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  1. I have a very lightly used Minelab SDC-2300 metal detector for sale! This unit was purchased in August 2019 so it has much of the 3 year warranty left. As shown in the pictures, the unit is in Excellent condition and includes the original Minelab cardboard box, headphones, and manual. I have owned 2 other SDC-2300 units in the past and this one is a hot performer and runs very smooth! I usually run it at a maximum setting of 5 for the best depth here in Arizona. (I also have Doc's protective cover as shown. I added an end cap to Doc's cover to direct the sound upward to my ear. Th
  2. I have a 12x8 Nugget Finder Evolution mono coil for sale. Price: $225 including FREE Ground shipping in the USA It works great and has only been used twice. I just don't use it enough so decided to sell. If interested, please contact: Don Newell Located in Goodyear, Arizona Email: minersgear@gmail.com Phone: (206) 755-8927
  3. This detector has now been sold. Thanks, Don
  4. Price lowered to $300 shipped! (Final Price Drop) -Don
  5. Price dropped to $400 and free shipping in the USA. Thanks, Don
  6. Price dropped to $450 including free shipping in the USA. -Don
  7. I have a Nokta Au Gold Finder detector for sale. This super sensitive 56 Khz detector is incredible on small gold. It will find the smallest gold specimens, pickers, & nuggets. I am only selling because I have too many detectors at the moment. This detector includes ONLY the 5" round coil. I DO NOT have the 10" elliptical coil. It runs on 4 AA Batteries and is "water resistant". (And I no longer have the original box it came in.) I am asking $500 which includes free shipping in the USA. Please call, text, or email if interested. Thanks, Don (in Washington State)
  8. This coil has now been sold. Thanks, Don
  9. Price dropped to $375 & Free Shipping in the USA. Thanks, Don
  10. I have a lightly used 25" Nugget Finder Advantage coil for sale. This coil is in excellent condition and has only been used a few times. It's the deepest coil I have ever owned for large gold! $425 and Free Shipping within the USA. Please email or call if interested. Thanks, Don Newell 206-755-8927 donnewell10@gmail.com
  11. I would like to see a big nugget test done with the ATX using a Mono coil. (Since DD Coils are known to lose 20% depth vs the same size mono)
  12. Crush some of it into powder then carefully pan the powder to check for gold. (use a little Jet Dry)
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=igerQd0dpHY Here is one news channel telling the truth. -Don
  14. The 18" Round Mono will go a few inches (1-3") deeper than the 18.5" Elliptical Goldstalker coil on larger nuggets. I used to own both of these coils and compared them. Sold both of them because they were too large for my terrain and I picked up a lot of interference here. But way out in the wide open desert is probably a different story. -Don
  15. Your post made me think of this recent UK article I read. (Interesting Psychology of the Green Meanies) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/7458105/Liars-cheats-thieves-the-terrible-truth-about-the-mean-greens.html Summary: Many of the Greens turn out to be greedy and even amoral or unethical misers in disguise. They don't want others making any profits or having any fun in life. They use the Green movement to show others that they are superior but it is all a fraud. I know of a person in my life who is exactly as they describe. Always pretending to be above everybody else and always TAKING away
  16. Here is the Forest Service own policy (and the law) regarding metal detecting on public land. (PDF File) http://www.fs.fed.us/geology/For%20Web%20posting%20on%20Locatables%20page/Mineral%20and%20Rock%20Collecting%20on%20the%20National%20Forests.pdf
  17. Hello Jeff, Yes, I would also like to know what kind of detector and coil you were using to find these wire gold specimens? I know it is very difficult to find these. Thanks! Best Regards, Don
  18. FYI: This crap has now passed and is going to Obama for signature. In regards to fossil collecting, there was a provision for casual collecting but it is a very vague law that can criminalize most anybody especially when a Forest Ranger with a ticket quota comes along. There is even a provision for rewards for tattle tales! I am not too affected here in Washington State for the Wilderness areas but I feel sorry for people in other states that will now be shut out. -Don
  19. Hello Gary, I am not a legal expert so I can't say exactly if it is constitutional or legal to do what they are doing. But it sure seems like the mafia works in Washington D.C. If they don't get their way they lie, cheat, and steal to get it. And they don't really care how constitutional or legal it is because they no longer serve the people. On the surface it seems none of these restrictive laws we are seeing are constitutional as they are erasing people’s personal rights & freedoms. The USA was supposed to be a libertarian republic where everybody's rights were protected. Now, we hav
  20. So, this S.22 bill failed and now the Senate has sneakily put S.22 back into bill HR 146 as an amendment. It has now passed the Senate and is going to the House next. What are the scumbags in Washington doing? I guess it might be illegal to pick up that fossil after all! (along with 2 Million Acres of new wilderness area, etc.) NEW HR 146 Details: http://dpc.senate.gov/dpcdoc.cfm?doc_name=lb-111-1-37 Land Grab Article: http://www.infowars.com/senate-passes-bill...es-in-9-states/ -Don
  21. The Obama Gun ban list has been released. http://www.infowars.com/obamas-gun-ban-list-is-out/ Unconstitutional as heck but that doesn't stop them even though they swore an oath to it. -Don
  22. Hello Propanner, I agree with you, the government is a whore for hire. I even heard it said the reason Government is shutting people out with Wilderness areas, etc. is because they have pledged the natural resources of these areas as collateral for USA debt to China and other countries. Farfetched? I worked in the manufacturing industry and was yelling and screaming the whole time it was being sent to China. Nobody really cared but they sure do now! This is probably going to be the same situation with mining down the road. (I owned an electronic component distribution company that had to
  23. One thing to remember is that it is PUBLIC LAND managed by the Forest Service and BLM. PUBLIC LAND is for the People of the USA. Sometimes you will catch a Forest Ranger calling it "Forest Service Land" as this is what they are taught. They do not want miners on THEIR land. The miners where I mine always correct the Rangers when they say this and it causes them to take one step back. Even right now it takes forever to get a plan approved in my area. They can take years even though the law states they are supposed to respond within 30 or 60 days. (can't remember if it was 30 or 60) All I h
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