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  1. Gar Its been a long time since I have been back to the ole web site.. but that one just killed me.....LOL..Thanks now I need a new laptop again...LOL.. as always thanks for the laugh... Very Respectfully Tim RANGERMG
  2. Garimpo Now I have to clean my Computer again..Thanks...Coffee everywhere... Yeah I's sorry all are sure good reasons to put yourself out of your misery for sure..LOL (I know I am going to burn in Hell for that one if the wife finds out about it) Good reason I only have one wife and One Mother in Law...I dang sure would hate to be that Poor Bastard ...LOL Thanks Garimpo you made my day. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  3. Johnno ROFLMAO :hahaha: ... Thanks that was funny as hell, hope you don't mind I sent it to the guys I used to work with at the State... I know for a fact that a few of them have been using the old Crop Dusting technique for years ...LOL Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  4. Garimpo Great Joke: Thats what I call really mining the Gold Diggers there..LOL Very Resectfully RANGERMG Tim
  5. Bob Nice story..ROFLMAO :hahaha: I think there is a moral to that story though...Time for a new Dog..LOL Just kidding I am sure you are attached to yours like I am mine and wouldn't trade it for the world...BTW Great looking find way to go.. :whoope: Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  6. SGTFDA And my wife was asking last time I was home "what the hell you going to do with all your old Army Crap?" I told her it wasn't crap it was prospecting gear ..LOL I just hadn't found a use for all of it yet... Now I have another reason to keep it and piss her off , just kidding..LOL Great Idea SGTFDA Thanks..I actually use a lot of my old stuff when I am out and about but new ideas never hurt. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  7. Terry :wubu: Glad to see that the Tesoro is working out for you . Boy I sure can't wait to get back home and get mine in my hands again. I am looking forward to getting together with you and having you and the boys show my better half the fine art of Detecting with our Tesoros. You know how it is if I show her she will never listen to what I said but someone else shows her she is all ears..LOL Great Find BTW Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  8. Hey Frank and All I appriciate that you guys are thinking about me, but I won't be back in the States until around 21 December 2010 that day is reserved for my Daughter's Wedding and then we have the Christmas Holidays.. On the brighter side of that I don't have to come back to Afghanistan until 10 January so there may be some time for me to get together with some of you and look for a little bit of Gold if time allows..I appriciate the thought there PARATROOPER. But don't hold up this get together just for me...You guys get together and get and have a great time and a couple of cold ones for
  9. Frank Great Idea. .. Man wish I could join you guys on that one... Sounds like a lot of fun to me, depending on when you have it I might be out of Afghanistan on my leave.. Keep us up to date on when and where.. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  10. Hey High Plains Sifter ROFLMAO :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: Thanks for the comic relief could not have come at a better time... Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  11. HPS Thanks for the enlightening Post.. I see things have changed a bit since I left Az to come to Afghanistan, I know well of the roads that you are talking about because when I worked for ADEQ as a Underground Storage Tank inspector I saw a lot of that stuff first hand in the southern counties of AZ... And yeah I called the BP a number of times to report illegals running thru the desert...I sure hope that someone does something soon before it becomes old west justice out there, I was telling my wife last time I was home that is exactly why I carry my ole pistole with me when I go out prospect
  12. Welcome ydnar If you are looking for prospecting supplies on your side of town there is Promac Tresure in Apache Junction, he has a lot of good prospecting books and tools. He has moved west of his previous address a block or two but the phone number should be the same. I will attach it to the post (no I do not have any affiliation with them they just treated my wife and I right) . Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim 940 W APACHE TRAIL APACHE JUNCTION, AZ 85220 1-480-983-3484
  13. Terry Thanks for the story it was great reading .... Got the Pictures you sent me of my son Dakota and I out on the AGA claim using our Tesoro Detectors, Loved the Video.. Had a great time that day and look forward to our next get together when I get back from Afghanistan..Good Luck for you and the boys glad you all got a chance to learn from the best... Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  14. A Special Thanks to all my fellow Veterans for all your blood sweat and tears, I appriciate all your service and sacrifices that you and your families have gone through. Words can not express the gratitude that all the World should show the American Fighting Men and Women for the freedoms that many of them would not have if we had not stepped forward to defend our Country. We the American Soldiers, Sailors, Airforce, Marines, Coastgaurd and Merchant Marines have provided comfort, shelter food, clothing and medical assistance to so many locations while at the same time defending American shores
  15. Marysville is a great old mining town.. I remember eating one of the best T-Bone Steaks in my life there at Marysville House and drinking tons of Beer at the bar while training the Montana National Guard back in 1999. Always wanted to take a trip back to that old town in Montana and relive the good times and see if I could do a little prospecting in that old mine tailings...Good Luck to the Miners thars Gold in them thar Hills for sure. RANGERMG Tim
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