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  1. Adding to an old thread to add a dredge pic I just ran across, from "Gold and Silver in Oregon." Ran through a "colorizer just for fun. "Murphy-Murray dredge on Foots Creek, Jackson County, i n January 1941 . Capacity 4000 cubic yards daily, electric powered, 67 buckets, of 3.5 cubic-foot capacity; dug 20 feet below water line. Steel hull 81 by 37 by 6 feet, gantries, and superstructure."
  2. That's a great little nugg. Very nice character!
  3. Yes, we would be following the glowing example of places like Libya, Sudan and the Congo! That sounds like a great idea... I just hope the police show a bit more discretion when they shoot real bullets than they do shooting tear gas and pepper bullets. Here's a video of Minnesota police shooting at people standing on their porch. So much for private property rights. "Light 'em up" he says...
  4. Corona isn't the only virus I'd be worried about with all these random links being posted...
  5. 'Cats are my favorite of all fish. So much fun to catch and hard hitters. I have definitely never seen a stringer like that. Pretty much the definition of going "loaded for bear."
  6. You probably have been a part of the process though Chris, we all probably have, and that is the point.. you may not have been the FIRST guy that blazed across the desert in his Razor, but you might have been the guy who followed the tracks the 2nd time, or the 50th time, 100th time or 10,000th time. That is the point, these once non-existent trails become major "access roads" that didn't exist 30 years ago. I personally don't see much distinction between "enforcement" and "closure" when it comes to rampant ATV off-roading. If a road was never there it shouldn't be there now. We've got plenty IMO. I own and use an ATV myself, but it doesn't mean I need to be able to drive up to every square inch of the desert. Outside of designated wilderness areas its getting hard to find places that aren't already within a mile or two of a road already. My main frustration with the management agencies is that they ignored much of the problem for decades. Rather than closing those new roads one-by-one as they popped up they let decades go by and now there's zillions of miles to deal with.
  7. That was indeed some mighty fine gold right there Bill! Lots of hard hours represented in that picture.
  8. Happy to fill it out. And not BS to me. We've got a rover crawling around on Mars. They're currently working the kinks out of self-driving cars that will likely be widespread within a decade. An autonomous vehicle with a detector attached that could crawl around the desert, locate targets and mark a waypoint? That seems more than feasible to me, way simpler to design than a self driving car. Now designing one and making it a profitable venture, that will likely be a challenge.
  9. Chrisski, there are many reasons that you would find a random fence going across BLM land. People have been stringing barbed wire around the desert for 100+ years, not always on property boundary lines. The most likely is an allotment fence. These are used to move livestock from one area to another allowing areas to be grazed or rested depending on the time of year. If you really want to know just contact the BLM Range Specialist and I'm sure they could fill you in. It's not the sort of thing they put on most maps if its not a boundary that the average Joe would need to be concerned about.
  10. Ah yes, another monster nugg from the famously rich gold mines of Ohio...
  11. That is a great video! Rare to come across so much good video of big placer operations like that.
  12. Here's a couple links that might be of interest showing pics of some of the gold that has been found in Liberty. https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/popagonu.html https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/revitoliwa.html
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