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  1. I guess minelab needs to up grade the manuals on warrenty.still can be transfered good deal.........................
  2. Just noticed the manual for 5000&4800 says warrenty not transferable page95 ?..Whats up with that....
  3. I guess as long as the motor is running your not going to kill the car battery in the middle of no where. I only got the one battery and hope to get 8-10 hours between charges,,,newer battery. Hobby
  4. I wanted to know if I charge my GPX battery while driveing will it hurt the battery.Manual says to not start the engine while battery is connected.Any one have any problems.
  5. Might try Estwing Geo pick .Thay have some good picks there.
  6. I gess you just change 4500 to 4800 and add $2000 grand to the price tag. OUCH
  7. Is the only differents between the two 1 new timing ?
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