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  1. Not the best find but surely the oddest. I was out in the woods in an old tertiary river bed, beeping for gold when I got a solid non ferrous signal. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Got to digging feverishly, only to find a pristine bronze plumb bob, which I think is filled with mercury. How it got way out there, I'll never know.
  2. Yes, we could also impact many state Mary Jane laws. Seeing as Marijuana Possession and use it is still a FEDERAL offense, if Federal law trumps State law, all the New legalization laws might be endangered.
  3. Looks like a fine example of a Native American Fishing weight. Due to the size, it was probably used on a net system. A bit big for a single line type fishing. Where did you find that? That's a great find.
  4. I am amazed at how some of you guys took my post. It was not meant to a heartless grab at others misfortune. No where did I remotely say that all the folks homes and property loss was a "GOOD thing" , as was suggested. It is sad and like was said it will be years before they get back to normal if they ever do. Some may be ruined for ever and never be able to rebuild. It was a terrible fire, as was the Valley fire. My heart does go out to all those effected. Never said anything about that. I was just mentioning that a lot of FOREST, not homes, was going to be accessible in the up com
  5. My feeling is the fire is started, homes and property will be lost no matter what I do. that's just the facts of fire life. I didn't start it, nor will I put it out.(that was a life along time ago.) But there is no reason to not use the newly cleared areas to detect, once it gets burned. Seems like a no brainer to me. As some may say, "when given lemons, why not make lemon aide?"
  6. It is worrisome to me about the encroachment from the lefties, who are hell bent on stopping all mining activities EVERYWHERE in this country. Can the fishermen be far behind? They after all, pollute with lead all the time and have so far been missed by the left, mostly because a lot of them are lefties, therefore it is OK.
  7. "the cost"? What cost? The cost to put it out? That has got to be paid no matter what, just looking to take advantage of a rare moment of clear ground to beep new ground. It is not used for any other purpose, so why not strike while I can. It is rare to see so much country opened up for access in Commifornia. So I plan on using this to my utmost advantage. This is rich ground where this fire is. Just was impassable before. My biggest issue is figuring out who owns what.
  8. I am thinking this huge fire is going to open up a huge amount of areas to detect, right in the heart of gold country that were before completely un searchable due to excess brush and poison oak. Looking forward to getting out and hitting some un searched dirt. Who knows, might even find a nice gold outcropping.
  9. It is my initials, but I would never deface something like that. Looks like old indian marks to me, or even earlier and who ever did it, ruined it for the most part.
  10. This is one of those places that I was talking about thw other day. It was a town, not BLM land at that point. So now someone had to have had bought the property on which you could build your home. So now, years later, BLM is claiming all that property back as if it was not owned by anyone. Some one legally bought those parcels. Why does BLM get to take it back? It belongs to someone, allthough, the original owners are long since past on, it still belongs to the decedants of who ever bought it. How can BLM take it all over again, when it was once a real town, and not BLM anymore. I sm
  11. We had better just stop drilling today.. No need for it any longer. No more smells, no more earthquakes. No more nothing. It's all frackings fault. Not a pun BTW Just ride your bicycle to work, oh wait.... The tires are made out of petroleum products. So never mind, just walk. But wait... your soles of the shoes your wearing are made from petroleum products, so you better go bare foot on the road. Oh hold on, the road is ALSO made of petroleum products, so you better stop using that as well. So is your car, your house and every other frigging thing in your little myopic world!! Oh yea.
  12. I agree. This is what it is. Very beautiful by any means.
  13. That PDF link doesn't work for me. tried calling a few times.. Give me a jingle back Thanks
  14. I guess I am not experienced enough yet. The sounds that I pass on, I can hear well without phones if I dug every sound I heard I'd would never get anywhere. but I guess I need to try them out some. Still on the fence they are hot.. never had an issue with wind I can hear the damned machine clearly. Wearing headphones certainly makes the sound clearer, but I really can hear that same sound without them unless there were out side sounds that would hinder my hearing? Just not getting it yet I guess. When your in the forest and a tree falls, is the man still wrong? LOL
  15. I have worked with a few folks who insist that headphones are the only way to go. Tey wear thwm all th time for every hunt. I never use them, mostly because I live in rattlesnake country and want to hear them when they are telling me to stay away. I also don't work much in noisy areas I can understand using them in parks or near roads, but out in the woods, I find no need, and I think I am hearing every sound. So what's the deal with headphone use while detecting, what will I miss by not wearing them besides the snake bite on my ankles.
  16. I took a newbe up with me this last weekend. I wanted to try out a place on the Mokolume River that I has seen on the topo maps. Once we met up and drove down, I was disappointed that the whole river was fenced off with no tresspassing signs and other wanrings about messing with the water. Seems EBMUD has taken the whole damned river for their own. So I figured, I do some beeping, as there are mines all over that area. NOPE!! First thing we found was a sign in that tells us we need to go somewhere else far away from the location we were at and get a permit to even walk beyond the gate, t
  17. I too, am hoping it is real as well. But the skeptic come out in me at times. Bob did not find it. He is the middle man, so his honor is not being questioned. It is who ever found it. who is remaining concealed. Butte county has some great potential. My biggest issue is the poison oak, which limits a lot of country from detectorist. I am hoping Bob is not being used.
  18. This kinda explains everything. "http://www.earthworksaction.org/about/staff" Seem those new NON POLLUTING electric vehicles are going to be a god send. I wonder if she even cares about the fact that electric cars simply move the exhaust stack to some other location other than where the car is located? TOTAL TREE HUGGER whacko.
  19. How do they get around the original laws statement that says it cannot be overruled or changed by anyone including congress forever? I guess we finally arrrived at forever? This whole bill seem ridlled with in accuracies. Don't they have to prove what they claim is true to begin with? Or do we just wish for a bill and make up what ever facts we want to make it sell better? Those numbers seem WAY out of proportion. plus they claim the little guy has been pushed out. if that is true why are we little guys fighting to keep our protections so hard? The whole thing stinks IMHO.
  20. OK. I am going to rain on the parade some. Shoot me. I hope I am wrong. Finding something like this is so rare it begs to ask "Is it real"? The last guy ( up in Nevada City) who claimed to have found a nugget like this turned out it was a fraud, and he caught some innocent people up in it too. I hope to hell this is the real deal, but I want to go on record as being the first guy to say, I have my doubts. The pics sure look convincing, and it is very easy to get all excited about a find of this magnitude. Only time will tell if this turn out to be an incredable find or a hoax. I am h
  21. Beware the Feds will put the entire area off limits after the fire. I ran into this outta Forest hill.. a few years back Almost got caught in the closed area, $10,000 min fine. Had to beat feet outta there with feds chasing me. Got away as I know the roads pretty well by now. I was just poking arouund but it doesn;t matter no entry at all by anyone but them for a year or more after the burn.
  22. Wonder why the spread of frequencies between them? That is quite the spread. Can I assume the the high 70's ish freq would qork better than the lower freqs?
  23. This wouldn't by chance have to do with rubber matting would it?
  24. I have been looking for this answer with no sucess so I'll put it out here. What freq does the original GB run on, compared to the GB2 and GB pro? I know it detects gold much better than my MXT< but was wondering what the differences were beteen the different Gold bug models.
  25. This is all simply Political left wing Ebola (PLWE) We are all going to die from it in time
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