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  1. Hi all, First post and all, so please be gentle! I have been trying to research about making a DIY sluice for use with the dredge I am also making. I am looking to make a 3 stage sluice. But I have been having trouble finding specific information about the shape and size of the riffles in a sluice. I know they are L shaped, or more correctly a 7 shape, with flow as such <- 7 <- But how high are the riffles?, how long are the tops of the riffles? Do you set them back at an angle? Do you keep them off the bottom of the sluice slightly or put them right on the bottom of the sluice? So if anyone is able to give me some pointers, that would be much appreciated. (pictures would be really good!!) Thanks P.S I did try to search, but it seems dry washing is very popular on this forum, and that all that populated my results!!
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