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  1. thanks for the info,I know chucks steak house all to well I dug a lot of fishing hooks there,I lived in ft pierce for over a year and mostly go to douglas park or the power plant wreck,but I never used my gp 3000 often,dont like to get it near the salt water.I use mostly my beach hunter 300.But next week I am going back to ft pierce and i will give the gp 3000 a shot,Thanks Again
  2. hello, what would be the best setting and coils to use on a gp3000 to use for hunting treasure coins on the 1715 wrecksites
  3. yes those are the female species,some of them follow you on the beach while you are detecting to see if you find a gold ring and then they claim its theirs! If all I can get is 700$ for the gp 3000 than I might as well keep it and use it for hunting treasure coins.
  4. Hello again I know this is a nugget forum but it seems like you guys are the most knowledgeable about these machines,my question is what would be the best settings to hunt for treasure coins on the 1715 wrecksite.Thank you.
  5. Because I am stuck in south Florida and we do not have gold nuggets just a lot of gold diggers.
  6. Hello everybody just wanted to know what a gp3000 is worth with stock concentric coil and 16in nugget finder xp coil and pocket rocket battery plus singnal booster all in great condition.
  7. Hello ,I am going to Argentina for three months and will bring two tesoro nugget shooters, I will be staying in the San Juan region which is the pre andes.It look sort of like arizona but with huge mountains.I know barrick has a gold mine up about 4000 meters that is called veladero,but I dont know if it is micron gold or not.Very few people prospect for gold there.I know of one person who found a nugget enclosed in some sort of rock when he was looking for inca arrow heads.I did not see the nugget but I presume it was enclosed in quartz.When I asked my friend if anyone ever looks for gold or inca artifacts with a metal detector he said a metal what?a I said metal detector aparently they dont know what a metal detector is,all the better for me.The next day I went to a small museum in a town called jachal where they had all these inca artifacts made from gold ,they also had outside the museum these doughnut shaped things about six feet in diameter that looks like they were mad of sand stone.the guy at the museum told that was where the indians put the gold they found and eventually it would go back to Peru.I presume they were putting nuggets in there and the guy at the museum was not very speciffic and my spanish is limited.What I want to ask has anybody ever heard of placer gold down there? And if so what are the indicators to look for? Would it be the same as in the US.Thank You
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