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  1. Finally, I was so getting upset not being able to see that area, they still need to get rid of those clouds south of those updates. :tisc-tisc:
  2. Great looking nuggs, congrats....where is this magical land where gold grows before rain :hmmmmmm: you should wait and collect them after...not that its not a good looking bunch :whoopie:
  3. Hello Pyrate. About those 'holes'...Huachuca Prospectors Association club members will be filling those holes at the next months outhing so when you come back to visit again you can ride your bikes there....you understand that it is a gold prospecting claim where people dig almost every day and sometimes you have to dig down 5-8 ft. to get to pay dirt.
  4. Congrats, job well done. Hopefully gold gods will be as good to us tomorrow.
  5. Did you do washes, gullies or fingers. We're going to Greaterville tomorrow and saturday. Its going to be my first time and we should have good time there.
  6. Wow and congrats. On that last photo it looks like a scull from the side. Again WoW!!!
  7. Great job, nothing better than getting rid of that skunk smell.
  8. That's a nice one, did you have to kill a leprecon to get it. I'm still waiting for my m.d. :grrr01: and can't wait to do some tests and hit the hills.
  9. Hi Race, are you allowed to m.d. in ash canyon and any other? Just asking before I'll try my luck.
  10. Congrats on the find, it's a beauty. Looks like LL is a cool dude :whoopie:
  11. Great finds, I bet your buddy is sorry he didn't go. Keep it up!
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