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  1. Thanks everyone for the great info. The old shaft at the top of the ridge is a hand dug tunnel. The other mine was worked with modern techniques, but because I know absolutely nothing about gold mining I don't know what methods were used. It does have an open pit and terraces kind of like the Kennecott copper mine here in Utah, only it is smaller. Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone, I got some information about an old gold mine in Utah that is near the town I live in from a 92 year old old-timer that I know. He told me where an old gold mine shaft was on a ridge that some Mexicans used to work in the 1930's. He told me exactly where it is on top of a pretty high ridge. There is also a newer gold mine behind this ridge that is not in operation now, but was worked with more modern mining equipment, so there is gold in the area. Also, my Dad told me a story about a guy he knew who worked at a gravel crushing plant near this particular ridge. one day he saw
  3. Hello everyone, I am a brand new member of this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Southern utah, about six miles from the Arizona border of Mohave County AZ. I have read that Mohave County is the second most productive gold producing county in Arizona. Anyways, I am getting a Tesoro Lobo Supertraq metal detector for Christmas and I was wondering where would be a good place around Kingman to look for nuggets. I have been metal detecting with a Silver uMax for about a year now, but I wanted to try gold since I live so close to Arizona. Thanks everyone, Delano1981
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