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  1. I agree with Kami. I use a GB2, Whites TDI, and a Mine Lab Eureka Gold. All do a good gob with mineralzation, and hot rocks, and will find the small gold but it takes practice to decern what your hearing.
  2. Partisan politics is that why Los Angeles' political hack mayor called for Californians on national television to boycot Arizona. What a crock, Arizona has my vote.
  3. Sounds like he has some outstanding referals so yes it is.
  4. Keep at it Bob you will be back in no time. If you need anything let me know. I also have alot of good books I can bring over.
  5. Thanks Gene for the info.
  6. Welcome Ralph hope to meet up with you sometime over a big old nugget patch.
  7. You are right Denny. So Bob no matter how bad the cabin fever gets, or how badly you think that you have to man up and do it your self, remember that simple cup of coffee and just lay low like the man said. I might add that if you need anything just give a shout.
  8. From what I have herd it was a cup of coffee that did Bob in. So I was thinking the caffeine kid, but Broke Back Bob seems more appropriate. At least until the back heals he will be staying off that knee, and if that's the case maybe Bed Pan Bob weould be a better handel. In any case Bob get well soon.
  9. Welcome home Bob easy does it. I threw my back out a week ago, and am getting used to slow motion so in about 6 mos. I will be ready for a dry washing contest. What's say high noon come October at the If i can.
  10. has not set their status

  11. Slim you and nugget will be welcome around my campfire anytime.
  12. Thanks for clealing that up about the guns. I don't think that anyone should venture out in the wild without being armed. There are just to many varments. The whole situation makes a strong arguement for a good communication device that would work in any situation anywhere. Not to mention the buddy system. I think that that the story has given us all food for thought.
  13. Good Luck Bob sorry we didn't get to eat some ribs, but you do get a rain check.
  14. Sounds great Denny. Get those knees fixed and we will plan somthing.
  15. John my wife Terrie and I will be in Palm Springs for that week and are planning to be out there off and on during the week. Hope to see you there.
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