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  1. Disneyland is going to be adding jobs for the next year and half. Most jobs will be ride mach called OUTSIDE MACHINIST'S (40), ride elec (20) and ride sound (20). They are also going to need ride op's. As they build the new part of DCA in Anaheim they will add jobs. It looks like the first round will be this month then the winter of 2010 spring of 2011 and summer of 2011. Other then ride op's the jobs pay 55K to 70K if you get over time you could run as high as 100K. When I started there over 15 years ago as a diver my first year was 120K. To get a job there TAKES time start by going to there web site and do your app on line they only keep the app's for 6 months you will need to fill out a new one every 6 months. But don't give up this is the best job you could every have.
  2. Forget the east fork and head to the cajon creek. No rangers, no parking problems and there is gold. The gold is not big, but for a fun day try blue cut or try one of the three feeder canyons. I like the feeder canyons.
  3. Hey Frank, We just returned home from a week of hell in Quartzite rain and flooding and then a tornado at my place in Blythe that snapped power poles like tooth picks. But all and all I still got some color. Also ran into Bob and Jerry in the field on Tuesday.
  4. Hey Herb, I would try McMaster Carr ( mcmaster.com ) or try Grainger ( grainger.com ).
  5. The boxes held the implements and the opium they would smoke, Sometimes you will find coins and tiles from a game that they would play. A complete kit can bring up to 20,000. The kits were left behind when they ran out of opium.
  6. It is the lid off an opium kit, I have 3 complete kit that I have found. Cool find
  7. I love the Betty B and as you said the nuggets like to hide. And the hol-e cactus claim (SPMA) is another place for hide and seek. Another club i belong to has the goodman placer claim behind Betty B.
  8. If you are working wet material then the cradle is great for you. Good luck
  9. We were there last month and got two nuggets from Cargo Muchacho also used our Gold Cradle for some pickers. And also worked the pot holes claims and then went up two the Betty B claim at La Paz placers and got 3 more. I have been working the La Paz claims for the last year. The Quartzsite claims are great in the summer the winter has a lot of snow birds. SPMA members remember to do the claim paper work when you get home and send it in. SPMA member
  10. I still screen my material It just saves time.
  11. I love my Gold Cradle and would not trade it for the world. Small and compact great for my wife. All you need is 5gal of water. and your set. I paid for it my second time out. Make sure you use clay gone. The small pan that comes with it is great for a quick clean up. Just remember SLOW, this is not a drywasher. http://www.goldcradle.com/
  12. Lucky, You know the best thing for that sunburn is a cold beer the more you drink the less it hurts. :icon1: Thats how we do it along the river.
  13. Great story, We are heading to La Paz placers next week to work the claim. NOAA site says it's going to be 100 deg this is going too suck if we don't get any nuggets.
  14. CRAP that is huge. Will done I think I would be going back.
  15. Welcome Twyster, Good luck with your hunts. Great to have you in this forum. My wife also leaves the room when I am on the computer so I know how you feel. I turn wrenches at Disneyland for a living it takes my an hour to do my time sheet on this stupid thing. Ron
  16. I am thinking about heading to burns canyon on thursday above Yucca Valley before the rain hits. I don't know much about this place but I have seen mines when 4 wheeling down from big bear. I see that there are open claims up in the rattlesnake canyon. I would like to get closer to Rimrock? A yes or no will do I can find my way. :icon_mrgreen:
  17. It's 1122 and pouring. Been raining all night. This should move a lot of overburden and wash down some of those nuggets. :icon_mrgreen: Don't get me started on our Governor or this state.
  18. Hey Grubstake, I am south of you in Anaheim and it started to rain about 2230. I see all the storms coming at us. It looks like we might get a break on tuesday. Might get one day of hunting in Yucca Valley before the next storm. And you are right the guys at Rich hill are going to get hit hard with these storms. Keep dry up there Grubstake.
  19. Yes you should. Use the 10x5 Joey Elliptical mono Search coil by coiltek and Lightweight Round Goldstalker Mono Search coil in 16" these are the only one that I would use. I also have the SD2200v2. Even the coil that comes with it is good. Yesterday I dug a hole 2 1/2' (not joking about the depth) just to find a 22 cal bullet with the stock coil.
  20. The point is when it comes down to if you have enough money to line the pockets of the Government and the state you can do what you want. We see it in california all the time. The way they look at it is that It's easer to ask forgiveness than permission. :grrr01: The heads of the APS should remember this. "Life is tough enough, But it's tougher when you are stupid" John wayne
  21. I have a buddy that loves MapTech for jeeping. but I am old school just give me a topo and compass, but I do use a GPS to pin point finds. Good luck.
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