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  1. Hi jim thanks for the link the page look pretty interesting. I also ordered a copy of successful drywashing book by jim straight , looking forward to read it. Thanks for the advice as well if it gets too technicle i may just see if frank is able too build one. thanks again Phillip
  2. Hi ok thanks for the info on the sluice box material. just wondering in the airbox of your drywashers what kind of cloth material did you use i might just go with something like that also making folding legs on it is good idea i was watching that video again he must have a heard time carrying that thing around phillip
  3. Hi Dang frank thats a beast of a setup. Awesome work very inspiring Love to maybe see a youtube video of it in action Phillip
  4. Hi frank thanks for the info, definately plan to order a couple of those books you mentioned. I was thinking when i build my lower rifle tray could i use sluice box cloth ? also do you think plywood would be the best to use for the construction ? Phillip
  5. Hi all I been toying with the idea of finally building my own drywasher. I bought a small sampler style last year off of frank c, frank if you read that mini drywasher is really fun to use I like to try and make a larger one. the style I fell in love with was one i saw on you tube, here the link if that don't work just type marios dry washer in the search. I love handle based machines since they are quiet and don't have to haul a lot of gear into the claim area. anyway if anyone especially frank has any ideas on how to start would love to hear from you Phillip
  6. Hi chris love to get a copy of your book are you going to be at gpaa gold show in lancaster this week ? if not then i will just order a copy ? phillip
  7. Hi jim thanks for the reply also i was looking to maybe join the gpaa this year i already belong to the southern ca prospectors club but have been looking to join gpaa or ldma anyway i actually got the manual to the v/sat als the video instructions which were very interesting anyway would love to hear any thoughts you may have on it ? phillip
  8. Hi all just had to say that i finally got my whites goldmaster v/sat a few days ago. all i can say is wow definatley a major upgrade compared to my bounty hunter lone star. Right just learning how to do the ground balancing. Amazing how much more you get inspired to go out when you get the right gear even though i bought a used goldmaster i plan to still keep my bouny hunter for quick park outings but going out to my club claims definately taking the goldmaster any one else outthere still using this detector ? Phillip
  9. hi thanks for the reply jim glad to see other pcsc members on the forums usually the two main claims that i go out to regulary are red chispa and the clark claim also just a quick update i just got lucky on ebay and picked up a whites goldmaster v/sat for 224 plus shipping so i'm really excited I'm also going to be joing lost dutchman association this year phillip
  10. Hi i know it takes time and a learning process which i'm happy to be apart of phil
  11. Hi all thanks for the info and replies might try and hold out there is a whites vsat detector right now on ebay for about 299 still has 3 days left i think if stays within that range i might try for it also what about the older whites goldmaster detectors would those still work well nugget hunting ? i live in palmdale ca , so i usually go out to my club claims which are around the randsburg area out past mojave. anyone still use the older goldmasters even though there not really digital ? phillip
  12. Hi all i currently belong to the southern ca prospectors club just really started getting into the nugget hunting part. i currently been using a bounty hunter lone star detector , mostly been finding coins. currently been looking at a few used whites detectors to upgrade right now can't spend over 300. for nugget i was wondering if any of these would be good for nugget hunting ? i'm also into meteorite hunting so would also use one for that i know alot of people use the whites gmt, for that but a little out my range at the moment here are the current ones i'm looking at Whites idx pro whites 5900/di pro sl whites eagle spectrum with bigfoot search coil thanks all phillip
  13. :icon_mrgreen: Hi all So far the only gold detector I have is a older whites goldmaster which is a great machine However I started looking at Falcon gold probe tracker mostly becuase of its portablity and its in my price range right now Has anyone used one ? Phillip
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