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  1. Garimpo, Did what you said, and everything is back to normal I must have fat fingered the keys somehow. Thanks very much! h20
  2. Somehow, not sure what I might have done, the size of type I'm seeing here on the forum, is super tiny. If anyone has experienced this before, and knows how to fix it, I sure would appreciate help! I'm sure it's any easy fix, but I'm not a computer expert by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. It's my understanding that it will be quite some time before GPAA is back to Denver. There were too many looky-loos and the vendors didn't make enough in sales to entice them to come back. GPAA must have a minimum fee that is shared by the vendors. If you don't make any money, then you don't invite em back. just my :twocents: on the subject. h20
  4. Sure wish Colorado had good gold fields as you do in California. Most, if not all, of the gold is in the rivers. But that's just my :twocents: on the matter
  5. While I'm a ways away here in Colorado, what your suggesting doesn't seem unreasonable. Forums such as this should never be a place for someone to unload something that has no intention of making any further posts, but this only my :twocents:
  6. You're absolutely correct that it's easy to use. I've got 2 GB 2's, and a Minelab SD2200V2. While the Minelab goes deep (I've gone almost a foot), it's much more difficult to ground balance - much more. With my GB, and the 6" coil, I'm ready to go at least 4 times faster, if not faster, than what it takes with my Minelab. Like Paul said, you have to be in an area that has gold, first. Here in Colorado, tailings are about the only thing that's decent for the GB. I have to knock the pile down to about 2", rake it with a magnetic rake to try to get the trash out, then go at it. Very sensitive, and get the tiniest piece of gold. However, I've also got the tiniest piece of trash. h20prospector
  7. Bunk, I don't know anything about the Hermit Pick. I have an Apex Talon and I find the darn thing heavy. I get tire after several swings in a hole. Of course being 64 has a bearing, but that's my :twocents: on the subject. Like Bunk, I would too would like likes and dislikes on the Apex pick. Bunk, I didn't mean to steal your thunder, just thought I'd add to the equation. h20prospector PS: The dry washer continues to get good use. Thanks.
  8. I know it was meant as a joke. Hopefully, Steve and Bob have respect for each other,as prospectors. h20
  9. Sounds as though the feud has never died.
  10. CamColo, I was in Santa Maria this past May for a men's conference, and the area really impressed me with its beautiful scenery. I too dislike the white stuff, especially today, and I'm sure you have much more of it than I do. I live south in Security Co., and thought about coming back to the area this coming spring to do a little detecting, panning, and sluicing. Are there any open areas not claimed along the South Platte? I also enjoy fly fishing so the two hobbies compliment each other. Your correct about belong to local clubs, as they tend to talk a lot and not do much. With regards to going to Gold Basin to hunt for meteorites, contact Guido over at the Nuggethunting forum (nuggethunting.com). He lives in Las Vegas, but like to hunt meteors (and gold) at Gold Basin and has a good general knowledge of the area. Send me a PM and I will give you his contact information. I'll send him an email tonight and tell him to expect you to contact him. Enjoy. h20prospector
  11. Garimpo, Windows Internet version 8 is so slow I gave up on it. I downloaded Google Chrome and Firefox. Both run circles around Windows browser. But that's just my two cents on the subject. h20prospector
  12. AU Seeker Great video!!! I remember coming home in 68 though San Francisco Airport being spit on and called baby killer. Things sure have changed! h20prospector
  13. goldnewbie, Most of us on this forum were green at some time. Asking questions such as yours is just about the only way your going to learn, short of having an experienced prospector with you each time you venture out. What part of the country are you prospecting? 40, 5 gallon buckets equals a yard of material. Typically I will run around 10 classified buckets of material through, then do a clean up and see how good or bad I'm doing. At 63, I have only processed about 1/2 yard of material in a day. I run a small Keene, battery operated puffer. There have been several posts concerning just where to go, and how much material one needs to process; spend some time and read these posts. Before I go to all that's necessary to set up an operation, I will try to visit the site I'm considering a week or so before I start the big process. I'll bring home several buckets of material, marking where I got the material on the side of the bucket, and pan them out to determine the best spot I want to go back to. Each person who dry washes has their own individual way to sample, then set up an operation. You have to determine what's best for you. That's just my :twocents: on the subject. h20prospector
  14. Bill, I understand your comment about hurt feelings and grown men acting like children. I myself have fallen victim to hurt feelings and making retaliating remarks sometimes, so in that sense, good move, and I agree this forum should be a place where one can escape the reality of not finding gold, view pictures of those who have, drool over those pictures, share concepts and ideas of how and where to find the elusive yellow stuff, learning something in the process, and not argue about things we don't have control over, but that's just my :twocents: on the subject. Anyone with thoughts and comments on how to successfully use a GB2 in and around Stanton? Oh the aches and pains that come with not being in our youth anymore, but the wisdom that comes with age is priceless. h20prospector
  15. Allen, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, and understand your pain. Remember Zia in your heart. She's hoping you get through your pain and sorrow, and want's you to get another companion as soon as you're able. She can never be replaced, but she'll guide it in all the right directions, and your right; there is no shame to cry. You did the humane thing. h20prospector
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