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  1. Sorry Guys can't make this one either... still in Afghanistan.... was hoping to possibly be able to make one of these this year... Good Luck and Tons of Gold to everyone there...
  2. Before I came back to Asscrakistan after my leave last May I got the Better Half 2 Ameraucana (had to get rid of one because it was a Rooster and the city will not let you have them, the neighbors bitched), 2 Bard Rocks, and now she has 2 Polish Cross with something else. She gets Brown, Lavendar, and Green Eggs and is still getting about 3-4 eggs a day even with that little cold snap you guys just had there in Phoenix. She mixes Turkey Crumble with the regular Laying Crumble.. plus lets them run around a couple hours a day... Helps with the egg production...
  3. Gar Its been a long time since I have been back to the ole web site.. but that one just killed me.....LOL..Thanks now I need a new laptop again...LOL.. as always thanks for the laugh... Very Respectfully Tim RANGERMG
  4. Patrick Looks like you found some of the Real Arizona Gold I sure do miss those Arizona Morning Sunrise pics here in Afghanistan.. Great Picture, may your day be filled with Big Nuggets and a Heavy Pan. Here is one that I took about one and a half years ago enroute to Payson one morning. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  5. Garimpo Now I have to clean my Computer again..Thanks...Coffee everywhere... Yeah I's sorry all are sure good reasons to put yourself out of your misery for sure..LOL (I know I am going to burn in Hell for that one if the wife finds out about it) Good reason I only have one wife and One Mother in Law...I dang sure would hate to be that Poor Bastard ...LOL Thanks Garimpo you made my day. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  6. Allen I am going to say 156.. But that is just a guess..(old eyes lost count staring at all them nuggets...LOL ) Nice take whatever the count is :wubu: . Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  7. Allen Boy it sure is a good thing for me my wife does not go to my prospecting forums and see that stuff back in Arizona :zip-lip: ... I have been trying for years to get her to take a trip to Montana, if she saw all that snow she would never go up there even in the Summer Time...LOL Hope you get dug our soon...No snow yet here in Kandahar but a nice cool 35 degrees and a lot of dust. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  8. Yepp Just a bit nippy this morning 30 degrees in Kabul Afghanistan, about 35 degrees here in Kandahar this morning... :whaaaa: Bit brisk walking to the shower and porta johns in shorts shirt jacket hat and flip flops ...LOL Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  9. Frank Hey the Qaurtzsite Metal Detecting Club is pretty good, it was the first club that I joined I got a little gold the first time out with my son. They do have last I knew about 4 claims in the area, probably more now. You can go to the Gold Miser there in Quartzsite and join up it is about $25.00 last I knew they have a Coin Shoot once a month (I believe it is the 3rd Saturday but don't quote me on it) at one of the local parks across from the Gold Miser. My Son got his first 2 nuggets during that shoot, one taped under a nickel and one at the raffel ( I gave him the winning ticket..LOL
  10. Bill :twocents: I have no idea I myself can't make Cents of it.....Nice find though. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  11. Allen Thanks for the link Great Story ... makes you wonder how many others have buried something like this over the years... Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  12. Johnno ROFLMAO :hahaha: ... Thanks that was funny as hell, hope you don't mind I sent it to the guys I used to work with at the State... I know for a fact that a few of them have been using the old Crop Dusting technique for years ...LOL Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  13. Hey Garimpo Yeah no beeping for Gold over here...LOL but at least I can read and see what everyone else is doing that in itself is great....Only a month and a couple weeks and I will be at the house for a while beeping my hearts content...LOL and of course other things not prospecting related if you get my drift...LOL Talk to you all later Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  14. AU Seaker See it is true.... One little flake and Wham...you never know what the next day will bring..LOL Thanks for the History Lesson , now if we can do it all again and get our industry back on track we will be golden :twocents: .. Very Respectfully RANGERMG Tim
  15. Gold_Striker Here is an idea... I believe in the town of Buena Vista Colorado there is a small rock shop that sells samples of Gold Ore/ Tellurides swing by there and pick up a small piece of it and drag it along when you are out doing some prospecting.... But if you are along the Arkansas River there is a pretty good placer location there for your standard nuggets and fines. When I was up in Colorado about 1 1/2 years ago I got a buddy of mine into prospecting with the GPAA club up there on Mothersday weekend. He wanted to know everything about Gold and I was just a newbie so that is what w
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