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  1. Hmmmmm. :hmmmmmm: Is that Sonny's new avatar? :poke: I just couldn't resist. Sometimes I need to get spanked for the things I do. :innocent0009: Do you think the hottie in the white dress would do it for me? :happy0045: lvlagnum.
  2. Garimpo. You are either a geat writer or a darned good copy-and-paster. A third possibility might be that you are one of us gifted people who recognises good things when they come our way. Thank you for all of your inspirations. Cheers, lvlagnum.
  3. Hello everyone. This terrible news saddens me greatly. A similar fate happened to the McLaughlin Planetarium at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I had the good fortune of going there several times as a child and later again as an adult. When the planetarium opened in 1968, it was one of the most advanced in the world. It was closed in 1995 due to budget cuts by the Ontario provincial government. The planetarium was championed by the world renowned philanthropist, Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin. "Colonel Sam" as he was affectionately known started off his career workin
  4. srferjo714 and everyone else. You see? Some clouds really do have gold.....errr, silver linings after all. Cheers, lvlagnum. PS: You notice how I didn't even mention "THE GOVERNATOR"? PPS: As Britney would say, OOOPS!!! I did it again! PPPS: Hmmm. Was I not supposed to mention Britney either? But but but she's ssssssssso mentionable. PPPPS: Fugedaboudit!
  5. Hello Grubstake and the rest of you in the southwest. I know that wet weather cuts down on your nuggetshooting time but just the same it might be a good idea if you folks down there were to do a lot of raindancing and praying. From what I have read, parts of the southwest are already experiencing severe water shortages and unless Mother Nature helps out big time, it's only going to get much worse in the very near future. I have heard that Lake Mead is half empty and that places like Las Vegas and most of California's big cities and farmland will be ghost towns and dustbowls all too soon if so
  6. Johnno. DARNED YOU, JOHNNO!!! When I clicked on that link and the picture loaded, I thought I was looking at a Mesicun Scud Missile Launcher getting ready for the big push north into the southwest US. I hear Pancho Villa and Moctezuma are both really pissed and they want their revenge. Pun intended. he he he Cheers, lvlagnum.
  7. El Dorado. You do some absolutely outstanding work. I only wish I had your creativity and skill. I hope you know that we take as much pleasure looking at your artistry as you you do in the making of it. Cheers, lvlagnum.
  8. Uncle Ron. Those are some outstanding finds. Thank you for sharing them with us. One thing is bothering me, though. Those nuggets look suspiciously like some blingy dental work I've seen. Are you sure that YOU found THEM or did THEY find YOU? Seriously though, be very cautious if you are oot-and-aboot anywhere near the border. I hear that very nasty things can happen very quickly to very nice people down there. Cheers, lvlagnum.
  9. Grubstake. It certainly sounds like you have been "hit by lightning" at least twice. Or perhaps "hit by a freight train" would be a better term. The public library free internet access that Paulm mentioned is a good idea. If you know where to look, there are usualy public facilities, schools, senior's clubs, veteran's clubs or such close by that would be happy to help you out with free internet access using their computers. Another idea is that there are free internet service providers (ISPs) that will give you a certain amount of free dial-up internet access time at home in exchange for yo
  10. Everyone. Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not any flavour of militant ecologist. However, I am someone who can appreciate natural beauty. Just because the law might technicaly say that the grinding down of those Saguaros was or is legal, doesn't mean that it was ethicaly or moraly the right thing to do. Especialy when it concerns a company that claims to be as "green" as APS does. The Saguaros in the video were not only serving the purpose of helping stabilise the soil around those electrical transmission towers but they were doing a great job of beautifying an ugly right-of-way. I'm sure i
  11. ROGERD. God bless you, your wife and your daughter and may he give you all strength and peace. Sweet eternal dreams, Baby Cole. lvlagnum.
  12. lotsa luck. I would like to say that I have something clever or witty to say right now but I don't. I think that is an outstanding piece of video journalism and I hope that you distrubute it to as many places as you can. I think it should be sent all the way from the federal and state conservation authorities down to the local newspapers. I had to view that video several times to take in all the details of what was happening and each time it left me speechless. Would a Saguaro that is full of moisture burn? I'm no expert but I would think that the dry grasses and scrub shown around the Saguar
  13. ROGERD. My heart dropped when I read your most recent post. I remember all too well the same call I got about my brother and a few years later for my mother. I will pray for your Grandson Cole and that God and your faith will give you and your family the strenght to get though this day and the difficult ones that lay ahead. God bless Cole, you and your family. lvlagnum.
  14. ROGERD. Never give up hope. Do miracles happen? Yes they do. A friend's daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 12. My friend was told that her little girl would not live to see her 13th birthday. Her daughter will be 30 soon. God bless you and your family during this difficult time. Little Cole will be in our prayers. lvlagnum.
  15. Silver Dog Doug. Magnificent! And the nuggets are beautiful too. Please pass on our congratulations on to Hannah. It'll be interesing to see who has a bigger pile of gold a year from now, you or your Grandaughter. Cheers, lvlagnum. PS: It might be an idea if Grandpa could find a way to have a special piece of jewelry made out of Hannah's first finds. I'm sure she would cherrish both you and it forever. Girls have a "bling-thing" you know.
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