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  1. Kieth, Thanks for the speedy reply..We went to Ash Canyon and the GPAA claim yesterday, but.....There was someone there with an elaborate highbanker and a truckload 'o water working the area. And I mean 'the area'....And the citizens think metal detectorists leave 'holes'! We are traveling with our 4 yr. old grandson, and the holes were many, large, and no apparent plan on filling anytime soon..too risky for the young'un.. Our native state is South Dakota, and I'm a retired Ironworker who has erected a large mine or two in my day, but that mess up there just inspired us to leave pronto..Went to Greaterville last Sunday for a look, got a late start, and by the time we were halfway back there over the washboards, the whole family was a bit on edge. Maybe we'll try tomorrow after mailtime at the P.O. We won't be in the area long enuff to attend a meeting of the Huachuca folks(would've liked to, 'tho)...We may try Ash Canyon again, and try to get above the digging mess....(they are sure having fun screwing up the taffic putting those culverts in on 92 south of Sierra Vista!)..Back to the Whetsone idea, we also looked at the communicator, and were basing our prospects on the USGS survey mentioned by Delos Toole in 'Where to find Ariz's placer gold. Thanks again, Gary

    Hello Pyrate.

    About those 'holes'...Huachuca Prospectors Association club members will be filling those holes at the next months outhing so when you come back to visit again you can ride your bikes there....you understand that it is a gold prospecting claim where people dig almost every day and sometimes you have to dig down 5-8 ft. to get to pay dirt.

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