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  1. Hello Sawmill, Since most people are too lazy to read through even the summary of the bill I think they need a very clear picture painted for them. As it applies to us the small scale miner: What would this mean for metal detecting in the USA? And Dredging? Would it shut everything down with impossible to meet regulations for the small miner? Would it end the mining supply industry in the USA including all the current Minelab and other dealers businesses since customers will not be able to comply with this law? (I am not even going into the destructive effects on our economy this bill wil
  2. Hello Frank, Did you actually try this and notice a significant reduction in noise? Best Regards, Don
  3. Hello Steve, Have you done much prospecting in Kittitas County in the past? I know the area you are referring to and it would be interesting to find out how the White's TDI handles it. (Hot Rock Hell, lots of Basalt & Other nastiness there) Best Regards, Don
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