the Beijing Planetarium, led a small team up a 9,500-foot (2,900-meter) summit to investigate reports of the supposed m
  7. Last weekend's meteor over Cranbrook would have fallen north of Wynndel, experts have calculated. A Finnish astronomer, Esko Lyytinen, analyzed footage from meteor cameras in Cranbrook, Saskatchewan, Penticton and Calgary to determine the possible location of meteorites from the fireball. "He went frame by frame through the video and he enhanced the stars so he could know the position," explained Rick Nowell, physics lab technician at the College of the Rockies. According to Lyytinen, the meteor entered the atmosphere at a height of 79 kilometres. Initially weighing 20 kilograms, the meteor br
  8. Gazeta Wyborcza reports that a meteorite fell through the roof of an unsuspecting resident of the Masurian Lakes District in northeastern Poland. The man was smoking his morning cigarette with a cup of coffee when he heard what he then thought was a bomb fall through the roof of his home. The cold rock left a hole in the man’s roof and was the first meteorite to land in Poland in 17 years that people were witness to. The incident was recorded by the Polish Meteorite Society and scientists were forced to purchase fragments of the rock for testing as – writes the daily – the man who’s house was
  9. Wednesday, February 16, 2011 4:17 AM Giant fireball possibly a meteor sighted over East Coast By Carl Bagh A fireball that streaked through the skies over East Coast which was described by viewers as the size of a "Cessna plane" and one of "the biggest, brightest, and most colorful ever!", could have been a passing meteor. FoxNews reported that the sighting occurred before 12:45 p.m ET. The sighting was reported over New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey. The numerous reports of the fireball sighting started during the daytime, an unusual phenomenon as most of the meteor sightings
  10. If anyone on the NSF is living in or planning a trip to E. Turkey, here's something to check out. 2 physicists hiking on Mt. Ararat (of Noah's Ark fame) found a crater recently. It's origin is unknown, could be a meteorite or not. Here's a link to the story and I attached a pdf with the physicist's report. The coordinates are: 39˚ 47' 30''N, 44˚ 14' 40''E so if you have access to high resolution satellite imagery, go and see. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/26039/?p1=Blogs mt ararat.pdf
  11. It was a mystery more than three years in the making. Not the bright lights reported across west-central Illinois the evening of Feb. 4, 2007. Most already figured the widespread calls to law enforcement agencies in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois — including Morgan County — were the result of a meteor shower or pieces of space gunk entering the atmosphere. But it was more than just earth getting a close-up view of the heavens’ castaways. It was Marc Fries, a scientist with the Planetary Science Institute in San Diego, who finally pieced together the full extent of what happened that Sunday night
  12. Material thought to be fragments from a meteorite which crashed to earth in Colombia's Santander department is mostly cement and common rocks, according to scientists. The head of the Sergio Arboleda's Astromonical Observatory, Raul Joya, said that he reached this conclusion after analysing the fragments for two days. A team, including representatives from the Colombian Space Commission, the Santander Industrial University, and the Sergio Arboleda University, will go to the site next week to search for more possible remnants. The team will aim to find out "what type of meteorite exploded," acc
  13. Colombian authorities confirmed that a "giant fireball" that fell from the sky in the Santander department, central Colombia, was a meteorite. The Colombian media has been buzzing with eye witness accounts of the fireball, which caused a massive explosion at 3:15PM local time Sunday. Andina.com reported that Bucaramanga Mayor Fernando Vargas confirmed that the phenomenon was a meteorite that left a crater 100 meters in diameter when it crashed into the earth in the San Joaquin municipality in Santander. Colombian air force helicopters were commissioned to fly over the area to try to locate the
  14. Sorry, HighPlainsSifter, my eyesight seems to be failing me.
  15. I didn't know until now there is a Meteoroid Environment Office Our tax $ at work : On the evening of May 18, NASA all-sky meteor cameras located at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and at the Walker County Science Center near Chickamauga, Ga. tracked the entry of a large meteor estimated to weigh some 60 pounds over northeastern Alabama. This meteor was first picked up at an altitude of 47 miles over northwest Huntsville, moving at a speed of 8 miles per second toward the southeast. It was last visible northeast of Gurley at an altitude of 23 miles. The meteor was quite bright, with an in
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