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  1. That is a great video! Rare to come across so much good video of big placer operations like that.
  2. That's some nice gnarly gold!
  3. Here's a couple links that might be of interest showing pics of some of the gold that has been found in Liberty. https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/popagonu.html https://www.goldrushnuggets.com/revitoliwa.html
  4. The Eureka is a decent detector but its definitely "old news", like lots of older model VLFs out there. Electronics of all sorts depreciate fast, whether its a TV, car stereo, or a metal detector. The only one's that seem to get much interest at the moment are the Monster and the GB2. I'd expect to get $300-$350 for it.
  5. What are the specifications that indicate it is a meteorite? Is it the 4 points listed above? I am not a meteorite expert, but I am certain that being heavy/durable and "sounding funny" when it hits the ground are not quite enough to verify a meteorite.
  6. They've already found a way around the wall. They'll bring it through the border crossings, just like it comes now. Lots of cool pictures in this article: https://tucson.com/news/local/crime/photos-border-busts/collection_fa781d56-fb1b-11e7-bc69-571662449ef3.html Thousands of pounds of heroin and meth stuffed in vehicles and tractor trailers. Build a wall 500' high, those cars and trucks full of drugs are still going to come right through the border crossings. I wish those nasty drugs didn't exist either but I don't think a wall is going to stop much of it.
  7. Looks like 10 million is around 0.0006% of the funding needed to complete a wall. Still got a ways to go...
  8. I'd rinse off the mud and call it good. Congrats on a great find!
  9. I'm cleaning up my library a bit. I was going to donate these to Goodwill but I figured someone here might actually appreciate them. Not interested in splitting them up. Send me $15 (PayPal or check is fine) to cover shipping and I'll ship them all together in a flat rate box. PM me if you want them! 1. Strike it Rich! Treasure Hunting with a Metal Detector - Peggy Hardigree 2. How & Where to Prospect for Gold - Verne Ballantyne 3. Applied Gold Placer Exploration and Evaluation Techniques - Robin McCulloch, Bob Lewis 4. Finding Gold Nuggets II - Jimmy Sierra 5. Treasure Caches Can Be Found - Charles Garrett 6. Metal Detecting Gold - Mark Smith 7. Metal Detecting Bible - Brandon Niece 8. Buried Treasures of the American Southwest - Wendell Hall 9. Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike - Charlotte Gray
  10. Bob, You can use a c/c on PayPal without needing a PayPal account. They are like any other payment processor and you can run a c/c just the same even without an account. Since it is PayPal, you can also use your PayPal account to pay if you have one. If not, just select "checkout with card" or whatever they say and it should go as normal. I hope I worded that well?
  11. And another from Victoria, Australia...
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