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  1. Hi Jim Great to see you posting, now it's an even better day!!! Best Regards Herb
  2. Hi AZCoder There will be the famous Chile Verde by Fred on Sat. night! Regards Herb
  3. GEEZ FRED You know I want some, hell I'll even come over and help cook if I can sample. Give me about 45 min and I'll be there. Herb
  4. Hi Roger I like your idea, count me in for back up. Herb
  5. Hi Bunk I'm planning to be there on the 24th and stay as long as I can get away with. Sure would like to find a nugget or two,and my first meteorite. A little limited on space, but will bring anything that I can. Let me know. Best Regards Herb
  6. Hi Lanny My guess is Arapahoe Basin. Did I win???? Kidding! Thanks for the great stories. Herb
  7. Hey Terry Thanks for the really good reading/learning experience! Regards Herb
  8. Hi ElDorado Thanks for sharing. Looks like an adventure of a lifetime. The pictures are great!!! Makes me wish I could have been there. Thanks Again Herb
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