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  1. Ray Hope you have the best day ever and a boatload more!!! Best Regards Herb
  2. Thanks Guys!! I appreciate the goods thoughts!! Your Old Fart Friend Herb
  3. Hi Jim Great to see you posting, now it's an even better day!!! Best Regards Herb
  4. Hey Fred, that's a great find + Wheaties..way to go!! Herb
  5. WOW! Steve Well deserved congrats to you. Cheers Herb
  6. Hey Ron Count on me to. Get Well! Herb
  7. Hi Chris Sorry for your loss. As Bob says, they will always be with us. Treasure the memories. Herb
  8. Hey Tom Thanks! That guy was having a really good time. Herb
  9. Hey Bill Have yourself a great Birthday! Go dig up some of them there gold rocks or maybe some silver coins. My Best to You Herb
  10. Hey Patrick Got one! It's VHS, PM me your address and it"s yours my friend. Herb
  11. Frank Way to go!! Congrats on a great day. Herb
  12. Hey Tom Worked for me. Nice Nug! Looks like there travelers. Thanks for the video! Herb
  13. Hey Bill Nice Nuggets!! Same here, glad you could get out and onto a good spot. Best Regards Herb
  14. A good dog is the reflection of a great owner!! Good on you Ron! Regards Herb
  15. Hey Mike Hot shower...Pilot truck stop? Little warmer here 36 degrees in the sun. 30 at GB maybe I'll wait a day or two to leave, should be 50-60 there by Thurs. I still remember waiting for the school bus in New Hampshire at -24 and this feels colder.. cause I'm older. Harry Good one! Hey buddy where are you camped? Stay Warm Herb
  16. Merry ChristmasTo All! I hope your holidays are full of joy and maybe some of those yellow rocks. Best Wishes and Be Safe Herb
  17. Hi All I have to agree with El Dorado, you'll have to hunt hard to find a better bunch of guys and gals. It is a privilege to know them. Best Regards Herb
  18. Hey Bill Wow!! That's a unique one, definitely a keeper. Hope there's more out there for you. Have a Great Day! Herb
  19. Hi Signalseeker Your Sovereign will use the same upper shaft as the SD/GP and GPX. Bill may be able to fix you up. If not you can go to my website. I will be in Rye Patch, but will be back on the 1st of Nov. Paul Hows it going my friend? Stay safe!! Best Regards Herb
  20. Mariposagoldbag Give Bill a call, he can fix you up with a ClampThing to stabilize that coil cable. Herb
  21. Hey Bill Good for you! Good Luck and stay safe! Regards Herb
  22. Most Excellent News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the update Tom. Give your Dad my best. Herb
  23. Hi Tom Same here, sending positive thoughts your Dads way. Give him my best! Herb
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