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  1. Fantastic finds there Chris... must have been exciting to dig those. Now please post a pic of your boot tread for future reference.
  2. Well Frank... given a ratio of 100 trash targets to 1 gold target, I'd say you stopped 4 targets too soon!!
  3. Guys, thanks for all the well wishes. Skip - I am alive and well and much busier with work than I want to be. I know people will say it beats the alternative, but the alternative would mean I would get out in the field more often! Right now I am lucky to sneak off for a Saturday of detecting. Jim - Thanks for noticing the amount of candles... I may soon have to apply for a fire permit before lighting if I don't want to run afoul of local codes. So yes, this is still my favorite forum and I mostly keep tabs as a guest... after all, I don't want any of you getting to far ahead without me hearing
  4. I'm late, but Happy Birthday anyway!! I appreciate all the help you've been to me.
  5. Lytle Creek was a shooting area for years. Leave the detector at home unless you go up to the higher elevations of one of the forks. Down below is a bullet density you wouldn't believe!
  6. Actually now that I see all the pictures, it looks like aluminum that has been melted in a fire. I don't know about the other piece.
  7. I don't know... I once found a piece of epithermal electrum that had a real crappy, slag look about it. Kinda like this piece, but it was the real deal.
  8. ....or you can use the ejection port on your .45 Colt model 1911 when it's at slide lock.
  9. Don't forget about the mom who walks the kids to school! (Israel... not here of course. They don't have school shootings either.)
  10. Gotta go with Eldo on this.... Colt Mustang combined with .380 Lawman ammo. Small and lightweight enough to carry anywhere. But number one choice when able has gotta be 1911... no worrying whether a small caliber hollow point will expand as .45 rounds are pre-expanded. I used to be big into the practical pistol / 3 gun match scene. Thousands of practice rounds a month. And what do I do now?..... I walk around the desert digging them up one at a time. Talk about paying the price! All talk about calibers and action types aside: The best gun for any given situation?.... The one you have with you.
  11. I guess I'll sign up for the guided trip....WOW!
  12. Mitchel, I'm pretty sure the reason you had trouble pinpointing was because that nugget just wasn't ready to leave its home of the last million years. But its yours now!! Job well done my friend!
  13. Multi micronuggets to you on your birthday Martin! Have a great one!
  14. Alright, I can't help myself... I was so excited about this study when I first ran across it a few years back that I designed a power sluice based solely and exactly and the study's results and conclusions. I remember back when testing the proto-type and watching the water rushing through at 150gpm and thinking: "this is gonna blow out the fine gold". Then I panned the cons and found out the studies were spot on! That water speed really does create the low pressure areas that 'drop' the heavies. The CC690 sells all over the world now with machines shipping to Madagascar (who knew?) and Thailan
  15. I've tried a lot of headphones (wasted a lot of money) until I sprung for a set of Sunray Pros. I can say that they are without a doubt the best phones money can buy. Yes they cost the most, but you do get what you pay for: they block more outside noise, have a tougher cord and are more comfortable than any other. The extra cost is negligible when you calculate it out over time... and they have a lifetime warranty. You won't regret buying a pair.
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