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  1. Not the best find but surely the oddest. I was out in the woods in an old tertiary river bed, beeping for gold when I got a solid non ferrous signal. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Got to digging feverishly, only to find a pristine bronze plumb bob, which I think is filled with mercury. How it got way out there, I'll never know.
  2. I took a newbe up with me this last weekend. I wanted to try out a place on the Mokolume River that I has seen on the topo maps. Once we met up and drove down, I was disappointed that the whole river was fenced off with no tresspassing signs and other wanrings about messing with the water. Seems EBMUD has taken the whole damned river for their own. So I figured, I do some beeping, as there are mines all over that area. NOPE!! First thing we found was a sign in that tells us we need to go somewhere else far away from the location we were at and get a permit to even walk beyond the gate, then you have to sign into a log book. I certainly didn't feel like getting busted but we did sneak in and do some beeping but after a 1/2 hour I got to worrying about getting caught in there with out a permit. (last time I was there there was a EBMUD ranger parked there at the gate.) WTH is going on? All my old places have "pay to park" or "Pay to enter", "need a permit" rules now, or they simply ban any prospecting. I'd love to find a spot that I could simply sluice and find gold, or detect. It is so hard to find public locations anymore. I now see that the entire San Gabrials are off limits. There is another push to take over and close a huge section up near Yosemite. This is getting crazy. Gates all over at the trail entrances, Bans, Etc. Anybody have a claim i Nor Cal I could use for weekend panning sluicing or detecting?
  3. I too, am hoping it is real as well. But the skeptic come out in me at times. Bob did not find it. He is the middle man, so his honor is not being questioned. It is who ever found it. who is remaining concealed. Butte county has some great potential. My biggest issue is the poison oak, which limits a lot of country from detectorist. I am hoping Bob is not being used.
  4. OK. I am going to rain on the parade some. Shoot me. I hope I am wrong. Finding something like this is so rare it begs to ask "Is it real"? The last guy ( up in Nevada City) who claimed to have found a nugget like this turned out it was a fraud, and he caught some innocent people up in it too. I hope to hell this is the real deal, but I want to go on record as being the first guy to say, I have my doubts. The pics sure look convincing, and it is very easy to get all excited about a find of this magnitude. Only time will tell if this turn out to be an incredable find or a hoax. I am hoping it is not a hoax. But it is a bit too hard to believe. And they are moving it so fast, so it could disappear and no one will ever know if it was real or not. Not saying it is not gold, mind you, just the location of the find. Sorry. It seems to good to be true.
  5. I wish I could find my lost Lesche digger!! Any chance a rookie could tag along for some of your hunts? I need some help I think. I never find anything but pull tabs, old soup cans and lead.
  6. So which one is the best to buy, if your in the market. There are tons of them out there,but I want a decent one. Mine took a crxx a while back, so it itime for a new one. Maybe someone can put up a survey for us. See which one is preferred
  7. Anyone interested in going prospecting either of these days? Weather should be good. Water will be damned cold. Nor cal region. Day trip.
  8. Really? your getting gold at Mujaba? What are you using? I just recently spent three days out there with two of us, and all we found was a bunch of wire, and some misc. junk. PM me if you feel like giving me the T&R you were in.
  9. Funny... but it is true we actually have TWO prisons here.. keeps our local economy going pretty stable usually.. I don't live there luckly for me. I have a ranch outside of own.. Can't even see the "institution" from where I live. And yes I do have "computer privleges"..... From my wife/Warden. She's a non prospector. :icon_mrgreen:
  10. HI I just got this site from a prospecting buddy.. Just wanted to introduce myself.. I live in Vacaville, CA and like to dredge, Metal detect, and fly.. N/S 50 Y/O male.. Likes beer. Known on some forums as Diverrick, but I am changing it to Skunked as that is what always happens on my propecting trips.. Always looking for folks in my area to go out and prospect with.. Drop me a line if anyone is interested. Rdozier1@aol.com I usually have the weekends off as well as Fridays. Thanks, and Happy new year.
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