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  1. Hi all here's a few colors from a creek real close by. The wife and I have been visiting this creek for 2years have never found a pay streak and the section of the creek that is containing gold seems to produce about the same every trip. You cant see by the picture (i hate this camera) but the gold is pretty ragged not pounded flat.We went up a few feeder creeks today toward 2 of the mines in the area panned a little color but definitely did not find the "source". We keep getting sucked into this creek because it seems there has to be a pay streak. Seems like the gold is right on top of bedrock or a clay layer, the clay layer its self seems pretty devoid of gold.Going to take the recirculating highbanker out tomorrow but in about 6 hours of digging and classifying and highbanking all we can run is about 6-8 five gallon buckets. So im sure the gold will look just like the day before. Hope these rains loosened up some of the good stuff. Good luck everyone. Oh and please excuse the extras in the pic ... if you look real close you can find a dip cup....
  2. Great replies. While detecting we found a dike with some boot tacks and and old Levi button I'm hoping that means that that area wasn't hit to hard by detectors yet I'm going to bring a rake there and rake that down also. Another question how long do you spend in an are before moving on seems like i could work a small area for days and still have ground that hasn't been hit. We were working 3 to 4 hours and then moving on. Also is it better with two people to hit one area and then move to the next or do you split up and wander around. We got new picks today that is going to help a lot we got some jobes with magnets on the end (we have been using rock hammers for ever). Thanks guys and happy digging.
  3. Spent 2 days around Ox wash near LSD no gold but some small targets. Nothing very deep at all seems like I couldn't keep the gmt quiet unless I ran her with sat maxed out and gain around 4 and still dug quite a few hot rocks. I think I see why so many people like the gmt in the tailings and the bed rock because of the depth lost when running at those settings. The wife and I worked mostly hillsides.Any one have any tricks for trying to decide if a target is a hot rock prior to digging? Also any tips on anything involving the gmt or mxt are very valuable to the both of us thanks for reading.
  4. Here is a pic of the gold we panned.
  5. Nice nugget. We are heading towards the LSD area soon. We did get some good practice with the detectors now its just putting them over gold. I almost want to leave the pan at home next time so i have no choice but detecting.Thanks for the advice cant wait to get my first nug with my detector.
  6. Checked out an area near Bumble bee it looked like a giant tailing pile with clean bedrock. Some pretty hot ground.put in about 8 hours on the detectors and spent about 12 hours smashing any remaining bedrock.Talked to some guy said he had heard of no detectable gold in this area. Pretty interesting area might come back with my testing dry washer. All in all not even a half a tenth of gold. We didnt use the vac or any of that just hammer,pry bar,dust pans and crevice tool. IM sure we could have gotten more but didnt deem it worth wear and tear on equipment.Better luck next time i guess.
  7. The wife and I joined RRPC and are looking over the maps any advice on prospecting the cleator area. We plan on staying a few days detecting and using some hand tools. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Yes that was the Koss that I was using until one ear died. I also hated the super long cord and the jolly roger cord was shorter. Im going to test them tomorrow while the wife practices with her new coil.
  9. I went to the local mining store today got a real good deal on a 4x6 dd for the wife's MXT and a pair of jolly roger pro headphones. Any thought on the headphones? are they going to be as good as the koss that came with my gmt? And any tips for the new coil. We are joining roadrunners this Wednesday so any tips there would help also. To wet to drywash lately so we have been practicing hard with our detectors digging lead. But we should be ready when we get to some larger gold. Thanks guys
  10. Hey guys Opera is another great browser for windows a little more secure than ie and pretty fast to. I'm a linux user so i haven't really tried chrome. Pc questions are one area i can help
  11. Im in east valley but location is not to important right now within reason. I'm just curious do club claims produce a reasonable amount of your gold found or is most found at personal locations other than club claims. I guess joining a club will get me parking and access to most of the goldfields anyway.
  12. Hi again. I was wondering about the people that pull decent gold on a consistent basis. Could you tell me if you are getting that gold from club claims or personal locations/blm etc. I have done some club research and still dont know which to join. Why wont they give you a map or better idea of claim locations prior to becoming a member? Again i'm not asking for specific gps locations to your gold patches. This will just help satisfy my curiosity. Thanks
  13. Sounds pretty cold. Mom and dad back in michigan are getting ready for 15 inches. Off topic on topic what ever i just like the comradery.
  14. Hahaha i moved from michigan 2 years ago cold weather is non relevant 36 is beautiful working weather. But is sounds like the entire area is claimed and something about joining a club rubs me the wrong way but if that is the only way then i guess i will have to check into roadrunners.Where im working now looks to be claimed until you check into the status and most have lapsed.
  15. The wife and i plan on doing some serious prospecting in the next few months and we are wondering on the best locations I will be swinging a whites gmt and she will be swinging an mxt also the mini testing drywasher will also be making the trip we are debating between the bradshaws and vulture mts (unless uncle ron already got it all Im not expecting exact gps locations to the hottest patches but am just looking for some thoughts from the more experienced. We are going to stay in the goldfield mts. and clean up the little bit of gold we have found (pretty cool finding placer where there is not supposed to be much if any) test a few more areas and then head out. Also thanks so much for the replies on how to properly clean up what a difference it makes to have guidance. I hope to make this a golden Christmas and new year and hope the same for all of you.
  16. Great video looks like classification is the key also appears that im needing some new screens. I bet im blowing out a lot of fines by only classifying down to #8. I appreciate all of your guys help and responses. Raining here now so i dont know about drywashing tomorrow but we will see. Have a great day fellas.
  17. Im thinking that is a good idea and the gold wheel may have been a newbie gotta have not so smart purchase. Should have done some better research. I am going to do that tomorrow all through the blue bowl. Seems less likely to loose my fines in the way you suggested.just due to not handling the material another time. What would you say is the largest size the blue bowl will kick out do you think i could run #8 mesh size material through it? I have always used it with my #20 it does a real good job at getting that size. Thank you for the suggestion.
  18. OK guys ill tell you how im cleaning up then you guys tell me how I should be cleaning up. The area Im working has fine gold Im classifying down to a #8 drywashing then running that through a small recirculating sluice then gold wheeling the cons picking out larger pieces screening down again and blue bowling. Does this make logical sense to you guys? Im kinda leery about the gold wheel part as I often re sluice the gold wheel tailings and find some gold large enough to see on the mats it missed. I just dont know how much. Thanks guys
  19. Im sorry i have so many questions but as you can tell by my name im pretty green. I also hope no one here is put off me asking these questions here instead of the other mining types forum it looks like this area is visited way more. Anyway how much dirt would you run through a drywasher to consider it an accurate test i have been running about 7 gallons im starting to think more may be necessary. Tomorrow im taking out the bigger drywasher to hit the spots i tested that produced the most gold.
  20. Thanks guys i bought a mini drywasher to do some testing and it appears you all were right testing just 20 feet away where the river USED to be produced some chunkier gold going to do some more testing tomorrow to try and pin it down closer.I lost my job knew it was coming so i am going to take a few weeks and test some more of the goldfield mountains then if i don't like what i see i will move to the Bradshaw area. The dry washer i got was made by grunt gold it is light and portable already did more testing with it than i could have ever done with my bigger one. After i do some more testing tomorrow i will lug out the big guy. I couldn't believe what a difference a few feet can make. Thanks guys
  21. Thanks for all the replies im working in the goldfield mountains planing on heading towards better areas when the opportunity arises but for now im just able to work in my local area. All im using are shovels picks and a drywasher.Im cleaning the gold with a spiral wheel and a blue bowl. Im having a great time but looking to cut the expenses slightly by finding gold. Drywasher gas , bearings, veh gas .ect.. As far as i know there is no prior working in the area some load gold claims but no signs of old tailings in the creek.. We have moved a considerable amount of dirt to get what we have. Almost all has been fines but we have found a few small pickers one still in quartz. Thanks guys hope you all have a good day.
  22. Hi everyone I'm working an area that has produced a half gram in small flakes and dust in 10 hours of drywashing im wondering what people here would do? Would you keep drywashing hoping to find a richer area or would you move on to more productive grounds?
  23. Thanks guys what a great variety of responses. I have a few more questions... What is the fine gold situation in the wickenburg area.And does anyone here make a living from mining/finding gold?
  24. Very helpful information Thanks guys. What a great hobby cant wait to get into a real gold bearing area. Right now im in the Apache junction area . Gotten a few grams dry washing but no nuggets with the gmt yet. It looks like my job may be going away soon so i will be in the real gold fields soon. I hope to see you guys in the field some time.
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